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May 11, 2018

Who doesn’t love Rihanna and Mikky Ekko’s heart pummeling ballad Stay? The song has been covered far and wide since it stole everyone’s hearts. Some of the best renditions were huge genre-crossing surprises too, including Low’s superb cover, a personal favorite of mine. But there haven’t been very many electronic edits of the smash hit, at least not an abundance that merited much praising and adoration. New Orleans producer CRWNS, however, has offered up a fresh new edit of Stay, which he’s named S-T-A-Y, and the wildly rousing and breathtakingly lifting track warrants some much deserved attention. His anthemic remix pitch shifts Rihanna’s voice giving it a more sprightly and ethereal aura to go with S-T-A-Y’s expansive and spacious, voluminous and explosive atmosphere. CRWNS has crafted a cinematic trap and monumental bass masterpiece out of Stay. And he’s giving it away as a free download, here.

April 10, 2018

Though we’re still kinda crushed that Mikky Ekko ended up pulling out of SXSW (we were ready to write about him for the Official SXSW Bloggers Guide, too), we’re immensely grateful we were one of the first to catch his new music on tour at Popscene earlier this year. The Grammy-nominated Nashville based artist, most well known for having worked with Rihanna on Stay, continues to release said new material by blessing us with his infectious indie pop on What It’s Like Now, a vivacious thrumming, beat pumping anthem off his sophomore ealbum FAME, set for release on Interscope / Polydor this summer. What’s It Like Now is without a doubt one of his danciest tracks to date, and dance we shall. With it, Mikky Ekko continues to showcase his new more indie and alt leaning sound, which we’re loving very much. He’ll be performing in London, Paris, Berlin, and Hamburg next month. Those stateside can catch him on SiriusXM’s Alt Nation Advanced Placement Tour that just kicked off today. 

March 7, 2018

I may have caught Mikky Ekko a very fine handful of times live in the past few years, but I was still giddy with excitement at the prospect of seeing him yet again at SXSW. Sure, it hasn’t been that long since he debuted new material at Popscene in San Francisco and floored the crowd with his immense voice, but any chance to catch the Grammy-nominated singer songwriter is a chance to pounce on. Sadly, Mikky dropped out of SXSW, so we don’t have that to look forward to next week, but new single Moment, which comes with a video directed by Jakub Black (SZA, Vince Staples), more than soothes my stinging wounds in the meantime. As always, it’s a heartbreaking ballad, and it sees Mikky Ekko returning to some of the gooey lush pop sounds we melted to on 2015 debut album Time (versus some of his more recent alt leaning jewels). Moment is the latest song unveiled from Ekko’s highly anticipated sophomore album FAME, expected to arrive later this year on Interscope. Mikky Ekko will be embarking on a series of tour dates this spring as part of SiriusXM’s Alt Nation “Advanced Placement Tour”. Remember what I said earlier? If you can make it out to one of those dates, pounce, now! Faves like NoMBe and Mansionair are also on the billing too! Find out about the tour, here. Re-visit some of the other tracks he’s shared from FAME and our many prior features, here.

January 17, 2018

I’m still aglow from Mikky Ekko’s phenomenal headline set at Popscene in San Francisco last Friday. It was the Grammy nominated singer songwriter’s first show in two years, and I was one of a lucky few to be the first to hear his new songs live. I already knew from prior experience that the talented artist is incredible on stage, but he succeeded to blow my mind anew with his sonorous voice and electrifying stage presence. He’s since confirmed a new set of tour dates (some of them with psych pop auteur BØRNS), as well as premiered a brand new single as Zane Low’s World Record on Beats 1. Not The One is the latest song unveiled from Ekko’s highly anticipated new album, FAME, due out this year on Interscope Records. It follows on prior singles Blood On The Surface and Light The Way, both of which we’re head over heels for and have featured with much verve. Not The One is another towering track, a heartfelt and emotive tour de force that bursts open with the force of 100 suns, ready to thaw the coldest of hearts. It’s nothing short of magnificent, a technicolor panorama brimming with bittersweet emotion and sanguine hope. Though it’s hard to imagine, I’m starting to wonder if I’m going to love Mikky Ekko’s new album even more than his last. Not The One can be streamed/purchased, here. Learn more about Mikky Ekko’s tour dates, here. Those in the Bay who missed out on his show last Friday, you have another chance to gape in amazement at the Mikky experience when he hits the Fox Oakland tomorrow night with BØRNS.

October 25, 2017

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October 24, 2017

After surprising us last week with new single Blood On The Surface, Grammy nominated seasoned pop veteran Mikky Ekko continues an exciting trek down a more alt leaning road with new robust thrumming song Light The Way. Crunchy beats and resolute chugging guitars embellish this synthy pumping dazzler, the second song from Ekko’s highly anticipated second album Fame, due out in early 2018 on Interscope Records. Mikky Ekko says of the new record: 

The album is me finding my way through a labyrinth and the emotions I experienced along the way. Anyone can fake it…it’s easy to put on hats, show people one thing and mime the rest…but at the end of the day you have to look at yourself in the mirror and say this is who I am, and I wanted to give people access to who I am with this album. Ultimately, the album is the truest representation of my sound and my perspective. It’s the sound of me not compromising. Never, not once.” Re-visit lead single Blood On The Surface, here. Light The Way is available, here.

October 17, 2017

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October 13, 2017

I’ve been wondering what Mikky Ekko has been up to for a very long time. We haven’t heard a peep from the singer songwriter in couple of years since his debut album Time melted so many of us with its heartfelt pop, despite the fact that he made quite an impact on the scene with his sensational crooning and his success with Rihanna on Stay. We’re thrilled he’s returned today with his new single, Blood On The Surface, the first new music unveiled from his highly anticipated sophomore album, due out early 2018 via Interscope. Mikky certainly takes a fresh approach on the song, delving deeper into florid alt pop and intricate indie rock territory with the jangly infectious gem. It’s as if he’s taken on a whole new dimension of sound. Blood On The Surface channels a hint of The Shins, a touch of Declan McKenna, and a sliver of Dan Croll in its dynamic makeup. There’s even a bit of BØRNS’ psychedelia sprinkled into its rich soundscape. Blood On The Surface is available now, here. We’re incredibly excited to more from Mikky Ekko’s next album, and we really don’t know what to expect.

July 17, 2015

Hey all you cool UK kids, Mikky Ekko’s releasing his debut album Time in your area of the world come September 4th via Columbia Records. He’s also going on tour that month across the UK and Europe. Considering how incredible he was live when I saw him in San Francisco, I beseech you to get yourself out to one of his gigs, you won’t regret it. I had friends who hit up that show with me who went to see another set, but were fully blown away by Mikky’s spectacular, immaculately delivered vocals and powerful music. With these European announcements also comes a brand new video for Time track Watch Me Rise, one of so many amazingly passionate and sweeping songs off that record. In case you forgot, this is the guy responsible for Grammy embraced hit song Time (yes, the one with Rihanna). The guy can seriously write and sing. Seriously. Here’s to hoping I get to catch him live again in a small club before he plays to the ovations of stadium sized crowds.

Mikky Ekko – Pressure Pills

June 2, 2015

If you ever get a chance to see Mikky Ekko live, take it. That man is incredible live, the vocal chops, the range, the charisma… He absolutely stunned and swept the crowd away when I saw him live last year. The singer songwriter responsible for Rihanna’s Stay will be releasing his terrific debut album, Time, in the UK soon on September 4th (via RCA). Along with this announcement comes a brand new Mikky tune named Pressure Pills. It’s a brooding, hypnotic ballad, very different from some of his saccharine pop ballads of yore. It slinks and glides along in a more gossamer and haunting manner, with a heavier, more solemn beat. In some ways, the production on the track reminds me of early Mikky Ekko song Pull Me Down, which was produced by Clams Casino. It’s much darker, far more murky. And of course, it’s paired with Mikky Ekko’s always emotive, poignant vocals, in such a captivating, gripping manner.