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February 13, 2018

We were all taken by surprise in a very welcome manner when global chart conquerors and controversy magnets The Chainsmokers unveiled their latest single Sick Boy. With it, they exhibited a new evolution in their artistry and sound, giving us a riveting track with an alt timbre that even evokes the likes of Twenty One Pilots for many. The track has spawned many remixes and covers in the short time it’s been out, but a new slew of official remixes have just hit the airwaves. ZAXX, a sound magician from Staten Island, New York, gives us a spectacularly cathartic interpretation of Sick Boy, fusing indie electronica with progressive house and melodic bass on his atmospheric sprawling, widescreen sweeping official edit. It’s as invigorating and rousing a remix as they come, and it infuses The Chainsmokers’ single with a bit of Illenium and Said The Sky’s lofty exuberance, as well as a touch of k?d’s intergalactic creativity near the end. You can grab the official remix pack for Sick Boy, here.

February 13, 2018

Late last year, Houston’s own production marvel PRISMO dropped a sweetly lulling but breezy lifting track named Pretty Stranger. You can re-visit the original, here. PRISMO now offers up a different take of his own song on the new VIP version of Pretty Stranger. It’s still quite a saccharine stirring, melodic affecting anthem, but this time around, PRISMO has injected his track with more exuberance and a kick of lofty future bass energy. The end result feels more vast and expansive, exhilarating and ecstatic. You can stream/download PRISMO’s new Pretty Stranger VIP, here.

February 13, 2018

A full year after Arc North delivered his crystalline sparkler Meant To Be, the young production talent has finally re-emerged from Sweden with a fresh stunner of a future bass dazzler named My Love, with enchanting Scandinavian songstress Jonört in tow. Arc North’s music is described as being all about atmosphere, and My Love packs a whole lot of vibrant and vivacious cosmic energy in its sweeping beauty. An ebullient bounce adorns the exhilarating anthem. My Love can be streamed via Spotify, here, and downloaded for free, here.

February 6, 2018

Production heavyweight Marshmello is without a doubt one of the biggest electronic artists of the moment. He makes a much welcome cameo on the latest track from Slushii, yet another incognito production bigwig making a big splash on the scene. As someone who used to listen to mostly alt rock and emo rock in my younger days, I can’t help but fall for the alt rock and dance music hybrids that the pair have come up with for their new collaboration, though we’re no strangers to this sound having enjoyed so many of these artists tracks in the past. There x2, which comes with a colorful animated lyric video, is a high voltage, epic lifting track. It’s like Blink-182 gone future bass, or Matt and Kim gone trap and rock. The stadium ready feel good anthem is available, here.

February 6, 2018

Xie has certainly become a “habit” of sorts. In the past year, we’ve grown accustomed to being drawn to the rising Los Angeles based producer, singer, and multimedia artist’s electronic concoctions, be it her aerated remixes or a whimsically captivating original like this song, Habits. Ethereal vocals and a bubbly charm that evoke Elohim are paired with the ornately whizzing, intricately darting future trap of Whethan or Louis The Child on this dark yet larkish, naughty yet sweet track, a precarious flirtation and dangerous frolic with nimble kicks and feathery flickers. You can grab the song from Toneden, here.

February 1, 2018

[PREMIERE] Minno – Blackout ft. Shel Bee

Minno, the production sensation from the East Coast whose fed us a steady diet of phenomenal remixes and originals this past year, nearly plays mind tricks on us with his new original. Mystery and intrigue abound on future bass/melodic trap anthem Blackout. The darkly winding track takes us on a metaphysical voyage, one that defies the very confines of our mind. Reality and dream, nightmare and illusion fade and blur into one another indistinctly. Los Angeles’ Shel Bee leads us on the suspenseful journey with her smoky operatic vocals, guiding us through Minno’s bold and lavish soundscape. Like the very fish (minnow) that this producer seems to have named himself after, we swim and dive, twist and turn through this ocean of brisk swelling synths and deep rumbling, guttural gripping bass. It’s almost disorienting dissolving into this dark ballad, but in a deeply satisfying way. Some might find a “blackout” rather perturbing, but when it’s a grand and theatrical, intense and gripping sonic experience like what’s Minno meticulously crafted for our ears, it becomes a thrilling enlightenment, a visceral yet insightful trip through our own heads. You can also stream Minno’s inky opaque, weighty ominous song of bewitchment via Spotify, here. For more of Minno’s production bedazzlement, visit his Soundcloud page, here.

January 31, 2018

It was but a few days ago that we were extolling TWO LANES’ latest remix, an exceptional re-imagining of San Holo and James Vincent McMorrow’s The Future. We still can’t get enough of that moody simmering, percussive skittering masterpiece, but let’s turn our attention to the sibling production duo’s debut original, Long Way Home, which features HYM. You don’t want to miss it, trust me. Turns out, TWO LANES are just as brilliant when it comes to creating their own distinct music. The fast rising duo, who are both graduates of The Julliard School in NYC, dexterously weave future beats, future pop, and chill trap together on Long Way Home, giving us an airy effervescent yet heart affecting anthem that feels like it’s part Gryffin (but darker and moodier) and part Odesza (particularly their second album, Grammy nominated A Moment Apart). Stream/purchase TWO LANES’ stellar debut, here, and get ready for an incredible year for the duo.

January 28, 2018

There are some really sweet jams that we’re long overdue on sharing. If you’re as much a fan of Montreal’s Robotaki as we are, you’ve probably been grooving out to this tune for well over a week. Nevve, the honeyed songbird who seems to be everywhere these days, lends her gorgeous vocals to Together We’re Screwed, a bittersweet yet melodious and bright future pop gem lifted from Robotaki’s forthcoming EP. Phosphorescent flickering synths and spry whizzing beats join Nevve in wrapping us in a weightlessly stirring warmth on this ode to star crossed lovers. Stream/download Together We’re Screwed via alternate platforms, here.

January 27, 2018

When new Manila Killa arises, you’d better be ready for a moving electronic experience. The producer, also much loved for his work as one half of Hotel Garuda, tends to tug at heart strings with his melodious and affecting brand of future pop and electronica. Despite how busy Chris Gavino must be with all the various tours, releases, and production endeavors he’s involved in as a multi-faceted artist, he’s found time to link up with honeyed vocalist Nevve on new single ‘Everyday, Everyday’, a dreamy celestial, effervescent springing future pop anthem that leaves us quite breathless with its towering magnificence and sparkling beauty. Could this be our favorite Manila Killa song thus far? It’s quite possible, until of course, we get drawn back into one of his many other sterling tracks of yore. The Washington, D.C. native, a force to be reckoned with in the electronic music scene, will be performing at Moving Castle World this weekend, which boasts an incredible lineup of Moving Castle artists and friends. ‘Everyday, Everyday’ can also be streamed via other platforms, here. Tickets to Moving Castle World in LA are available, here.

January 26, 2018

I don’t normally think of sandpaper as anything sublime. After all, it’s rough and course, like a cat’s tongue. But it’s more than apparent that anything can be exquisite when it involves Belgian producer Taska Black, who’s synced up with sultry haunting Swedish-Iranian electro-R&B songbird Ayelle on his new single. With every new release, Taska Black is climbing to meteoric heights of great success as a producer to watch. On Sandpaper, he douses us with melodic and rich future trap, perfectly intertwined with Ayelle’s soulful and husky voice. Stream/download this fine addition to Taska Black’s growing catalog of impressive songs, here.