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September 18, 2017

Miami Horror’s Josh Moriarty released his solo full length debut last weekend. We shared its first single R.T.F.L. last month and fell in love with the cool shuffling, sweltry grooving electronic pop he offered us on the song. It reminded us of Miami Horror, but didn’t, at the same time. In fact, it carried a slinkiness and a pop sophistication that evoked Glass Animals, too. The remainder of War Is Over falls more in line with Miami Horror’s usual lush disco undertones. Case in point, All I Want Is You, a bonafider nu-disco meets luxurious indie dance number near dizzying in its frisky vivaciousness. There’s no finer way to kick off a new week than this heater. You can stream/purchase Josh Moriarty’s album War Is Over in full on Bandcamp, here.

July 22, 2017

I was just reading an NPR article an hour ago about fans who are afraid of side projects, because they’re too loyal to the “main” band. It left me utterly flabbergasted. I’d never fathomed such a thing to exist. If we were all scared of our favorite bands experimenting and fulfilling their artistry with new off shoots, we’d never get a song like this new tune from Joshua Moriarty, well known for his role in Australia’s Miami Horror. He launches a new solo project with R.T.F.L., a cool shuffling yet sweltry grooving electronic pop jam and the lead single from an already completed debut album named War Is Over. R.T.F.L. is lush and disco inspired, like Miami Horror, but it slinks like Glass Animals and emanates its own chiffon brand of sophisticated pop. You can stream/download R.T.F.L., here.

Moriarty describes of his scintillating new project: “My current ethos is to create compositions to arouse the senses and make one remember there is no real purpose on this planet other than to imbibe as much sensual pleasure as one can. It is music to make you feel (at least for a moment) that you are not alone, to capture in aural form the ephemeral grace of existence. Yet, on the other hand the music is mere art for art’s sake, completely useless, beautiful for the sake only of beauty. A dichotomy of point and pointlessness. War Is Over is designed as a modern day opus of existential desire, longing, sensuality, and what it means to human.”

He also leaves us with this Oscar Wilde quote: "We can forgive a man for making a useful thing as long as he does not admire it. The only excuse for making a useless thing is that one admires it intensely. All art is quite useless.”

March 25, 2017

Sunday, that solo project created by Miami Horror’s Aaron Shanahan, crafts dreamy meditative chillwave and deeply intoxicating electronica. The producer has already sent us to cloud nine many times before with songs like Only and Waiting For You. Today, he’s back with a heady re-production of one of my all time favorite oldies. He’s taken Fleetwood Mac classic Dreams and morphed it into a pastel drifting, diaphanous oozing work of splendor. Sunday’s cover of Dreams lingers long in the air, like the taste of a gentle rain on this wet spring day. You can revisit Shanahan’s other releases as Sunday on Soundcloud.

March 22, 2017

Last Friday, while I was traipsing around Austin for SXSW, Miami Horror dropped their brand new EP, The Shapes, an album which the Australian band describes as an 80′s inspired conceptual project and a “sonic/art experience” on which they delve into rhythm and percussion with influences ranging from the art pop and lyrical wit of Talking Heads to Caribbean funk and African beats. An exhilarating listen through the EP’s five tracks fully backs that description. For a disco twirling experience, get down to the EP’s closing track, Dark Love, which features new wavey vocals by Danny Pratt. This boogie ready dazzler is like Cut Copy and Friendly Fires gone 80′s Talking Heads with a warm summery groove. Make sure you visit The Shapes in full which you can stream over on Soundcloud. Don’t forget to bring your flashiest dancing shoes. The EP can be purchased from iTunes, here. Alternate stream of Dark Love via Soundcloud can be found below.

March 5, 2017

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March 3, 2017

Heads up, everyone! New Miami Horror has arrived! The Australian synthpop, electro dance, and new wave outfit will be releasing a new EP, The Shapes, on March 17th. This 80′s inspired conceptual project is described as a “sonic/art experience” on which they delve into rhythm and percussion with influences ranging from the art pop and lyrical wit of Talking Heads to Caribbean funk and African beats. Lead single Leila puts this experimental approach on full display with raspy horns, playful chords, and a disco twirly demeanor. Leila’s prismatic swinging vintage swagger is undeniable. It combines some of M83′s retro antics on last album Junk with the swanky sashays of Toro Y Moi. 

November 1, 2016

It’s not every day that we even consider the thought of Phantogram and Miami Horror side by side. So it was a totally unexpected delight when a remix of Phantogram’s You Don’t Get Me High Anymore by Miami Horror surfaced out of the blue the other day. Both these bands can “get me high” on music at any given moment. Miami Horror certainly launches me sky high with this clever transformation of one of my favorite tracks off Phantogram’s new album Three. The Australian synthpop band gives You Don’t Get Me High Anymore a deep balmy remix whose glittering disco and buoyant house paints Phantogram in warm effulgent hues. The difference is literally, like night and day. 

May 20, 2016

Australian producer Aaron Shanahan, well known for his roles in Miami Horror and Wunder Wunder, makes his solo debut as Sunday on Waiting For You, a sensory explosion of dreamy intoxication permeated by skittering beats and cottony chords. The aerial delight takes us on a chillwavey synthpop ride over desert panoramas painted in chromatic sunset hues. We drift over those magnificent vistas, our hearts softly aching with longing. Waiting For You is a glittering emulsion, tranquil yet bursting at the seams with wistfulness.  Waiting For You is a free download, here. The single will be released with B-Side That’s Believing and a forthcoming music video. 

January 8, 2016

As I stated so articulately in my last post, some splendid remixes of Miami Horror’s Cellophane arose out of the electronic music ocean that abounds before us every single day. To follow up on my previous feature, a remix by Loframes, let’s segue directly into a sinister and ominous remix by Portuguese producer Moullinex! Miami Horror’s Cellophane goes late night seductive on the provocative deep disco remix. This Cellophane is a fierce beast, and it wears dancing shoes, too. 

January 8, 2016

A handful of magnificent remixes of Australian band Miami Horror’s summery disco pop jam Cellophane surfaced today, and they’re honestly some of my favorite remixes of 2016 so far, though we have a long, long way to go. British and French production duo Loframes offers up a brightly glowing club remix with a profoundly contemplative depth. The deep house remix’s dramatic progressions and steady beats are immensely hypnotic. Loframes skillfully drafted remix is a free download direct from Soundcloud.