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June 28, 2017

The hype surrounding Toyko continues to grow, and deservedly so, too. The pair from Los Angeles, who were formerly known as Tokyo when we first picked up on their talent, are back with a new one as dreamy enchanting and sleekly hooking as ever named Beautiful. ODESZA’s pastel effervescence meets the earthy dance charm of the likes of Milky Chance or Coleman Hell, all topped off with the molten sheen of Toyko’s breathy skimming vocals. Beautiful follows on the success of prior single You Do, which hit number one on Hype Machine’s popular chart. You can snag Beautiufl from iTunes, here. Re-visit Toyko’s growing list of stellar singles on Soundcloud, here, all of which we’ve shared with endless zeal in the past.

May 20, 2017

you do.’ is the second single this sensational Los Angeles pair has unleashed on us since switching their name to Toyko from Tokyo, but it’s the fourth enthralling synth/alt pop aria they’ve given us in total. You don’t go four for four by luck. It’s glaringly obvious that Toyko is one of the most exciting projects to emerge out of Los Angeles this year (and there really is an endless stream of competition coming from that city, as we all know). ‘you do.’ is a genre crushing ballad on which Toyko’s breathy vocals and the song’s luminous swelling electronic production combine for an emotionally charged effect. Though pastel crisp and feathery sleek, ‘you do.’ also feels raw and earnest. It’s no wonder Toyko themselves have tagged the track “mood pop”.  You can purchase Toyko’s latest single from iTunes, here. Re-visit their prior singles on Soundcloud, here.