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May 1, 2018

Mothica partnered up with NYC producer Memba on her last single, Chasing Light, a dark and volatile fusion of electronica and twilight pop. The Brooklyn artist has since returned solo on new single Water Me Down, a synth swelling electro-pop aria on which her satin soaring, breathy luscious voice draws us deep into a story about staying true to yourself and facing the heartbreak that might ensue. It’s a song of growth and resilience, with a much too important message. Don’t let anyone “water you down”. If you ever feel like you’re caving, Mothica’s here with her resounding single to keep us strong. Water Me Down can be found on Apple Music, here.

April 6, 2018

NYC producer MEMBA has crafted a soundscape more than vibrant and vivid on Chasing Light. The future bass track is such a whimsically swervy, capricious whirring treat that it really does seem to lead us on a lively chase across a twilight vista. We gleefully pursue its dark, volatile melody and entangling instrumentals across a twilight vista. Chasing Light’s intricate production is complemented by Brooklyn based chanteuse Mothica and her ever enthralling dark pop. Together, they explore the turbulent emotions involved in falling out of love with someone. Mothica says of their elaborate collaboration: 

“MEMBA’s music is so colorful and my songwriting is often faded and grey, so I thought disguising some of my darkest thoughts amongst their bright sounds would be an interesting pairing. We wrote this back in October at a time where I was going out in New York a lot to avoid being alone after a relationship of mine ended. The line about ‘Chasing light’ is also a reference to a ‘moth attracted to the light’ and how that light is sometimes self-destruction.” Chasing Light is a free download, here.

February 15, 2018

Mothica’s beautifully haunting voice tends to stop us in our tracks. We can’t help but drop everything else we’re doing just to marvel at that husky voice. At times, it feels like it’s about to break under the weight of a world of emotion and pain. Today, the Brooklyn based musician released her newest single, Lovetalk, a cinematic writhing anti-love love song from her forthcoming third solo EP. It’s a dark and weighty pop song, whose embers simmer and burn with heartbreaking beauty. Lovetalk was inspired by a conversation Mothica had with her friend about Gary Chapman’s “The Five Love Language,” and the interaction sparked the lyrical idea of ‘love’ being a language itself. It’s obvious that love is a much misconstrued method of communication. It’s also the most potent form of both connection and disconnection between people. In this case, Mothica has formed a state of rapport and harmony with us, her fans, by cutting deep into our hearts with her tense and dramatic ballad. Lovetalk was co-produced with SYBLYNG and Nydge, as well as mixed by Moon Bounce. It can also be streamed via Spotify, here.

January 28, 2018

We were thrilled when we saw that German production duo Drunken Masters, who previously teamed up with psych rock faves Portugal. the Man on Louder, had linked up with Brooklyn singer songwriter Mothica on a new one. And On My Own met all our expectations and more, a bold and dramatic future bass/electro trap soundscape capped off by Mothica’s always captivating and affecting, rich and sonorous voice. Towering synth lunges and moody chord progressions adorn the opulent brooding piece. You can snag the stellar collaboration, here.

December 21, 2017

Lying is usually detrimental to love, but the two come hand in hand on a stately new piece from Alaskan production star Electric Mantis. Brooklyn’s Mothica turns in bewitching vocals on the synth swiveling, vibrant blazing trap and melodic bass ballad. Lying & Loving is dark and splendorous, an ornately textured yet visceral gutting opus. “

If lying is loving than I guess you love me,” Mothica sings on the song. Yet, I find it impossible to lie about my affection for Electric Mantis’ new masterpiece. You can download/stream Lying & Loving via major outlets, here.

August 2, 2017

ye. has been one of our favorite fast rising production stars this past year, and we’re absolutely thrilled that the young prodigy from New York has chosen to drop a Mothica remix for his latest enthralling release. In fact, he’s chosen to re-work one of our favorites off the Brooklyn singer songwriter’s recent EP, Heavy Heart. Dark rumbling, glassy quivering Self-Destructive gets a royal ye. treatment on which it’s turned into a deft skipping, lithesome burbling chill trap affair. ye.’s remix is light on its feet, yet packs a gut wrenching punch. You can download the remix for free, here.

May 29, 2017

Brooklyn based singer songwriter Mothica dropped her sophomore EP Heavy Heart last Friday, and this long time fan of the budding starlet’s pop couldn’t be more ecstatic. Alongside songs that have already enraptured us in the past like Self-Destructive and Sometimes comes this gorgeous title track, a dulcet yet melancholic, emphatic but exquisite electronic pop ballad. Heavy Heart truly is a heart shattering, weighty affair. Beautiful poignancy and fervid anguish emanate from Mothica’s ever stunning vocals. Mothica’s Heavy Heart EP can be streamed in full via Soundcloud, here, or Spotify, here

May 15, 2017

Self-Destructive is the final new single that completes Mothica’s new EP, Heavy Heart, arriving soon on May 25th, and it’s yet another stellar track from the Brooklyn singer songwriter and visual artist. She explores forbidden relationships and inner turmoil on the dark rumbling electropop ballad, whose glassy quivering, torrid intense soundscape brims tangibly with desperation and poignancy. Tempestuous gripping, restless impassioned Self-Destructive is a fine new taste from Mothica’s sophomore EP, which we look forward to with endless excitement. 

April 25, 2017

I’m still kicking myself for having to miss Mothica when I was at SXSW a month ago. I saw her stickers all over the place too… in bathroom stalls, on building walls… yet I never got to see the magnetic singer songwriter from New York perform. I’m hoping I’ll get to to see her in San Francisco someday soon. For now, I’ll tumble into the sublime depths of tempestuous new single Sometimes.

Mothica’s husky seductive vocals and the impassioned opulence on her future R&B ballad combine for a torrent of dark sultriness that rivals that of Banks and George Maple. Mothica is gearing up for the release of her sophomore EP, Heavy Heart, due to arrive in May. We look forward to it with stratospheric glee.

March 24, 2017

If you’ve yet to set aside some time to listen to Crywolf’s latest EP, Skeletons, you’re making a grave mistake. The brilliant Echo Park musician and producer is at the forefront of the “post-EDM” movement with his visionary song crafting and emotive delivery, and the pioneer has pummeled our hearts and touched our souls time and time again with his music. Skeletons is a poignant and profound journey of the heart, and it features this sensationally atmospheric, regally operatic aria named Silk, which features ever bewitching Mothica on aerial fluttering guest vocals, whom I’m gutted to have missed at SXSW last week (but I did see a lot of Mothica stickers around). Sadly, I also missed Crywolf’s DJ set at Get Buzzzed despite really wanting to make it out to the Brew Exchange. Fortunately, I’ve seen this incredible virtuoso back home in San Francisco, and I was thoroughly blown away by his live set. Crywolf’s Skeletons EP can be streamed in full via Soundcloud, here. Purchase from iTunes, here. Alternate stream of Silk via Soundcloud can be found below.