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January 26, 2018

Whoa, hold up! Stop everything you’re doing, whatever it is, as long as it’s safe to do so. New James Blake literally JUST dropped, and I happened to catch the British musician and producer’s post on Facebook the very moment the song and video saw the light of day. Ladies and gents, prepare to be bewitched by dub heavy, glitchy burbling, minimalist and atmospheric If The Car Beside You Moves Ahead. It’s a gossamer haunting electronic song, with heady visuals to go along with its shadowy shuffling, pitchy warbling ambiance. Apparently, James shared the song while closing out his BBC Radio 1 residency. You can also stream the new song, here.

December 5, 2017

Sometimes, I feel like I was made to love songs like this one, the latest from London’s The Masks. The band first hooked us over two years ago with a plush electropop song named Save Me. Then they promptly seemed to fall right off the face of the earth, until now. Made To Love You is an evocative slow burner of an electronic/alt anthem, infused with a dusky pacing, sultry simmering form of alt R&B to round out its haunting minimalist soundscape. Dark yet elegant Made To Love You is a striking return for The Masks. With a velveteen touch and a James Blake like spacious aura, as well as a dark despairing bite, The Masks quickly re-position themselves back on the bands to watch closely list. 

September 23, 2017

Crisp and glossy minimalism and a beautifully icy smooth voice welcome us into No Weapons, the latest from London chanteuse BARLI. Experimental R&B soul meets sinuous electro pop on the entrancingly sensual and edgy riveting concoction. There’s an electrifying character to No Weapons’ clarion beauty that delivers a life giving jolt. BARLI promises much more music to come as the year closes out. We’ll certainly have our ears perked for more of her music. For now, listen to more of her music on Soundcloud, here.

September 11, 2017

If there’s one thing for certain about mysterious new producer Luke Marzec, it’s that he’s not just “another guy”. He quickly proves he’s an outstanding musician with debut single Another Guy, a minimalist electronic opus that clatters, skitters, and warbles with the organic texture and intricate nuances of Bonobo and Mount Kimbie. For just over four minutes long, Luke Marzec has us thoroughly transfixed with his finespun composition and a scratchy, soulful voice. 

July 25, 2017

Oft Whethan collaborator and fast rising artist himself, Oliver Tree, swoops back out of Los Angeles with a fresh new original named Cheapskate. The singer songwriter and producer unique mixture of slinky hip hop and playful trickling, minimalist burbling future bass is captivating, to say the least. Plus, who can’t relate to its tale of a broke life, told with all the resolute anguish of a brooding blues styled lament? Oliver Tree explains of the song: “Cheapskate was created with the help of Robot Koch who’s an artist I’ve admired since high school. He was the head producer and I helped with arrangement, co-production, wrote, preformed and engineered all the vocals, plus played the outro synths. I’m grateful to finally have the chance to share one of the many experiments we created. We explored a lot of styles and didn’t know if any of it would ever see the light of day.” You can purchase Oliver Tree’s Cheapskate, here.

July 15, 2017

There’s a cool pristine beauty that permeates the soft drizzling minimalist beats and diaphanous wafting vocals found in Mined’s third single. The musician from London enchants with dreamy billowing, brittle and delicate synthpop and electronica on introspective Girl, which comes with a gorgeously shot music video crafted by filmmaking duo The Rest (Little Simz, Kojey Radikal). Girl follows on widely praised prior singles Mistakes and Pangs.

Speaking about the song, Mined explains, “The song is about two different relationships. The first is a relationship that is dependent on the physical aspects neglecting the emotional, and about someone who isn’t happy about it but gives in to it anyway (‘love me like you do in the dark, love me anyway you want’). The second relationship is long distance and the lyrics are about maintaining trust and the worries and difficulties that come with that (‘I know its tough to relax, but I swear I’ll tell you all of the facts’).” Girl is out now via Peacefrog Records.

July 13, 2017

XL Recordings is on my all time favorite labels short list, thanks to the immense roster of talent they’ve dazzled us with over the years. In case you didn’t know, XL’s label head Richard Russell has his own musical project, too, named Everything Is Recorded. He’s already released a debut EP already, and its title track has received a music video treatment. Close But Not Quite is a classy soulful minimalist electronic piece featuring vocals by British electronic soul artist Sampha. It’s a sparkling, glimmering gem and its video takes us on a journey with Sampha through the creation of the song. You can stream/download Everything Is Recorded’s Close But Not Quite EP, here.

April 25, 2017

It’s been long established on IHM that Elliot Moss is an expressive virtuoso when it comes to his skills as a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, producer, and visual artist. The New Yorker returns with a brooding lurker of a dark hypnotic opus named 99 to re-substantiate our conviction. The dub heavy, soulful glowering track carries the minimalist aesthetic and gospel inflections of James Blake, paired with the bold surging, mood intense tones of SOHN. Elliot Moss’ Boomerange EP will be out this Friday, April 28th, via Sounds Expensive. 

April 25, 2017

Austin composer and minimalist electronic musician Bayonne transported us into a magical world when he performed in San Francisco at Popscene last year. He casts a spell on us again as we dissolve fully into the misty beauty of his latest song Fallss. The stand alone track is the first new material Bayonne has given us since 2016 album Primitives. There’s a spindly charm to Fallss that reminds me of early Youth Lagoon, heavily steeped in bittersweet nostalgia. Finespun Fallss’ entrancing soundscape feels ephemeral and fleeting. We grasp at its last flittering notes, unwilling to let it fall away from us.

February 17, 2017

Drinks&Money is as decadent a song as its name might suggest. Its minimalist soundscape booms, crackles, and pops while enigmatic Brisbane musician, producer, and multi-media artist Andy Ward haunts us with his somber cooing. The glitchy, synth driven debut single is a startling display of talent, and it comes with a surreal music video now, too. The visuals, which utilize a unique low-poly visual style through a technical combination of live footage from various abandoned buildings in Brisbane, are a heady trip, just like the experimental electronic song itself. Though Drinks&Money is sparse skittering, it’s tensely gripping and tightly wound. It’s almost like a storm is about to break, or a string is about to snap. Andy Ward’s music pulls at the part of me that harbors great love for the likes of Son Lux, James Blake, and SOHN. For another taste of Andy Ward’s exceptional music, stream a preview of Screaming Feelings below. It’s obvious this brilliant musician pushes the boundaries of creativity both aurally and visually, and we’re eager for more of his spellbinding delivery.