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May 22, 2018

Apparently, Khamsin’s “way” is also our way. The French producer has released his much-anticipated new single, My Way, featuring long time IHM favorite MOONZz on stellar vocals. And the track’s melodic trap and high-wire future bass is exactly the type of dynamic electronica and pop we love. Intensive percussion, thrilling drops, and intricate instrumentals embellish the magnificent song. Khamsin, who’s also a member of electronic super group Slow Hours, has expertly blended live instrumentals (those smooth guitar licks, wow) with a vividly animated future bass sound. MOONZz vocals are beautiful over Khamsin’s whimsical soundscape. Stream/download My Way, here.

May 22, 2018

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Sara Diamond has more than befriended my ears and enraptured my heart with sultry smoldering Fool, produced by Brody Gillman. The Canadian starlet woos us with her husky soulful voice on the discontent heartbreak ballad, a potent and grandiose outpouring of plush R&B and opulent electro-pop. Jessie Reyez’ fiery embers, Léon’s smoky deep vocals, and BANKS’ dark seduction unite on the moody gripping single, available via iTunes, here

May 18, 2018

Saint Sister obviously knows the way to my heart. Not only have they named their new single Twin Peaks (guess who loves that show?), but the Irish duo have more than enchanted me with their dreamy wistful, snowy ethereal aria, too. Part Beach House-like dream pop, part Daughter like atmospheric folktronica, Twin Peaks is a glacial beauty and a soft, sweet, celtic harp ensconced taste from the pair’s forthcoming debut album. Saint Sister will be on the road for much of the rest of the year as they tour  North America, Europe, Ireland, the UK, and Australia. Debut album Shape of Silence is due out later this year. Find out more about their tour from their website, here.

May 16, 2018

Three weeks have flown by since Couros alighted back on our radar with a song named Young. Though we’re still stuck on that scintillating effusion of electronica and R&B, we find ourselves thoroughly consumed by the London-based producer’s magnificent new song Undertone. His production is flawless on the lustrous swooning track, which features rich summer melodies and silky chord patterns. Wistful yet euphoric, Undertone swirls and swells with tactile warmth. Golden luscious Undertone is nothing short of spectacular, a bedazzling display of lavish electronica and sensuous R&B pop. Plus, singer songwriter Alyss’ sultry sleek crooning is outstanding. Undertone is taken from Couros’ upcoming 5-track EP on PMR Records. 

April 13, 2018

Vancouver production enigma 3XIT takes us on a profound journey this afternoon with Switch. We visit our innermost thoughts and contemplate the meaning of life, before we dance and celebrate living at all. The producer transports us to a basement rave before taking us to an enlightening dance ritual on a high peak. Techno, trance, ambient house, and progressive house intertwine on the track. 3XIT’s pristine brushstrokes utilize bass, beats, snares, and synths. With them he’s painted an inspirational and lifting masterpiece, one that enshrouds us in optimism and hope. 

April 3, 2018

Poignant and bittersweet is the retro soulful pop found in Crying, a song from Speak In Rhythms, an album that Carmanah dropped last month. The trio, who hails from Victoria, Canada, bewitch us with their dusty lilting tune and spectacular vocals by lead singer Laura Mina. The 60s styled ballad would fit right into a Twin Peaks episode with its vintage charm and Roadhouse ready magnetism. A hint of Teddy Sinclair and a touch of early Cults also imbue the track, though there’s far more of a classic a throwback aura. Making me fall even harder for the song is the aching guitar solo. You can stream Speak In Rhythms in full on Soundcloud, here.

March 2, 2018

How many of you love the Pixies’ Where Is My Mind? For me, the 1988 track off the legendary band’s debut album Surfa Rosa is a timeless classic and an all time favorite. I even have a thin denim jacket with its title on the back, though I haven’t had a chance to wear it yet since it’s been too cold since I purchased it recently. Covers of the song are bountiful, and while I’ll always be devoted to Placebo’s dark thrashing version, I gladly make room in my heart for a fresh approach by Unlike Pluto. The LA producer gives us a Where Is My Mind that we’ve never fathomed we’d hear. It’s a zingy bounding electronic iteration with slivers of Whethan and Oliver Tree running through its airy beats, spry strums, and peppery bounce. You can stream/download Unlike Pluto’s finely crafted cover, here.

February 28, 2018

I’ve long noticed ages ago that Little Boots, or English singer songwriter and producer Victoria Christina Hesketh, is widely respected on all fronts by her peers. And if you’re at all familiar with her music, or have danced to her live, you probably know why. The incredibly talented artist returns this month with an appropriately named Shadows. It may be a long afternoon on the office, but I’m suddenly craving for a turn on a dark and sweaty dance floor as I bob to the glam disco meets dusky house banger. It’s a guttural pumping yet classy and chic dose of sheer hypnotic euphoria off Little Boots’ next EP. Those of you in San Francisco can dance to the track live come Friday, March 16th, when Little Boots joins Dim Mak vs Popscene at the Rickshaw Stop. Unfortunately, we’ll be in Austin for SXSW at that time. We can only hope that they’ll come back to SF for a second round sometime. You can also stream Shadows via Spotify, here.

February 24, 2018

Dan Masters of Margate, England introduces us to his new project, Healthy Bones, with a first slick strumming single named Take It From Me. With his five bandmates, Healthy Bones aims to put the emphasis back onto organic performance and live instruments. Take It From Me exhibits their conviction with panache. Its glossy sashay channels some Haelos, Formation, and Her, but framed in a more organic soundscape with soulful backing vocals, driving drum rhythms, and earthy strums. Masters says “It is a slight ‘reaction’ to what I believe is the overuse of technology out of laziness and not for the benefit of the music, which I think is becoming more common. Creative use of technology can help push boundaries and create amazing soundscapes which I am a huge fan of, but I think a lot of current music lacks personality and a human element.“ Masters has amassed an impressive amount of airplay across BBC Radio 1 & 2, 6Music, and Radio X with previous projects and his re-emergence under the Healthy Bones guise marks a welcome ear perking, confident strutting return.

February 21, 2018

Mysterious production twosome ATLiens has been thrilling fans with their heavy hitting trap and bass for awhile now, but they managed to evade our ever curious ears all this time. That all changes this week as we find ourselves caught in the intensely dramatic yet beautifully moving storm that is Interstellar, their latest original which features breathtaking indie vocalist Sara Skinner on singed and smoky vocals. Interstellar moves nimbly between extremes. Its hushed and delicate, tender and melancholic moments are a riveting contrast to its exultant pounding, triumphant marching build ups as well as its sharp jouncing, brain jarring trap drops. You can grab the spellbinding and commanding tour de force, here.