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March 31, 2018

As huge fans of both Alex Winston’s solo project and Max Hershenow’s role in MS MR, we were ecstatic to find out the pair had united on a new side project named Post Precious late last year. The duo made their debut with Timebomb, giving us a vibrant thrumming effusion that immediately captivated and scintillated. And now, they’ve finally returned with their second single, Lose Myself, an equally riveting burst of sharp pulsating beats and Alex Winston’s ever ravishing voice. Lose Myself was co-written with Ryn Weaver (we’re really hoping to get new music from her soon, too). It’s a spectacular eruption of off-kilter pop and dark electropop. Lose Myself is Kate Bush and Fleetwood Mac meets Robyn dance pop, “precious” through and through. Find the single on iTunes, here.

January 16, 2018

Lizzy Plapinger, the Neon Gold Records co-founder who we’ve been so enamored with since the debut of her project MS MR with Max Hershenow so many years ago, has been hard at work dropping amazing songs as soloist LPX this past year. It’s all culminated in a terrific debut EP named Bolt In The Blue, whose six tracks include previously featured singles like Slide, Tremble, and Tightrope. The EP also introduces us to three sensational new tunes, including title track Bolt In The Blue, a sultry searing, stormy heaving political anthem. LPX co-wrote the alt/electro track with Zac Carper of Fidlar, and the track features him on guitar. The lyric video for Bolt In The Blue was illustrated by Robert Beatty, known for his work with Tame Impala. Alongside Bolt In The Blue comes two other can’t miss new tracks, including Red Queen and Fog and the Fear, both of which can be streamed via Soundcloud below. The full EP can be streamed and downloaded, here.

January 5, 2018

Wolf Alice’s Visions Of A Life was one of our favorite indie/alt rock albums of 2017. The beloved British band, whom I was lucky enough to see on tour at Rickshaw Stop when they opted for an intimate show in San Francisco, certainly outdid themselves with their sophomore album, though 2015′s My Love Is Cool will always have a special place in my heart. An unexpected delight cropped up this week in regards to one of the best songs off their second album. Don’t Delete The Kisses has received a re-work involving both Charli XCX and emerging indie duo Post Precious (Alex Winston and MS MR’s 

Max Hershenow). This new version of Don’t Delete The Kisses is the perfect combination of Charli XCX’s booming, rumbling electropop and Post Precious’ opalescent synthpop. It also feels somewhat like a CHVRCHES re-work with its throbbing beats and glossy synths. You can grab the remix, here.

November 13, 2017

There’s always been a fierce edge and alluring confidence to Lizzy Plapinger, whether in her countless immense releases as one half of MS MR with Max Hershenow, or lately as charismatic solo project LPX. The Neon Gold Records co-founder returns with a raspy seductive, vehement rousing turn on powerful new alt single Slide and welcome news of a debut EP. Bolt In The Blue is scheduled to arrive on January 12th. Slide is a gripping taste off the sure to be scintillating release. Vociferous pounding beats and emphatic guitars make this dark smoldering, restless storming single a Yeah Yeah Yeahs meets Le Tigre eruption of riveting emotion and wild passion. LPX will be headlining Neon Gold’s Holiday Pop Shop in New York on December 5th, more information and tickets are available, here.

November 1, 2017

As an avid fan of both Michigan singer songwriter Alex Winston and NYC synth/electro pop project MS MR, news of a new side project involving Alex Winston and MS MR’s Max Hershenow is truly precious knowledge indeed. The pair make their debut together as Post Precious on Timebomb, a deliciously pulsating, iridescent surging synthpop arrangement that leaves us convinced that Alex’s sugary svelte, spunky hooking vocals and Max’s creative, forward thinking production are a perfect match. Timebomb is steeped in 80′s nostalgia with a punk edge. At times, it even brings to mind Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ synthier offerings. You can purchase Timebomb from iTunes, here.

April 15, 2017

We more than tremble, we quiver and shake in ecstasy to the dark buzzing synths and fiery spunk thundering from LPX’s new single Tremble. It’s an expectedly massive second single from Lizzy Plapinger’s solo project. We’ve long been familiar with how fiercely magnetic Lizzy can be from our many years adoring MS MR and that pair’s ravishing electro R&B/pop. The co-founder of Neon Gold Records has followed up on earlier this year’s debut single Tightrope with another spectacular force of nature. Tremble is a dauntless effusion of sharp sawing electropop, clamorous ringing grunge pop, and synthwavey rock (I even hear a hint of Future Islands in that final detail). Tremble grips us with its raw poignancy and incensed passion. Purchase the glorious single from iTunes, here.

January 31, 2017

I don’t know how Lizzy Plapinger finds time to do all that she does in between MS MR and all the incredible music she’s given us through Neon Gold Records, a boutique label she co-founded that happens to be responsible for a long list of musicians and bands I adore, but she’s somehow managed to launch a solo project, too. She exhibits her fierce gritty, fiery intense side as LPX with very first single, Tightrope. Pop punk meets noise pop on the rambunctious flaring, raspy smoldering gem which feels very much like a cross between MS MR and Sleigh Bells. Tightrope is out now on on iTunes, and Lizzy has already promised a debut LPX LP. We’ll be watching out for more news with zeal.

April 7, 2016

It was such a treat, seeing Lizzy Plapinger from MS MR out at many of the same showcases I attended at SXSW, so passionately supporting her fellow musicians. IHM has been a zealous fan of the electropop and darkwave duo from New York since their earliest days, and that love only grows stronger after re-visiting Wrong Victory via its “revealing” video, in which they peel off layer upon layer of costuming like Russian nesting dolls to expose their true selves. Wrong Victory is the latest moody and melodic single from MS MR’s sophomore album How Does It Feel. You can get the album on iTunes if you haven’t already done so.

March 30, 2016

I’ve been obsessing over Christine and the Queens ever since the French synthpop star made her American crossover debut on Tilted over a year ago. I’ve also been a devout fan of New York’s MS MR for many years now, from the very beginnings of I Heart Moosiq. These spectacular worlds collide on a new remix of Tilted by MS MR. The electropop duo give the mellifluous pop on Tilted a deeply expansive MS MR twist with a hypnotizing edit. The FADER debuted remix glides along weightlessly, its airy resilience emitting a magnetic optimism despite the original’s euphonious exploration of depression and isolation. MS MR’s magnificent re-imagination of Tilted will be a part of a full remix EP releasing soon on April 8th via Neon Gold Records.

MS MR – Painted

April 8, 2015

As someone who fell in love with MS MR’s dark and powerful pop music (and Lizzy Plapinger’s deep, rich voice) approximately three years ago, prior to the release of their Candy Bar Creep Show EP, I’m much devoted to the band’s more gothy, edgy music. But I’m also absolutely thrilled that MS MR has grown to attain such wide spread success, which did not come as a surprise. If you’ve ever caught the duo live, then you should know how captivating and charismatic they are on stage. I saw MS MR again a few weeks ago in Austin for SXSW, and yet, I find myself incredibly excited to see them again soon at Popscene in San Francisco. This week, MS MR revealed a brand new infectious single named Painted. It’s the first sign that they’ll be releasing a sophomore full length later this year, a worthy reason to celebrate with glee. Painted is an electrifying, majestic song that grows on me with every new listen. Bombastic production, grandiose chords, and Lizzy’s snappy vocals will sweep you up in a maelstorm of entrancing, dauntless sound.