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May 11, 2018

Let’s cozy up “real close” to this fleecy drifting tune from newcomer HUME, a singer songwriter from the UK. He takes us into a surreal, shadowy world of steamy sensuality on Real Close, his debut release. With a gravelly voice that caresses us softly, HUME serenades us with his R&B soul. Real Close’s tactile palette of gently winding electronica envelopes us in weightless warmth. It’s almost as if HONNE has gone future R&B as HUME sings about infatuation and conflicting feelings. He states that Real Close is about: “…

all those confused, conflicting feelings and not being able to truly tell if it will be something short-lived, or something a little longer.” Real Close can also be streamed/downloaded, here.

December 13, 2017

We were ecstatic when British singer songwriter Chlöe Howl was chosen for the shortlist for BBC Sound of 2014 as well as the 2014 Brit Awards Critics Choice Award. After all, we’d considered her a rising star and hotly tipped buzz maker well ahead of those accolades. Since then, she’s taken her time to mold her career path and release finely tuned music. Though waiting for new music is excruciating, we thoroughly respect and appreciate it when artists decide not to rush their songcrafting process. This week, Chlöe Howl makes a rare appearance with the official video for her new single, Do It Alone, directed by London based creative duo Temptress. Do It Alone is the follow up to her acclaimed comeback track Magnetic, which we promptly shared when it surfaced close to half a year ago. Do It Alone’s classy soulful electronica and pop is full of sophistication, like a fine oak aged wine with a spritz of tingly sass. “Do It Alone is about refusing to be the other woman and sticking to girl code, so I love the girl power vibes of this video. It was so fun to make – Me and two of my friends were just running around our favourite London spots, causing trouble in front of the general public,”says Chlöe. You can also stream Do It Alone via Spotify, here.

November 17, 2017

A pack of gum and minty fresh breath sounds mighty enticing right now after the quick dinner I just shoveled into my stomach so that I could hop right back on to share music. But a ‘Pack Of Gum’ for the ears is even more satiating, particularly when it comes from 19 year old Atlanta based producer and artist demo taped. He’s designed a song around a contagious upbeat rhythm, soft fluttery vocals, and a vivacious synth melody rife with effortless electronic R&B textures. Pack Of Gum is like Blood Orange, Biyo, and Ben Khan all rolled up in one sleek slithering, slick glissading swooner. Demo Taped, aka Adam Alexander, explains that Pack Of Gum is about his personal struggles with depression and anxiety. 

“It’s about not wanting to be forgotten by someone you love. It’s called ‘Pack of Gum’ because when my anxiety was at its peak, it affected me physically. Sometimes I would get sick and so I resorted to carrying around a pack of gum at all times.” This I fully understand, since I have my own moments of chomping on gum to relax and release pent up anxiety. But now instead of gum, I have demo taped’s new song to ameliorate such malaise and leave me joyously, sonically inebriated. 

Demo Taped’s highly anticipated EP featuring “Pack of Gum” and “Insecure” is expected to drop in early 2018 via 300 Entertainment.