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May 9, 2018

London’s Majik obviously made a play on the word “magic” for their name, but when it comes to the spells this duo casts with their moody seductive alt R&B and indie electro, it almost seems more fitting to call their music sorcery than magic. They’ve wooed us with creamy brooding, slinky pacing songs like High, Talk To Me, Closer, and so many more fine releases in the past. And now they’re back with their first song of the year, Animal, which pairs a spectral trip hop beat with sooty broiling, raspy simmering vocals. It’s a song that evokes salacious midnight incantations, driven by lust and heartbreak, rather than sparkly daytime fairy dust. “I’m lost like an animal,” they lament on the song. We gladly lose ourselves with them in this dark bitterness, this heart twisting sorcery. Majik’s Animal can also be streamed via Spotify, here.

February 3, 2018

They might be named Always Never, but they’re always always on point when it comes to their R&B soul. Or at least, that’s what we’ve come to learn over the course of the past year from the Toronto based singer production duo. I don’t know what it is about the water up there, but Toronto seems to spawn some of the most innovative and fresh new R&B projects. Always Never are back with a burning new tune named Millions. Ominous hip hop beats and sexy drawling vocals permeate the murky impassioned, ruddy stirring melter. You can grab the song from iTunes, here. Listen to more of Always Never’s music on Soundcloud, here.

December 5, 2017

It’s obvious from the very few seconds of You that Dream Estate is a ‘place’ I’d love to reside for all eternity. The ambient pop outfit hails from Leeds, and they’ve literally taken our breaths away with their dreamy shimmering, bittersweet longing pop on their new single. Lead singer William Tse explains that the theme behind the song is insecure love. He continues: “Its about not being able to judge a situation which could end with a happy ending, or an endless spiral of heartbreak and dependancy.” Its synth laden, electro outfitted, and vast sprawling ambiance is like The Japanese House’s melancholic indietronica laced with some Mansionair. Simply put, it’s gorgeous and heartrending, and it’s available from iTunes, here. You can stream more of Dream Estate’s music including an excellent EP entitiled The Love We Shared  via Soundcloud, here.

September 21, 2017

A complex and sophisticated composition greets our ears as we dive curiously into the music of one Bad Bones, a newcomer from Dublin, Ireland who creates a sense of intrigue and mystery with her breathy vocals and a glitchy skittering, dark climactic soundscape. For the next four minutes, be prepared for an electrifying and dizzying foray into restless experimentalism and avant-garde electro pop. The artist and producer injects us with turbulent winding, unpredictably shuddering elements on debut single You. It’s a never ending undulation, a song that takes on vigorous bustling life of its own. She says of the song: “It’s about the nourishment – physical, emotional – we get from other humans. It’s a love song.” I’m not sure I need any other human beings when I can get this amount of vibrant nourishment from Bad Bones’ song. You will be released  this Friday, September 22nd, on Bad Bones’ own label DIAxDEM label, which she’ll follow up with her debut You EP on September 27th. We’ll be waiting for it.

August 31, 2017

I know this one’s been bringing people a ton of euphoria for much of the month already, but our love for French Horn Rebellion’s brassy brisk electro funk is much too strong to let Presentation slip through the cracks despite how backed up we are this month on fine tunes. The dashing Brooklyn pair swings us round and round with their disco groove on the high stepping, spicy teasing number. And of course, they bring plenty of horns, too. Presentation, which was produced by Champagne, is just the right glitzy glam jam to keep us company through the end of a suddenly hot sweltry summer. FHR says that the song was created in a single room on a single day with nothing but a French horn, an electric bass, a synthesizer, and a cowbell. Even Presentation’s drums were created from beatboxing on a French horn mouth piece. Pretty amazing, if you ask me. Presentation certainly doesn’t feel like it was tossed together in a day on a few rudimentary instruments. It’s got way too much swag. Grab the jam from iTunes, here.

August 31, 2017

My mind can’t help but stray to Twin Peaks: The Return when I think of the word tulpa. Those who are caught up on the show know what I mean. But it isn’t mystic beings that we’re about to engage with as we submerge ourselves in this next stunning song, though Blueblack does take us on a meditative and spiritual journey with its chill, downtempo electronica. Ukraine’s TÜLPA and Toronto’s BLANKTS have linked back together on this dreamy introspective electro pop and dusky glimmering electronic aria. 

TÜLPA and BLANKTS wrote the song in a cabin outside of Toronto. They say out of all the songs on their Storytales EP, this one is the one they relate to closest personally. You can find Blueblack on iTunes, here. We’ll be on the lookout for more details about this Storytales EP.

August 29, 2017

It’s been over half a year since I had the pleasure of managing a knock out SXSW showcase for my friend at We Found New Music, Grant Owens, but I’m still flying high from its stellar lineup, which included Los Angeles based singer songwriter and actress Bridgit Mendler. I find myself wistfully reminiscing about that night as I listen to this gorgeous new tune from Bridgit Mendler named Diving, on which she’s collaborated with one of our electro soul faves, RKCB. Diving is a chiffon hip hop and R&B pop confection, perfect for some late night lovesick sighing and dreamy longing. You can snag the song from iTunes, here.

August 29, 2017

Brother sister duo Good Girl and the Bad Times first spellbound us a few months ago with their second single Keep Your Yesterdays, and we’ve been zealously awaiting their next song since. Jenny and Eli, who hail from New York and London, return with a serenely soothing, gracefully billowing new single named We Go This Way. It’s a dulcet and harmonious, introspective and tender downtempo electronica and chill R&B pop track that evokes a lovely combination of The xx, WET, and Shura. Good Girl and the Bad Times are reportedly working on a debut album. Revisit their prior two singles on Soundcloud, here. We Go This Way is available for purchase, here.

August 29, 2017

A lithe willowy, breathy enchanting voice and a whole lot of magnetic charisma erupts from young 16 year old newcomer Baker Grace on her debut single, ‘Am I Talking To You?’. It leaves us wondering if we’re listening to the next pop sensation. The singer songwriter from New Jersey is no stranger to the music scene, having previously released music with her father as indie pop duo Bitter’s Kiss. She mesmerizes us with her solo debut, a nimble and earthy, sparsely arranged alt and folk pop gem out now on Republic Records. Baker Grace says of her song: “Music is more than just something I do for myself, it is important to me, because it has the power to connect with others—even when they don’t realize it. My song, Am I Talking to You, is about a friend I lost because she started to care more about her reputation, drugs, and alcohol than our friendship.  It’s a situation I imagine many listening will have experienced on either side.”

August 22, 2017

The warped and quirky, skittery and jittery alt pop on ‘jack’ seems witty and classy, foxy and mature, all at once. This R&B soul inflected gem comes from a Los Angeles based Alabama talent named DeQn Sue, who’s no stranger to accolades. She’s been featured on NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert series as well as in Netflix’s Orange is the New Black. DeQn Sue’s new album Juggernaut is scheduled for release in early September. ‘jack’ is another inventive and creative new taste from her album. Its minimalist construction and rhythmic percussion result in a hypnotic effect, especially when interwoven with her smoky supple voice. ‘jack’ is like My Brightest Diamond’s eccentric baroque pop paired with Lianna La Havas’ soulful pop. For more about DeQn Sue’s forthcoming new album, head to her website, here.