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May 16, 2018

Beautifully haunting doesn’t even begin to describe Tula’s latest single, Bullet. The Berlin based Swedish songstress offers up some dusky aching electronica and pop after having captivated us with her exceptional voice and exquisite minimalist pop for the past several years. That’s right, the first time we ever featured Tula was well over five years ago, when she riveted us with a now gone for the interwebs performance on Berlin Sessions. Bullet’s sparse soundscape is punctuated by glitchy trembling sonic patterns and trip hop styled percussion, all tied together by Tula’s vocal performance. Its gossamer and opaque production is reminiscent of Marian Hill’s future pop fused with Sevdaliza’s sinuous twisting music. Bullet is a ghostly and near-macabre ballad whose music video is fittingly crepuscular and austere. Watch the film below. 

April 26, 2018

Exhibitionist is a true exhibit of hypnotic electronica and futuristic pop. The Sydney based solo project created by multi-instrumentalist Kirsty Tickle, also known for her role in Party Dozen, has shared a third ravishing single named Sway, entrancing us with her silky synths, mesmeric trip hop beats, and acrobatic vocals on the song, out now on Future Classic. Sway was co-written with prolific producer LUCIANBLOMKAMP, and produced by long term collaborator Jonathan Boulet. The dark entangling track explores the tension between wanting to be vulnerable with someone while also guarding yourself against heartbreak. Stream/download, here.

December 19, 2017

Sweden’s Tove Styrke is shaping up to be a budding star in the making herself after having released a variety of sterling pop songs in the past, including breakout hit Say My Name, but she takes a moment to give us her ode to New Zealand’s Lorde via a demo cover of her Melodrama hit, Liability. She gives the song an understated electro pop makeover, driven by her honeyed vocals. Its skittering percussion and rotund synths prance with lissome grace as Liability takes on a subtle but mesmerizing future pop aura. Liability arrives ahead of Tove Styrke’s expansive 2018 tour with Lorde, which you can find out more about and purhcase tickets for, here. Her Liability cover is available from iTunes, here.

October 14, 2017

I don’t know if this new artist’s chosen pseudonym is a nod to the word “ocean” or whether it’s by chance O-Shin might be pronounced in a similar fashion, but the Berlin by way of Amsterdam newcomer certainly submerges us in an ocean of haunting bliss with her first song. A Revelation is a minimalist pop and shadowy future bass chimera that thoroughly bewitches. The song is like a metaphysical experience. Its surreal soundscape and clattering beats feels like James Blake paired with Bonobo, but with futuristic shimmers and dusky shudders, as well as a jazzy sophistication that even utilizes what sounds like a sitar to add even more other worldly richness to its multi-dimensional layers. Svelte Kill J meets AlunaGeorge-like vocals draw us ever deeper into A Revelations’ breathtaking soundscape. O-Shin has taken a firm hold of us with this first release, and we can’t wait to hear the debut EP that she’s reportedly working on already. You can purchase A Revelation from iTunes, here.

September 23, 2017

Rich in feels I truly am while I’m lost in the wealth of dusky shuddering bass and lithe coiling synths of LAOISE’s sensual haunting, moody simmering new single. The Dublin based singer songwriter presents us with shadowy electro pop and silky R&B pop on Rich, her first new release since the release of her debut EP Halfway. Rich is our first taste of her next EP, due out next year. Its minimalist soundscape, gossamer vocals, and glossy swells are reminiscent of James Blake but with the more luxuriant and lavish consistency like that of BANKS. Rich can also be streamed via Spotify, here.

June 13, 2017

New York based Columbian artist Ela Minus has released a music video for Ceremony, the lead track off of her EP, Adapt, the last in a trilogy. It affords us a fine chance to be bewitched by her minimalist avant-garde electro pop, which feels like a cross between Zola Jesus and Austra’s gothic offerings and Visions era Grimes. The video for Ceremony is a representation of “every day life with all its beauty and all its heaviness”. It’s built on Hieronim Neumann’s landmark work Blok, an experimental animation from 1982 made in critique of the buildings erected in the midst of communism in Poland. Ela Minus decided to edit it and remix it in celebration of his work while adding her own perspective to it. This tribute and cross-generational collaboration of sorts between Ela Minus and Neumann is an extension of Ela Minus’ visionary talent and creativity, which is more than apparent on her restless skittering song itself. Ela Minus will in fact be heading out on tour with Austra soon. Ceremony and the rest of Ela Minus’ Adapt EP are available from iTunes, here.

April 11, 2017

With a tragic name like No Longer Lovers, it’s easy to assume we’re about to delve into a mopey sulking ballad. But the song that Swedish singer songwriter Kassandra gives us is full of spice and grit. No Longer Lovers’ spacious booming, sparse pacing electronic pop is fierce and confident. That lover has been left in the dust as this warrior marches forward with steely resolve and a determined heart. If you need some courage and resolve after a heartbreaking event, Kassandra is here with some fresh bravura via her icy infectious, other worldly entrancing music.

December 6, 2016

Sylvan Esso, one of my favorite indie duo’s since 2013 when I stumbled upon their earliest releases and brought them along with me to Burning Man that year, has revealed the B-side to their wildly infectious single Radio, a personal favorite of the year. The North Carolina pair deliver quirky folktronica and fizzy art pop on Kick Jump Twist, a song whose name seems an appropriate description for much of the duo’s fascinating repertoire. Once again, we’re met with a fine balance of sparse minimalism and bubbly magnetism. Kick Jump Twist is as Sylvan Esso as they come, with an extra infusion of analog charm. Radio and Kick Jump Twist are available as a 12″ single from Loma Vista Recordings. Order, here. As it’s been two years since Sylvan Esso’s debut album, I’m hoping these tunes lead up to a sophomore full length soon. 

October 28, 2016

For a song named Electric, Alice Jemima’s new single is a rather dainty and delicate gem, yet there’s no denying the static electricity hanging in its air. The UK singer songwriter presents us with sweet dulcet, perky enchanting minimalist pop on her new song, presenting us with a charming ditty I find coquettish and frisky. Electric is a sumptuous electropop taste from Aliec Jemima’s forthcoming self titled debut album due to arrive next year in early March. Electric can be purchased from various outlets, here.

September 23, 2016

From is sparse beginnings, it’s readily apparent that Life Out is going to be a captivating sonic voyage. This minimalist electronic pop song is what seems to be the first offering from a mysterious newcomer from Los Angeles named G.Smith. The skeletal foundation of this song explodes into desperate intensity as Life Out progresses. G.Smith’s enchanting voice quivers under the weight of that frenzy. Suddenly, I myself feel like a wire about to snap, and if I don’t “scream my life out” I will buckle and shatter into pieces. Though Life Out is a sparse, controlled piece of electronic pop, it carries much potent force in its melodic rolling hills.