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May 22, 2018

RIVAH’s name might as well be “riveting”. The Australian artist turned in an effortless performance on debut single Untame late last year, transfixing us with a dusky glistening electro R&B emulsion. The track attracted a whole lot of praise and buzz. RIVAH went on to play her debut shows in NYC and LA last fall, and she’s since shared the local stages with the likes of Willow Beats, Golden Vessel, and SAATSUMA. Transitional Love is her latest release, a breathtaking teaser track developed from a first-take demo vocal and accompanied by a DIY iPhone video released ahead of her next single out in June. It’s a weightless gliding, ethereal soothing pop song with transcendental vocals and beautifully haunting, feathery pulsing production. We’re more than ready for that next single, but we’re going to take our time soaking in this celestial beauty in the meantime. Re-visit our Untame feature, here.

November 13, 2017

Men I Trust specializes in a soft fleecy, woozy nostalgic mixture of funk pop and dream pop. The Montreal trio never fail to thoroughly intoxicate me with their inebriating brand of foggy swirling, dreamy wafting music, which they serve up in abundance on languorous glimmering new song ‘I hope to be around’. The song comes with a laid back charmer of a music video, too. Sway in bliss to the single, which combines the weightless aesthetic of Air, the satiny sheen of Rhye, the misty groove of Yumi Zouma, and the vaporous hypnosis of Chromatics. ‘I hope to be around’ and Men I Trust’s prior releases are available from Bandcamp, here.

June 22, 2017

Despite their name, there’s never been a single moment of stony coldness in all our sublime experiences with Stonefox. Instead, the Australian trio’s pellucid indie pop has always been deeply stirring. Stonefox is back with their first song of the year, an ethereal billowing, gently wafting aria named Talk Me Home. It’s a breathtaking, heartbreaking listen, which the band describe as being about the complexities of a fading relationship. Vocalist Jenna Russo says, “it’s about wanting to hold on even though you can feel it slipping from your reach.” Talk Me Home is accompanied by news of the band’s forthcoming Australian tour. Find out more, here. Talk Me Home can also be streamed on Spotify, here.

March 12, 2017

I’m sure it’s apparent to all that I take great pleasure in finding sensational new music and sharing it with like minded music fans. As I’ve noted plenteous times before, I take an extra dose of joy in discovering such music from artists from Bay Area, a place I’ve proudly called home for nearly all my life. On that note, we turn to Mars Today for a thoroughly charming ditty named Winnin’. The San Francisco native woos and swoons us with soulful R&B pop on this airy lilter, a cut from his forthcoming EP, Bits & Pieces, out later this spring via Text Me Records. A touch of snazzy dashing Tom Misch, a smidgeon of cool mellow Jason Mraz, and a sliver of chill organic NoMBe endows this honeyed melodious offering, which Mars Today self-produced. Winnin’ can also be streamed off Soundcloud below. Purchase from iTunes, here.

August 30, 2016

When I hear the name Atlantis, I think of a magical world, hidden and lost in the depths of a great ocean. Intensely colored sea creatures dart to and fro while magical artifacts shimmer from underneath the sand. It’s rather romantic and picturesque, come to think of it. We’re taken into that sweet wondrous world by Los Angeles singer songwriter Bridgit Mendler as she serenades us with her chill effervescent blanket of future pop, mellow hip hop, and candied R&B on new single, Atlantis, which also features Florida hip hop talent Kaiydo on tranquil rap vocals. We dive into the deep sea, lured by the watery churning and atmospheric serenity of this halcyon lullaby. Atlantis can be purchased from iTunes. Bridgit Mendler will be releasing a debut EP named Nemesis on November 4th.

January 5, 2016

Luna May, as I’ve learned, is an alias created by Australian singer songwriter Emma Carn. Aside from that, I don’t know very much about the emerging talent, who has a self produed EP coming our way in March. I do know that the world around me fades away, and I nearly hold my breath, when listening to Luna May’s exquisite song Hooked. It’s a dreamily mellow and hauntingly sparse song that flits and drifts in a feathery sea of ethereal beauty. Daniela Andrade soft tenderness merges with Daughter’s moody, breathy catharsis and a CocoRosie like darkness on the gossamer electronic and pop lullaby. Download Hooked for free, here.