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August 29, 2016

We’ve been following along with Los Angeles production talent Elephante for over two years now, and he continues to pleasantly surprise our ears and display astonishing versatility with each new track presented. Tim will be releasing a new EP on September 14th, one that’ll boast nine new tracks, leaving me both immensely excited but also wondering, at what point does an EP become an “LP”? For a ravishing taste from the EP, dive into Elephante’s Hold, which features singer Jessica Jarrell. Hold is certainly not the electro and progressive house Elephante of yore. This is more a future funk and R&B groover that recalls Years and Years fused with The Chainsmokers and some Jack Ü like moombahton. The effervescent frisky, fizzy aerated dance epic is irresistibly infectious. Pre-order Elephante’s I Am The Elephante EP from iTunes. The guest talent studded EP also features previously shared tracks Closer, featuring Bishop, and Catching On, featuring Nevve. 

August 10, 2016

I’d never heard of choreographer, dancer, director, and artist Parris Goebel till today, but her first song as PARRI$ is without a doubt popping, and her talent game is obviously on point. Apparently, I’ve encountered a lot of her prior work without realizing I had. Parris Goebel is responsible for the choreography behind Bieber’s Purpose as well as a player in plenty of other trending items alongside huge names. As PARRI$, she gives us a whimsical and flashy form of hip hop and trap electronica. Friday is a wildly addictive banger, one that melds Missy Elliott with Major Lazer. Its self directed video is just as dizzy dazzling. Watch below. Friday will be on PARRI$’s debut EP, Run & Tell Your Friends. 

June 25, 2016

I’d be lying if I said the new Dillon Francis didn’t tickle my fancy. In fact, it tickles my fancy immensely. Candy, which features hip hop artist Snappy Jit, is an ultimate party anthem which also involves GTA, but their name had to be removed due to label issues. Candy is unabashedly bold and unforgettably catchy. And its video features a twerking piñata, of all things. As always, moombahton maestro Dillon Francis and trap geniuses GTA entertain us in a very light hearted, absurdist fashion and you simply can’t turn away from this flamboyant, humorous fun. I can’t get enough of brain jiggling, bone rattling Candy, out now on iTunes.

June 23, 2016

New York duo T/W/R/K linked up with Amsterdam’s Lady Bee for their latest single, Wheels In Motion, a downright infectious club banger. The buoyant chopping, summer sultry fusion of electro, trap, and moombahton breathes new life into me, igniting a need to find myself a dance floor at midnight on a weekday. My living room will have to do for now, and my unfortunate cat will be my unwilling dance partner. T/W/R/K puts my wheels in motion with this glorious dance anthem, which is out now on iTunes.

May 17, 2016

Just the other day, fast rising urban pop star Alessia Cara released a remix of her own song Wild Things, one which featured now flying high hip hop artist G-Eazy, who blasted out of the Bay and is swiftly conquering the world with his riveting emceeing and his dapper handsome looks. The two combined in one song is an explosion of raw talent, and now we get to celebrate that talent to the max by dancing along to remix of Wild Things by Vancouver electronic pros Young Bombs! They give Wild Things a summery future trap makeover with hints of moombahton peeking playfully through, too. Wild Things goes rainforest lush on Young Bombs’ bomb edit, creating a euphoric jungle wonderland for us wild things to play.

May 9, 2016

A collaboration between Dillon Francis and NGHTMRE is obviously going to be an earth shaking ordeal. After all, Dillon Francis has been exhilarating us with his music for some time now, and NGHTMRE is the hottest new king of bass music in the scene. They join up to engulf us with a synth heaving eruption of moombahton and dubstep on Need You, a heart pumping work of frenetic grandeur. Need You is larger than life. And it’s going to be one of this summer’s biggest festival hits. The single is out now on Mad Decent and available from iTunes.

December 3, 2015

Chicago’s Flosstradamus took it upon themselves to mash up Jack Ü’s Where R Ü Now with Post Malone’s Iverson. To have all three of those acts and those two epic tunes conjoin for just over four minutes is a spectacular event. Where R Ü Iverson is Flosstradamus’ free gift to us to celebrate earlier this week’s Cyber Monday. Who needs to sit there clicking on sales and spending dough when you can lose yourself in this mashup? The instrumental arrangement from Jack Ü’s massive hit are a perfect fit for the vocals from Post Malone’s ubiquitous hip hop jam. If only someone would make as monstrous a jam about Stephen Curry. It’s happening, somewhere, right now, just wait and see. Download Flosstradamus’ fierce track for free, here.

November 9, 2015

I’m ready to take on a new week, or the whole world and whatever obstacles might come my way, after jamming out to this new Major Lazer remix. The new version of Major Lazer’s Light It Up, from killer album Peace Is The Mission, features British rapper & vocalist Fuse ODG in addition to the original’s NYLA. If you need a pick me up to close out your weekend or to start out bright eyed & eager on the next one, bump this one loud via the lyric video dropped over the weekend. The remix’s trumpets are flickers and bursts of glimmering radiance. They light up the cold night around me with their brassy playfulness. Snag the popping remix on iTunes.

August 25, 2015

A Dillon Francis remix of Madeon can only mean one thing: it’s time to buckle in and hang on tight. You can’t expect nothing less than brain jolting with something as massive as a remix that combines electro house wizard Madeon with moombahton savant Dillon Francis. DF takes Madeon’s Imperium and bleeds those two genres together in a fine, cinematic balance of xylophone bridges, regal synths, and dirty drops. The Imperium remix will be out soon on August 28th.

August 16, 2015

Yes, I know this is my second Dillon Francis related share in as many hours, but there really are some phenomenal, fabulous collaborative treats off the producer’s brand new mixtape. This time around, Dillon teams up with world conquering producer Calvin Harris on What’s Your Name, an earth shaking moombahton anthem that pairs Calvin Harris’ more melodic tendencies with Dillon Francis’ cosmically wild bass music.Get ready for a brain jiggling experience. Stream This Mixtape Is Fire in full, here, and order on iTunes.