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March 12, 2018

Ever since we came across Anemone nearly a full year ago, Los Angeles indie duo slenderbodies has been one of our favorite bands to watch. We even made sure to catch them when they made their trip out to San Francisco a few months ago, and we’re immensely elated to see their buzz picking up exponentially ahead of their SXSW debut. slenderbodies’ slinky strutting, hazy stirring combination of indietronica and psych pop immediately reeled in this Glass Animals and Alt-J loving heart, and I was thrilled when the group covered MGMT classic Electric Feel live. I know I wasn’t the only one, considering the way the sold out crowd responded with endless joy. Now, we all get to groove out to the smoky gliding, plucky shuffling jam, thanks to an official recording of said cover. If you managed to miss out on slenderbodies’ acclaimed EP, Fabulist, you need to get on it, now. Stream an extended version of Fabulist, here.

February 8, 2018

It’s been an epic ride with MGMT and their ever-changing synthpop and psych rock over the years. From the breakout success of the band’s first album Oracular Spectacular to their more experimental sound in their later albums, the Connecticut duo has never failed to defy expectations and keep us on our toes. And now, they’re about to drop their fourth album Little Dark Age, which I’ve been looking forward to since they revealed the title track last year. It’s obvious Andrew and Ben have opted to meld some of their avant-garde experimentalism with more of their earlier synthpop and new wave sounds in these new songs. Fresh single Me and Michael, which arrives by way of music video, is more of their electro-tinged, 80s hued pop, heavily drizzled with some italo-wave and a French touch that at times evokes M83 (particularly M83′s album Junk). Pre-order Little Dark Age, here, and let’s celebrate its arrival on Friday.

January 5, 2018

My cup runneth over with love for MGMT, particularly after they continue to release amazing new tracks off their forthcoming fourth album. On the heels of ever amazing Little Dark Age and When You Die comes a lyric video for new song Hand It Over, a spacey spiraling, synth glossy floater. The band has yet to announce when their new album will arrive. No doubt it’s one of the year’s most anticipated releases, and we can’t wait to pre-order. Get Hand It Over, here.

December 13, 2017

The new music MGMT is in the midst of dropping lately is some seriously sick stuff. I mean, I’ve been a fan of the band since Oracular Spectacular a decade ago, but  haven’t been more excited about their next album since Congratulations dropped. I’m still obsessing over the album’s title track, Little Dark Age, an icy pulsing, slick throbbing electro charged track, and now they’ve revealed When You Die, whose psychotropic video features actor Alex Karpokvsky of Girls. When You Die is also dark and quirky, spacey and deliciously weird. Get the single, here.  New album Little Dark Age is slated to arrive in February next year.

October 20, 2017

I know you’ve been obsessing over MGMT’s brilliant new tune Little Dark Age all week long, just as I have been, but how about some classic MGMT courtesy of Codeko? The UK producer brings back MGMT’s Kids, a song that was once so pervasive that I even used it as my ring tone, with a stupendous future bass and chill trap remix that will leave you more than breathless. Codeko’s remix is luminescent lifting, panoramic sweeping, and full of triumphant wonder. Revel in its elation and exultation, and dance like it’s the weekend, because it almost is. The track is a free download, here.

October 18, 2017

If you haven’t heard the news by now, prepare yourself for an insanely good treat from MGMT, the celebrated American psych rock and indietronica band who’s brought us a whole lot of magnificence as well as a healthy helping of divisiveness and experimentalism in the past decade with their ever changing music. That’s right, the Connecticut duo is back, and in glorious style with a fresh new song named Little Dark Age as well as a fittingly decadent and dark music video to accompany the spectacular song. Little Dark Age is an icy pulsing, slick throbbing electronic banger. MGMT has gone the cool and gloomy, glamorous and pompous route with this sudden foray into French house and electro funk, which feels deliciously gothic, too. It’s almost like they’ve taken their usual psychedelia and infused it with Justice’s electro rock/disco electro, as well as an abundance of The Cure, Depeche Mode, Soulwax, and some Tame Impala, too. Little Dark Age arrives just in time for Halloween later this month. You can snag this brilliant song, here. New MGMT might be a sign of a new album to come. I certainly hope so. I’m excited to learn more about this new evolution of MGMT and to hear more from a new body of work.

August 5, 2015

As you can probably tell, I go through so much music every day that at times, when I go through a string of not as spectacular music, I wonder if I’m becoming numb to it. Then something special comes along and renews my faith, invigorates my ears, and drives me to heights of glad elation. That’s exactly what happened earlier today when I stumbled upon an incredible chill electronic cover mashup that joins together two beloved songs, MGMT’s classic hit Electric Feel and Glass Animals more recent slinky anthem Gooey. Californian producer Olmos teams up with soothing vocalist Jovani Occomy on the mashup cover, a lusciously relaxing indie dance and chill house work of mosaic magic. Download the gliding, feathery track for free, here.

June 12, 2015

Australian electronic trio Crooked Colours has me blown away and flying on cloud nine with their sensational cover of MGMT classic Electric Feel. Everyone loved the original, though it may have been way overplayed for awhile. Crooked Colours gives it a brilliant update with a magnificent electronic update that bubbles, wobbles, and bursts with sweet electronic texture. This is as hypnotic and wicked of a tune as I’ve heard all week. It’s a darker, more mysterious approach on the original, which are qualities I tend to love. Crooked COlours’ cover is up for free download on Soundcloud.

March 27, 2015

Oh, how I do love well executed covers of songs I dig, and Canadian producer Wolf Saga brings it on this amazing new rendition of MGMT super hit Kids. Johnny Saga teams back up with LYON again on the cover release. Enchanting and wistful, Wolf Saga’s Kids encapsulates that nostalgic feeling when reminded of a time long gone, a youth long lost, and mistakes long past. It’s a worthy revival of a MGMT song that everyone loved. Random fact: I even utlized the Kids synth riff as my phone ring tone oh so long ago.

OFFICIAL VID: MGMT – Cool Song No. 2

September 17, 2013

MGMT’s new music video for Cool Song No. 2 off their new self titled album will undoubtedly be lauded as one of the best videos of the week. The vibrant video features actor Michael K. Williams (The Wire and Boardwalk Empire). The psychedelic, progressive song itself is quite the genius composition from the controversial, sometimes loved, sometimes hated band. You never know what to expect from MGMT. This one is certainly one of their great songs. It’s a trippy, epic track with a trippy, cinematic video.