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April 22, 2014

I’m always fond of dark wavey post-punky music, and it’s with great pleasure that I was keyed into a Los Angeles band by the name of BALLERINABLK (Ballerina Black). The quartet’s doomy gloomy single Brixton Rain is an immediately intoxicating gem with endless coldgaze, new wave flavored, Depeche Mode evoking alt flair. There’s also some delicious NIN industral vibe near the end of the track as well as Radiohead like sound. The single drops officially on May 5. The self described mope-rock and grave wave band has many more tasty treats on their Soundcloud, having released their first full length Cattle Arithmetic back in 2010 and several EPs to date. Off of their EP Svart is the synthpop leaning gem Sauves Grey, which you can stream below.