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May 17, 2017

It’s been like a year since Mija and Vindata teamed up to give us airy whimsical future bass brilliance in the form of their collaboration, Better. We return to its dazzling folds today via a fresh remix by Alaska’s Electric Mantis. We’re taken on a profound journey by his atmospheric chill trap edit. It stretches us across the universe with its soothing flitters and prismatic cascades, filling us with endless wonder. You can download this sublime treat, here.

March 30, 2017

Mija’s debut original is Tegan and Sara sampling heaven. The Los Angeles based DJ and producer took snippets of one of my favorite recent Tegan and Sara tunes, Boyfriend, and utilized it in her staccato jabbing, pitchy electrifying drum and bass masterpiece Secrets last month. As expected, some superb remix treatments are arising from the banger. And who else but Ohio’s Crankdat would amplify the soundwaves on the track with a brain jogging remix? Get ready for a jolting cacophony of trap, bass, and dubstep as the producer cranks up the energy with a hard hitting, cosmic jouncing edit. This dramatic thrashing thrill ride is a free download, here

February 2, 2017

If you haven’t heard Mija’s first solo original Secrets yet, prepare to cry tears of pure joy, particularly if you’re also a fan of Canadian twins Tegan and Sara as I am. The Los Angeles based DJ and producer rouses our spirits with staccato jabbing synths and high pitched samples of Tegan and Sara’s infectious song Boyfriend on the effervescent percolating masterpiece before heavy sawing, chunky jostling drum and bass dives in to send us on an atmospheric spiraling joyride. Secrets is a free download on Soundcloud, and it’s available now on all major streaming services, too.

May 23, 2016

If you haven’t heard SoCal production prodigy Mija’s collaboration with Los Angeles duo Vindata yet, get ready for some whomping future bass brilliance on Better. Airy whimsicality and springing blitheness merge vibrantly on the dazzling tune. Before long, your heart will be racing along at equally fast bpm, throbbing furiously to the bouncy reverberations pulsing from bright eyed and effulgent Better. Stream the video for Better below, and snag the tune from various outlets listed, here.

January 28, 2016

Much buzzing and quickly rising SoCal production prodigy Mija demonstrates exactly why she’s captured the attention off Skrillex and his OWSLA imprint on one of her rare tracks she’s unleashed in the past year, a remix of DJ Snake’s Middle. She gives Middle a whimsical adaptation full of splashy chromatics and gleaming iridescence. The tropics hued future beats remix chops, bubbles, and vaults airily, a chimerical flight of magnetic wonderment. Mija’s remix will be on the OWSLA Worldwide Broadcast album, out January 29th and available for pre-orders on iTunes.

August 26, 2015

I only recently caught on to fast rising production sensation Mija, who’s based out of Los Angeles. If this is your first introduction to the buzzing producer, you’re about to get one massive treat of an introduction, via her remix of Major Lazer’s Wild Belle featuring anthem Be Together, possibly my favorite off his recent Peace In The Mission album. TItled B2GETHER on soundcloud, Mija’s official remix comes along with the announcement of a world tour, too. The slamming edit has been a part of Mija’s live sets lately, but now we all get to lose it to the simmering yet vigorous trap rendition. Download from her Soundcloud, here.