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January 31, 2018

It’s been a long road for What So Not fans like us.  From the days when What So Not was a duo that also involved future bass pioneer Flume, to when What So Not collaborated with many other incredible artists, including Marcus Marr and George Maple, to all the times we’ve caught What So Not live (including sets at SXSW and that unforgettable countdown on NYE at SnowGlobe a few years ago), we’ve been die hard fans of the project’s sensational future bass, hip hop, and electronica. And now, this week, it’s finally happened. What So Not, aka Australia’s Emoh Instead, has finally announced a DEBUT FULL LENGTH
ALBUM. Not All The Beautiful Things will arrive on March 9th via Counter Records. The immense news comes accompanied by a transcendental new track involving Sydney’s BUOY, too. Stuck In Orbit all but shoots us into orbit with its atmospheric makeup and BUOY’s exceptionally captivating vocal prowess. It’s certainly one of What So Not’s more minimalist and ambient offerings, a restrained and more subtle, yet powerful and dramatic sprawler that strips away the very pull of gravity. We float among What So Not’s dark synths and cinematic drops, dissolving in pure bliss into its rolling waves. What So Not’s album is going to be a star studded affair, as you probably already expect. You can already pre-save and pre-order, here.

October 13, 2017

It takes a whole lot of patience to be as much of a dedicated new music fan. Some of the most compelling emerging artists, usually the most talented ones, tend to leave us with our jaws agape after their first couple of releases before stranding us for months, or even years, while they meticulously craft their next songs. London’s Hannah Lucia is one such gifted artist. But as they say, patience brings sweet rewards. It’s been two long years since we shared Hannah’s last single Don’t Hold On, and we’re thrilled to share her new song Hustle, a minimalist trap and electronic R&B inferno whose dark hypnotic atmosphere is nothing short of spectacular. Add on Hannah Lucia’s extraordinary vocals and we have sonic perfection. Equal parts gritty and classy, Hannah Lucia proves herself a star in the making as she prepares to release an EP named Axiom. Re-visit her earlier singles on Soundcloud, here, as we await further details about that EP.