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October 21, 2017

MOOSIQ MOSAIC : 10.17.2017 – 10.20.2017

Featured Music – October 17-20, 2017
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October 18, 2017

If walking on fire were as blissful an experience as it is to listen to MRY’s Walking On Fire, I’d do it everyday, all the time. The LA based artist, who made an indelible impression when he made his debut on Way We Go over the summer, has made a stylish return with his second electronic single. Walking On Fire’s dance ready indie pop and nu-disco strut takes us to great heights of euphoria. A drizzle of Bag Raiders’ earlier synthpop and a touch of Roosevelt’s opulent groove endow this irresistible offering, a much needed summer escapade just as temperatures are starting to drop for fall. Walking On Fire is out now via You Too Can Woo. You can download the single for free, here.

August 4, 2017

The exceptional debuts continue to roll in as we turn our full attention towards new Southern California talent MRY. Get ready to dance to his summery debut single, Way We Go, a luscious indie dance pop jam swimming in chill 80s new wave and plucky 90s R&B funk. Its slick sheen and scorching groove, alongside MRY’s satin falsettos, seems to meld succulent Blood Orange, ambient Tycho, breezy Phil Collins, and dashing Electric Guest altogether. Throw in a pinch of Washed Out’s chillwave, and we have a ravishing sonic jungle delight. Way We Go is verdant and lush and oh so good.