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May 22, 2018

Apparently, Khamsin’s “way” is also our way. The French producer has released his much-anticipated new single, My Way, featuring long time IHM favorite MOONZz on stellar vocals. And the track’s melodic trap and high-wire future bass is exactly the type of dynamic electronica and pop we love. Intensive percussion, thrilling drops, and intricate instrumentals embellish the magnificent song. Khamsin, who’s also a member of electronic super group Slow Hours, has expertly blended live instrumentals (those smooth guitar licks, wow) with a vividly animated future bass sound. MOONZz vocals are beautiful over Khamsin’s whimsical soundscape. Stream/download My Way, here.

May 2, 2018

We’re still trying to get used to calling Pluko by his new moniker, having been fans of the Pittsburgh production whiz’s bedazzling concoctions for a long time whilst he was known as Pluto. The artist, who’s now signed to visionary label Foreign Family Collective, has teamed up with husky voiced singer songwriter MOONZz on a stunning new song named ‘asleep’. The dusky late night ballad seems to transport us straight into our darkest dreams, where our deepest desires reside. ‘asleep’ leaves us breathless with its tensely haunting, darkly churning future bass. It’s a slow burner of an atmospheric gem, one that leaves a more than lasting impression after its last poignant notes fade into the distance. Purchase/stream via alternate outlets, here.

November 9, 2017

Something that’s monochrome is usually a little drab and dull from lack of color, but this Monochrome is one scintillating and coruscant electronic beauty. It comes from Los Angeles based producer Daktyl, who’s enlisted singer songwriter MOONZz on gorgeous guest vocals for his song. Monochrome is about self discovery, existentialism, and identity. Explore your own self by delving deep into this twilight glistening, celestial shimmering electronic aria, out now on Counter Records. Stream/download, here.

July 16, 2017

Our growing list of ravishing summer bops lights up spectacularly under the shimmering glow of this new treat from Los Angeles based singer songwriter MOONZz and New Zealand production duo SACHI. MOONZz, who has bewitched us with a wide array of future bass inspired, R&B inflected, and oft moody seductive pop in the past, proves to be a celestial union with SACHI on sparkly glimmering Hope. The new single is in fact a total re-imagining of MOONZz’ cosmic soaring single with Restless Modern, Navigator. Hope reveals a delightfully airy and lighthearted side of MOONZz that we haven’t heard before. An islandy breeze and a candy coated bounce imbibe the sanguinely heartwarming future pop and melodic house aria. MOONZz is currently working with a four piece band, planning for an upcoming summer/fall tour, and working on a ton of new music set for release over the next few months. Her sophomore EP is due out early fall. She says of Home: “To feel at home with someone is beautifully rare. SACHI’s reimagined summer flip of Navigator captures the light hearted love I felt while writing these lyrics and I’m so happy it’s out.” Home is out now across all DSP’s and it sets the stage for a bright summer for MOONZz.

March 30, 2017

It’s been awhile, but let’s shoot off into space and float into orbit around a beautiful lunar landscape to the tune of ever captivating MOONZz. Even if we fall out of orbit, our descent will be cushioned by the velutinous electronic pop exuding from Navigator. This new single is the LA based vocalist’s first of 2017, which she’s released in pursuit of her comprehensive sound as an artist, writer, and producer. MOONZz co-wrote Navigator with friends and IHM extolled artists Opia. On co-production duty is up and comer Restless Modern. This confluence of talent proceeds to bathe us in a warm glow rooted in romance and optimism. Navigator is about jumping head and heart first into the journey of love. We’re always eager to dive head and heart first into new MOONZz, and she never fails to dazzle and enchant. Navigator can be purchased from iTunes, here. The single can also be streamed off Soundcloud below.

November 1, 2016

Up and coming production talent HYDDE partnered up with sultry voiced starlet MOONZz last month for a dark bewitching collaborative gem named Anything You Want, and it was everything I ever wanted. But I realize I’m always down for more now that Sean Turk has given the song a sensuous future bass makeover, which the producer likes to call “bedroom bass”. His deft treatment is sexy yet classy, voluptuous and opulent. It feels like 100% silk sheets and soft feathery down, so posh and sensual, seductive and suggestive. It’s almost feels strange you can download such an extravagant remix for free, here.

October 13, 2016

MOOSIQ MOSAIC : 10.11.2016

Featured music – October 11th, 2016

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October 12, 2016

Sultry voiced siren MOONZz gave us a magnificently soaring future pop song named Wonder earlier this year, and that song has now been remixed by a producer from half a world away. That producer is only 15 years old, too. It blows my mind that England’s DNMO (pronounced ‘den-mo’) harbors the skills at such a young age to give us such a pristine and defiant remix, one absolutely exhilarating and boldly gripping. This gutsy stuttering explosion of passionate electro trap is a free download, here.

September 15, 2016

MOOSIQ MOSAIC : 09.12.2016

Featured music – September 12th, 2016

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September 13, 2016

MOONZz continues to shoot us to the moon with the Los Angeles based singer songwriter’s powerfully impassioned, blazing exquisite voice as she joins forces with mysterious production newcomer HYDDE on a scintillating fusion of electronica and pop named Anything You Want. This dark bewitching aria is a force to be reckoned with, a high flying, plumed streaming eruption of exhilarating sonic magnificence. Anything You Want can also be streamed on Spotify.