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January 31, 2016

The moment I heard Neil Thomas’ debut single Home some months ago, I knew it was a knock out punch with its snappy groove and cozy soul, alongside the British newcomer’s sensational vocals. He much reminded me of other sensational artists, like Max Frost and Danger Mouse himself. It was also obvious that these vibes would lend themselves quite spectacularly to a summery house re-work, and Norway’s Jonas Vincent has expertly delivered exactly that on a deep and intoxicating remix that premiered on Soundcloud channel La Tropicál. Neil Thomas’ voice takes on a woozy warm haze on the richly stylish edit. Jonas Vincent’s remix is available on Spotify.

January 12, 2016

Now that British newcomer Neil Thomas has released a lyric video for his debut single, diving back into the swooning folds of Home is a must. The soulful pop singer songwriter first premiered the song over a month ago, and it’s since racked up over 167K streams on Soundcloud already. Is it any wonder, considering how contagiously snappy and smoothly suave the song is? The song’s bold groove and mellifluous crooning are reminiscent of Max Frost with a touch of Danger Mouse. Home is available now on iTunes.

November 15, 2015

If it’s as windy and cold where you are as it is right now where I am, British newcomer Neil Thomas is going to keep you cozy and warm with the indie/soul pop singer songwriter’s debut single Home. Suddenly, my home seems much more cushy and snug as Neil croons splendidly over Home’s snappy groove and spirited melody. It’s hard not to compare Neil Thomas to Max Frost based on this first infectious introduction with a funk reminiscent of Danger Mouse’s work. Home is the title track and first song revealed off a debut four track EP due out February 19th on Warner. Snag the bopping single on iTunes.