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April 12, 2018


Belgium by way of London singer songwriter ANDRÆ, formerly known as Andre Tajchman, has been working on his new project for the past year. His meticulous dedication to crafting emotionally charged, atmospheric stunning soundscapes is more than apparent on new single Dam, our first taste of his forthcoming EP, Denial. Named after the Kübler-Ross model’s first stage of grief – ‘Denial’ – the EP will be a journey exploring the different emotions that accompany loss. ‘Dam’ is an analogy describing the breaking point when all repressed feelings finally flow out, destroying everything around. It’s a song about not being able to contain the pain that accompanies loss, and watching it come to the surface with force. Like a storm about to break, Dam is tightly wound and starkly striking. It courses with electrifying intensity despite its sparse minimalism and austere constitution. ANDRÆ’s soulful voice resonates with crisp, poignant clarity alongside Dam’s Balearic-styled steel drums. It’s a combination that evokes Nick Murphy and Jamie xx, steeped in gripping Until The Ribbon Breaks and SOHN-like aesthetics. The entrancing troubadour breaks down the walls that surround our hearts with the solemn weight of his grief driven, heartbreak inspired song, offering us the sweet release we need to begin healing from our very own blistering wounds. Watch ANDRÆ’s music video, shot in Hackney Wick, London, below. You can keep up with  ANDRÆ via his website, Facebook, or Instagram

February 9, 2018

We were so overjoyed at stumbling upon Jay Lewn earlier today that we knew, his music was a must share and right away, too. The singer songwriter and musician from London tenderizes our hearts with his dreamy silky cooing on his latest slow burning R&B soul jam, The_Night. He takes us on a twilight escapade with the chill sauntering ballad steeped in late night longing and lovesick introspection. The_Night looks to be Jay Lewn’s second single, and it comes on the heels of last month’s Nicotine_Clouds, also an exquisite gem with a more dub heavy atmosphere. The track kindles and sparks softly like a campfire on a dark pensive night. The smoke from the fire clings to our skin, following us around like Jay Lewn’s floaty vocals on the gossamer R&B soul and shadowy minimalist electronica song. It swirls its way into our hearts, leaving us haunted under its weighty embrace. Keep up with the outstanding new artist on Facebook, here.

November 28, 2017

In the past year, Queens artist duendita has quickly grown to be a force in the R&B soul scene with her ambrosial music and richly soulful voice. duendita has garnered attention across influencers including the New York Times, The Fader, and Variety magazine. She mixes future R&B and minimalist electronic pop on new single ‘pray’, a taste from her forthcoming EP, ‘direct line to My Creator’. As the title of the song might suggest, duendita references her loyalty to karma and faith on ‘pray’. The mellow lilting, cushy snug beauty is speckled with chill guitar flecks and lightly snappy percussion, giving it an alluring liveliness and nimbleness. duendita explains that ‘pray’ celebrates the experience of growing up in a diverse environment. Stream more of her music on Soundcloud, here. Her new EP arrives in January. Purchase ‘pray’ from iTunes, here.

September 23, 2017

Rich in feels I truly am while I’m lost in the wealth of dusky shuddering bass and lithe coiling synths of LAOISE’s sensual haunting, moody simmering new single. The Dublin based singer songwriter presents us with shadowy electro pop and silky R&B pop on Rich, her first new release since the release of her debut EP Halfway. Rich is our first taste of her next EP, due out next year. Its minimalist soundscape, gossamer vocals, and glossy swells are reminiscent of James Blake but with the more luxuriant and lavish consistency like that of BANKS. Rich can also be streamed via Spotify, here.

September 23, 2017

Crisp and glossy minimalism and a beautifully icy smooth voice welcome us into No Weapons, the latest from London chanteuse BARLI. Experimental R&B soul meets sinuous electro pop on the entrancingly sensual and edgy riveting concoction. There’s an electrifying character to No Weapons’ clarion beauty that delivers a life giving jolt. BARLI promises much more music to come as the year closes out. We’ll certainly have our ears perked for more of her music. For now, listen to more of her music on Soundcloud, here.

July 7, 2017

In the vast ocean of R&B imbued soulful pop that has flooded the world these past few years shines one particularly bright beacon of light. South East London’s Only Girl never fails to draw me into her music, and her Fortune EP is one of my favorites in the female pop scene this year. Ellen Murphy has now followed up that three track release with a striking new single named Heights. Gentle keys and a light, airy soundscape create the perfect sparse yet plush foundation upon which Only Girl’s svelte vocals flawlessly dazzle and precisely impress. Heights is an introspective beauty and a moving hymnal for those late night drives when you’re questioning the yearnings of the heart and aching for that special someone. Only Girl explains that the song is about “that feeling of being with someone who lifts you up and gives you that sense of elation and strength.” Heights is available from major retailers, here.

February 11, 2017

Nebulous haunting, sultry searing electro R&B greets our enthralled ears on Issues, a new single from Swedish-Iranaian songbird Ayelle. This dusky drooping whirlpool of turbulent aching, poignant scorching moodiness is like quicksand. It draws you in ever deeper into a gossamer soundscape where we’re weighed down by heartbroken desolation even while Ayelle’s hovering voice pulls us free. Issues, produced by German duo BLYNE, is downtempo tempestuous. It’s restlessly disconcerting yet so inescapably seductive. As it turns out, Ayelle wrote the song about abusive personalities, and how you can’t live without them, their love, or their approval. “Even after you think you’ve gotten away from them, the abuse continues, and ‘issues’ is about the aftermath that follows.” Well, all I can is wow, because I read that well after my interpretation of the atmosphere on Issues. Talk about an ace in the hole. Issues is out now on iTunes.

January 20, 2017

It’s less of a “stranglehold” that Kevin Garrett has on us than a soft encompassing caress as the singer songwriter from New York makes his long awaited return with a gently stirring new tune. A subtly nuanced minimalist soundscape encapsulates his satin cooing, brimming with forlorn desolation and desperate heartbreak. Stranglehold is a swift reminder why this musician has been one of our favorite contemporary R&B artists for well over two years. If you haven’t experienced Kevin live, be sure to remedy that by catching him as he heads out on his The False Hope Tour beginning at the end of this month. He’ll make a fitting appearance in San Francisco on Valentine’s Day. Bring your bae and prepare to cuddle, or bring a hankie and prepare to wax nostalgic over past heartaches. Stranglehold is out now on iTunes.

January 9, 2017

Encapsulated in Last Rites’ smooth velour is a spacious and divine soundscape, one with lush swells and sensual vocals. It’s a goosebump inducing minimalist electro R&B affair from Missouri trio Pageant Boys, a liquid gold pageantry of moody seduction. I would never have imagined any last rites to be this molten sublime. For more Pageant Boys, you can visit the project’s bandcamp, here.

October 25, 2016

Sonder makes their first IHM appearance with a spacious haunting, stringy lamenting alt R&B song named Too Fast, transfixing me on the spot with the gossamer seductive tune. Too Fast, which the three piece co-produced alongside Los Hendrix, is a sorrowful yet sensuous piece. Its darkly smoldering yet minimally stirring aesthetic evokes early The Weeknd. Though I could dredge up very little about these three artists and their stunning project, I look forward to finding out a lot more.