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May 22, 2018

Molly Moore’s new EP Third Eye High has been out for well over a week, but we want to make sure you haven’t missed out on the four track release which showcases the Los Angeles based artist’s stunning evolution. Take for example, EP track Catch and Release which sees the captivating chanteuse venture into soulful R&B pop territory, complete with jazzy horns and much smoky, slinky allure. It’s a laid back groover of a sensual yet frisky pop. She easily catches our hearts once again, and we never want to be released. Catch and Release is a sumptuous development for the singer songwriter, whom we’ve been ardent fans of through her earlier pop releases and her collaborations with progressive soul talent Brandyn Burnette (including their electronic pop project together, Cosmos & Creature). Third Eye High can be streamed in full via all major services, here.

May 11, 2018

Our favorite Los Angeles based couple, pop siren Molly Moore and progressive soul swooner Brandyn Burnette, have re-united as Cosmos & Creature on I Am Free, a chill sauntering, pristine prancing pop song whose dulcet vocals and verdant electronic production take us on a truly liberating ride. Its brisk beats and chill house radiance lifts a weight off our shoulders after a long work week, filling us with joy and euphoria. I Am Free is your new go-to summer jam, a laid back swathe of bliss with wistful, nostalgic undertones. You can download the single from iTunes, here.

March 12, 2018

Los Angeles dark pop siren Molly Moore has never been more bewitching than on her latest single Tough Love, a smoky curling, seductive winding, R&B pop-leaning ballad. Alongside the torrid simmering track comes welcome news of her Third Eye High EP, too. Woozy sensual Tough Love was premiered by C-Heads and spun by KCRW’s Jason Kramer. The ultra-soulful track is draped in kaleidoscopic synths and swirling horns. Moody, sultry vibes abound on the track from a blooming artist also known for her role as one half of indie electro duo Cosmos & Creature. The busy artist also helped write Kpop superstar EXO’s number one hit Been Through as well as Lea Michelle’s Letting Go. And she recently penned and executive produced the Hanazuki album for Hasbro with Brandyn Burnette, alongside a forthcoming single for Jesse McCartney, too. All those amazing accolades and accomplishments aside, our favorite Molly Moore is without a doubt the amazing tunes she releases when she takes the center stage herself. New EP Third Eye High will arrive on May 11th. Tough Love is available as a single, here.

January 27, 2018

K-pop is rising to great new heights of success here in the U.S. with BTS leading the charge, but let’s not forget how swooning EXO can be, too. Los Angeles based St. Louis progressive soul talent Brandyn Burnette showcases his creamy chops on a demo of EXO’s Been Through, reminding us how much of a heartthrob this hard working, incredibly gifted artist is. Girlfriend and Cosmos & Creature partner Molly Moore lends her co-writing skills and backing vocals to the amazing rendition of Been Through, which is quickly racking up streams since its release earlier today, while Rice N Peas is on impeccable production duty. As it turns out, Brandyn and Molly are responsible for writing Been Through, which EXO picked up and used a translator to modify into his Korean hit. Stream his version via Spotify, here.

October 31, 2017

Tep No has been our go to when it comes to soothing chill house and organic indie electronica for many a year. The Toronto songcrafter, beatmaker, and musician takes us to cloud nine with his new song, Toluca Lake, which he co-wrote with our Los Angeles faves, progressive soul artist Brandyn Burnette and pop chanteuse Molly Moore. Toluca Lake is a lush yet laid back saunter and a dreamy wistful heartstring tugger. You can snag the song from major outlets, here.

September 17, 2017

Cosmos & Creature, the Los Angeles based duo formed by progressive soul troubadour Brandyn Burnette and magnetic pop chanteuse Molly Moore, may be one of the most rapidly ascending duos from California. They add fuel to their momentum with new song Ride The Wave, possibly their most exuberantly hooking release to date. We’re ecstatic passengers as we hit the road with Cosmos & Creature on their infectious and vivacious anthem, a spirited combination of pop, electronica, and alt. The pair wrote Ride The Wave about following your dreams. Embrace the journey, whether it takes you where you want to go or not. “Quit waiting for it.” Cosmos & Creature’s new single is an inspiring and triumphant celebration. It fully embodies the renowned saying “carpe diem”, or seize the day. The single is available from iTunes, here.

June 5, 2017

Cosmos & Creature’s vibrant and dulcet pop may be addicting like a drug, and that obsession may leave us feeling very good, but fortunately for us, there are no unhealthy aspects that should keep us from indulging in our craving for more of the young project’s music. Los Angeles by way of St. Louis progressive soul sensation Brandyn Burnette once again partners up with Southern Californian pop starlet Molly Moore to satisfy our Cosmos & Creature longing with a second single named Bad Drug. Its brisk summery, breezy light pop is sort of like Oh Wonder gone youthful springing future pop, with a dab of Whethan friskiness. Snag the vivacious pop single from iTunes, here.

March 22, 2017

It’s such a fitting treat that the new video for Win and Woo’s irresistibly hooking Killer With A Smile, which features Los Angeles based artist Molly Moore on enthralling vocals, arrives just after my return from SXSW. I ran into Molly Moore and her boyfriend/fellow music talent Brandyn Burnette while in Austin. It was part serendipity, part fate. IHM has been such a long time supporter of Brandyn, Molly, and their project together, Cosmos & Creature, it was high time we all met face to face. The video for Killer With A Smile stars both Molly Moore and Brandyn Burnette, and seeing the pair act out Win and Woo’s lusciously jouncing future electro ballad and its hot blooded feistiness brings a glowing smile to my face. Chicago electronic whizzes Win and Woo ensnare me once again with their previously shared single, leaving me reveling in endless euphoria from the rush of the song. Snag the jam from iTunes, here.

February 15, 2017

I love it when long time IHM supported and praised projects come together to create amazing music together. “Good vibes” tend to flow aplenty from such mergers. Case in point, PLS&TY’s new original, Good Vibes, which features rapturous vocals by fellow LA duo Cosmos & Creature, the project created by progressive soul artist Brandyn Burnette and his girlfriend, pop chanteuse Molly Moore. Good Vibes is a sultry sleek future bass and sexy electro R&B cut, a smooth carousing suitor through and through. Download Good Vibes for free, here.

January 20, 2017

I don’t know why, but when I first encountered the title of Chicago production whizzes Win and Woo’s new tune, I couldn’t help thinking of the Joker from Batman. Perhaps it’s because I’ve been watching the show Gotham on television, but fortunately for us, this Killer With A Smile is a luscious electronic beauty rather than a deranged beast. Win and Woo, who I was fortunate enough to finally catch late last year on tour (when they slayed), even features Molly Moore on gutsy ambrosial vocals. The LA based singer songwriter and her boyfriend, progressive soul artist Brandyn Burnette (and Cosmos & Creature partner in sublime sonic crime), have got to be the most coveted guest vocalists these days, ubiquitously appearing in the dance scene left and right. Win and Woo surround her pop vocals with a regal and majestic soundscape. Killer With A Smile is feisty yet smooth, a future electro jouncer full of sonorous power and bursting with rhapsodic energy. Elegant chords and frisky beats add to the vivid vibrancy of this colossal tune, an infectious hit on the rise that you’ll surely want to grab a hold of, here.