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December 5, 2017

If you’re as fond of slowcore, shoegaze, post-rock, and dream pop as I do (and love bands like Beach House, Cigarettes After Sex, Slowdive, and the such), you’re going to instantaneously gravitate towards this band from Tijuana named Mint Field, too. The duo leave us reeling in a state of total fuzzy, hazy intoxication with their surreal new video for Ojos En El Carro, which literally translates to Eyes In The Car, except I’m all ears for the band’s languorous sound. Ojos En El Carro builds towards a scuzzy plush climax with a deliberate crawl. 21 year old Estrella Sanchez (vocals & guitar) and Amor Amecua (drums nad synths) will be releasing a debut album named Pasar De Las Luces on February 23rd. Though my Spanish skills are still very lacking despite years of Spanish classes in high school, it’s hard to miss the nostalgic romance and beautiful melancholia that manifests in this spaciously haunting song. Follow along with the band via their website, here.