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April 25, 2018

19 year old Kurdish/Dutch singer songwriter and producer Naaz just released her more than enthralling debut EP last week, which we’ve been looking forward to sharing since we were afforded a serendipitous early listen. You might recall the praise we lavished on the songstress and her sweet, caramel voice in the past on songs like Loving Love, Can’t, and Words, or you might recall her voice gracing songs from the likes of electronic luminaries like Flux Pavilion, Yellow Claw, and more, but now we get to swoon to her cheeky pop on mischievous teasing love song As Fun, the latest single from eight-track Bits Of Naaz. It’s a wonderfully catching, sprightly skipping pop confection and but a taste of the wondrous collage of songs on Naaz’s EP. She serves up a wide range of pristine music on the release, regaling us with a colorful spectrum that includes soul tinged pop, R&B pop, and electro-pop. You can stream or preview all the tracks on the album via Soundcloud, here. Other streaming and download options can be found, here.

February 20, 2018

Loving love seems like a whole lot of sweet sticky love, but we can’t help but harbor tons of love for Naaz’s Loving Love (apparently, we’re not too “busy loving love”). The 19 year old Kurdish/Dutch songwriter and producer makes a cool and smooth return on her new R&B pop and indie soul track, which is a gender-challenging call for diversity and a caramel-soft ode to the powers of amour. “‘Loving Love’ is an oath to love in all it’s beautiful and twisted ways,” Naaz continues. “There should be no rules or limits to love; express whatever you feel and don’t care for the ‘credibility’ of your love for things or people. If it’s real it’s real and nothing could undo that. There should be no time for ego, hate and bullshit when you’re ‘too busy loving love’… Let’s just make love cool again, OK?” Dainty yet bold, delicate yet frisky Loving Love is well worthy of celebrating that four letter word that defines much of what we do in life. Download/stream the single, here.

August 29, 2017

We often feel the most vulnerable when we’re alone, stuck in our own head space, longing for someone we miss. That feeling is captured in Can’t and its brittle delicacy and soft tenderness. Can’t is a beautiful new R&B pop song from young chanteuse Naaz. Despite its fleecy, feathery ambiance, there’s a robustness to the song and Naaz’s exquisite voice that gives Can’t and its lush undertones a light footed leap and some sanguine resilience. The Netherlands based singer songwriter welcomes us into the intimacy and privacy of her bedroom in the video for Can’t, which she describes as “the world where I can be everything I am, and there’s nothing I ‘Can’t’” Download or stream Can’t, here.

June 12, 2017

We’ve been eagerly awaiting our chance to share this debut and its video for what feels like an eternity. 18 year old Dutch newcomer Naaz won my heart with her sassy yet sweet voice and her first single Words straightaway, but the release date for Words’ video was pushed back, and we had to wait, excruciating as it was. The talented artist wrote and produced Words in her bedroom studio. The svelte, elegant R&B infused pop she’s crafted all on her own, and delivered so flawlessly, make it hard to believe this is only her first release. Words is like Sigrid gone NAO. It has that gutsy snappiness, yet it’s also sensually teasing and soulfully alluring. The video for Words is quite the vibrant captivating watch, too. Naaz will be releasing a debut EP named Bits of Naaz later this year. We’re ready for those bits, after falling for this not so bitty bit. Download/stream Words, here.

October 25, 2016

MOOSIQ MOSAIC : 10.21.2016 – 10.23.2016

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October 24, 2016

So many music friends are currently in Amsterdam for ADE, and seeing all the amazing sets and reunions being documented on my socials leaves me with some mad FOMO. At least no one can take away my ability to enjoy music from the Netherlands here at home, and I certainly take great comfort in listening to SNRO and his new Majestic Casual released track, Stay Sane, featuring gorgeous vocals by Naaz. SRNO (pronounced Serrano) is a rising Sony ATV producer who made a huge impact in the UK urban scene in 2015 with production for various big hits, including Wretch 32 and Loick Essien’s Too Grown among many others. As a result, SRNO already has a Billboard #1 under his belt, thanks to his work on Yellow Claw’s Feel It. On Stay Sane, he delivers a delicately finespun, gentle keys adorned trickling future R&B soundscape over which Naaz’s honeyed soulful voice glides weightlessly. This minimalist melodic voyage tenderly stirs the heart and gracefully leaves us shivering under its touch. Stay Sane is the perfect late night chill jam. 

November 16, 2015

What happens when Dutch electronic trio Yellow Claw joins forces with veteran UK bass genius Flux Pavilion? Trap electro hybrid magnificence, that’s what! Catch Me, which features bewitching vocals by female vocalist Naaz, is blood pumping, bass raging brilliance. Stream the track on Spotify above or Soundcloud below. The behemoth banger comes from Yellow Claw’s highly anticipated album Blood For Mercy, out November 20th. Pre-order from Mad Decent.