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April 13, 2018

Bazzi might very well be the most exciting new tycoon-in-the-making when it comes to hip hop/R&B soul, his buzz continues to grow with each new day as more and more fans gravitate towards songs like Gone and Mine. We’ve already shared Electric Mantis’ remix of Mine, and talked about how his songs are resonating with some incredible producers, considering the edits that are coming to light these days. Now, let’s soar into the sky on the the wings of Vancouver production duo Young Bombs’ interpretation of Mine, too. An iridescent combination of smooth future bass and melodic soaring trap infuses Mine with expansive warmth. Young Bombs states that Mine is one of their favorite tracks of the year, and they went through an emotional journey while creating their gorgeous remix, which can also be streamed via Spotify, here.

April 6, 2018

Bazzi was already a pretty big deal when we first picked up on the R&B soul and hip hop artist earlier this year, but just as we expected, we’re seeing the artist’s name a whole lot more lately. It seems, some of our favorite electronic producers have fallen for his music, too. Remixes of Bazzi tracks are on the rise, and as it turns out, his irresistible songs lend themselves well to dexterous re-works. Just listen to Electric Mantis’ captivating take on Bazzi’s Mine, a celestial twinkling, ethereal flickering beauty of a remix. The producer from Alaska takes my breath away with his intoxicating chord progressions and emphatic rumbling bass on the brilliant future trap and ambient bass edit. Stream/download the track, here.

November 10, 2015

It’s pretty hard for me to resist remixes of Phoebe Ryan’s insanely hooking pop debut, Mine. Considering it’s been awhile since I’ve encountered any, I was much elated to find out that electronic duo Lash have unleashed an enchanting deep house edit that leaves Phoebe’s breathy vocals front and center but pairs it with bouncy chords and futuristic high energy chops. Hearing Mine takes me back to the beginning of the year. It’s as if spring and summer are ahead of us again as I dance away to Lash’s glowing remix. Download the track for free, here.

June 4, 2015

I’m so eternally happy that I finally caught fast rising pop artist Phoebe Ryan live just a week ago. She gave us a terrific performance, opening with my favorite Phoebe tune, Mine. Fast forward to today, and always thrilling Los Angeles based producer Elephante has a tasty gift for us. He transforms the honeyed pop song into a ravishing electro house banger. By now, we’re quite accustomed to getting swept away by Elephante’s high energy productions, but on this remix, Elephante goes for an unexpectedly smooth and fluid approach. Phoebe’s raspy, soft voice slices through the edgy production like a siren’s song through rough, exhilarating seas.

April 10, 2015

Life Is Better Blonde comes out of the gates with such sultry fire on debut single Mine, an intoxicating James Blake meets Chet Faker sort of affair. The Australian electronic artist is thoroughly hypnotic on the gossamer, yet steamy and soulful song. Glitchy elements and a sparse soundscape give a very intimate and personal feel to the song.

April 3, 2015

It’s hard not to get swept away by the uplifting beats and summery vibes when Win and Woo are on deck with their glorious electronic music. The Chicago based duo are also the perfect fit for Phoebe Ryan’s infectious pop music and husky vocals. It only makes sense that Win and Woo’s new remix of the fast rising pop artist’s song Mine is so dang good. Suddenly, I miss summer, and outdoor fests, and dancing carefree under a warm, inviting sun.

February 28, 2015

I can’t believe just a couple weeks ago I was telling people there needs to be some remixes turned in for newcomer Phoebe Ryan’s fabulous debut Mine. Since then, the remixes have been flying in like mad. Some are fantastic, some are mediocre. Count Los Angeles producer DOCO’s remix part of the first camp. Frenetically glitchy pulses and playful bounces are blended with acoustic, melodic guitars to create an interesting blend of future trap and glittery electronic pop.

February 25, 2015

I pretty much expected that there would be a sudden influx of Phoebe Ryan remixes. I was more surprised that it actually took a few days or even a week before the flow really began to cascade. When I saw that Denver’s ILLENIUM had created his own version of Phoebe Ryan’s debut original, Mine, I raised my expectation bars high. After all, ILLENIUM has already given us so many amazingly grand and cinematic remixes. No bar is too high for ILLENIUM, because his remix of Mine is a melodic, sublime EDM anthem. Keeping at a mid tempo pace, the creation brings to mind melodic acts I’m fond of like Adventure Club, Sound Remedy, and Porter Robinson.

February 21, 2015

I know you’ve fallen in love with new Southern California songstress Phoebe Ryan’s debut original Mine by now. But have you heard the remix by East Coast producer Michael Keenan? The indie electronic remix is a spectacularly weightless and smooth melodic and future bass jam, and it features buzzing alt hip hop artist Skizzy Mars with a massively endearing and adorable verse, too! Two red hot rising stars, finely grafted into one track by Michael Keenan. Well played.

OFFICIAL VID: Phoebe Ryan – Mine

February 19, 2015

I’ve been pretty dang excited about new artist Phoebe Ryan ever since she first dropped her R. Kelly/Miguel mashup cover Ignition/Do You last month. She went on to sweep me away with debut original Mine, an endearing and catchy electro pop song well worth a revisit via its new official video. Phoebe has been writing songs in Los Angeles for other artists and labels for a long time now, and that skillful talent shines ever so brightly on Mine. Keep an eye on her this year, kids. And stay tuned for the barrage of remixes sure to come.