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May 22, 2018

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know this next one is an epic track, even if you haven’t listened to it yet. After all, it brings together the talented expertise of Seattle dubstep/electro prodigy Seven Lions, Austin luminaries Tritonal, and NYC dubstep/electro connoisseurs Kill The Noise, AND it features breathtaking vocals by LA chanteuse HALIENE, too! We find ourselves racing our way towards a beautiful “horizon” on the plumed wings of this majestic and grand opus. Mellifluous yet heavy, smooth rolling yet resolute, this four way collaboration fuses electro house, dubstep, pop, future bass, and even drum & bass to give us a cornucopia of scintillating feels. Horizon can also be streamed and purchased, here.

March 13, 2018

If anyone wants to tell us about Carchii, we’d be greatly appreciative. All we know about the production project is, well… next to nothing. He, or she, or they, sure have a handle on life changing electronica, as heard on sprawling and epic Interstellar, a masterful blend of melodic bass, future bass, and vocal bass that feels like k?d, Porter Robinson, and Illenium decided to write a magnum opus together. You can also stream the monumental track on Spotify, here. Or download for free, here.

March 8, 2018

From one monumental trap and bass producer, we turn to another acclaimed bass duo for some panoramic thrills and heart pumping exhilaration. Los Angeles’ SLANDER offers up emotionally charged melodic bass and progressive house on sprawling opus HAPPY NOW, and while the song carries some very poignant undertones, we’re extremely elated to ride this rising tide driven by heartbreak and nostalgia. According to Slander, Happy Now started off as a collaboration with San Holo two years ago. Slander has since let it evolve organically from there and 

ompleted the track themselves. It’s a high flying anthem that shows us a different side to Slander. HAPPY NOW is out now via Monstercat.

February 21, 2018

It’s not that often that we share fully instrumental electronic tracks that aren’t centered around some sort of enthralling topline, but our encounter with Skybreak and his melodic dubstep on Redwood has convinced us it’s time to make a rare exception. The producer hails from New Jersey, and he describes himself as “a teenage Nintendo geek and nature lover with complex emotions expressed through music.” Complex indeed is Redwood, one of three captivating tracks off his new EP. It takes us soaring through the sky with its epic torrent of warbling bass and ambient synths. It almost feels like we’ve been drawn into a beautifully illustrated RPG game, or an old Nintendo classic painted in fluorescent colors, awash with pastel skies and sparkling seas. Redwood is a triumphant work of sonic art, and it’s a free download, here.

February 20, 2018

What do you get when you unite Denvor melodic bass luminary Illenium with long time New York dubstep/electro pro Kill The Noise, then invite Los Angeles based DJ/production maestro Mako to join in on the virile sonic party, too? A treasure trove of jarring thrills and hypnotic vocals named Don’t Give Up On Me, that’s what! Lush orchestral melodic bass and hard hitting dubstep take front and center stage on this glorious anthem. It’s a cinematic joy ride, an epic saga of a listen. Grab the three way magnum opus, here.

January 28, 2018

We haven’t really heard much of a new peep from Echo Park musician and producer Crywolf since his Skeletons EP last year, and we’re definitely hungering for some of his heart crushing, breathtaking music. Though we’ll have to continue waiting, we’re more than grateful that LA production prodigy AWAY has brought Quantum Immortality back with a profoundly stirring, darkly atmospheric new remix. The glitchy haunting, pensive brooding remix is a potent mixture of towering progressions and heart stopping drops. Grand and cinematic, AWAY’s remix leaves us wondering… is there a chance AWAY and Crywolf might come together for an official collaboration soon? Their styles meld together so seamlessly on this melancholic future bass and melodic trap remix. 

January 9, 2018

Just seeing the name ATB floods me with an immense wave of nostalgia. The German production veteran was a favorite during my raving days nearly two decades ago, when I was insanely addicted to epic trance. Los Angeles bass experts Pixel Terror pay tribute to the duo with a remix of ATB’s 2004 single Ecstasy, turning the blissed out vocal trance track into a melodic dubstep masterpiece loaded with cosmic synths and dizzying drops. You can download their remix for free, here.

December 6, 2017

An unexpected and epic alignment of talent brings us Faded, a dreamy effervescent amalgamation of Said The Sky’s melodic bass and FRND’s saccharine sparkling electro pop. The flawless juncture comes hot on the heels of Said The Sky’s All I Got. Atmospheric synths and summery, sun-kissed vocals weave into each other on the divinely glimmering and melodic burbling union. Faded is a contagious heart melter of a spry endearing gem from two names that will only become even more widely known in the coming year. Its energy is invigorating, yet there’s a soft underside to this sweetly affecting collaboration. Purchase/stream Faded, here.

November 15, 2017

Letting loose a long misty sigh is unavoidable when we have Los Angeles’ Kwesi cooing tenderly into our ears to a beautifully expansive soundscape crafted by Colorado melodic bass artisan Said The Sky. They make a divine pairing on their joint single, All I Got, a sweetly melting, tingles igniting ballad with breathtaking drops. You can stream or purchase the heartstring tugging, poignant stirring electronic single via alternate outlets, here.

October 20, 2017

Denver melodic bass expert Illenium worked his fine magic on Marshmello’s collaboration with buzz sensation Khalid, Silence, and the end result is truly spellbinding and dulcet lilting. Silence takes on a dreamy pop charm and guitar driven indie rock tenderness under Illenium’s adroit guidance. Despite a swifter tempo, this is a melter of a feel good remix. It’s sweet and honeyed, bright eyed and sanguine, heartwarming and inspiring. And there’s just no resisting that wonderful guitar line that Illenium has so sagely added to the track.