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April 20, 2018

Life can’t get any better for an Elohim fan like me these days. I just caught her on tour at Slim’s in San Francisco the other weekend. She released Panic Attacks, a new song with Yoshi Flower, last month. And her effervescent voice graced The Glitch Mob’s life affirming I Could Be Anything earlier this month, too. And now, the Los Angeles based production, songwriting, and instrumental sensation (so sensational!) has appeared on a new single from Ekali and Medasin, too! They make the perfect trifecta on the gorgeous future pop and future trap aria. Its sparkling soundscape and Elohim’s enthralling voice give Forever a delicate vulnerability, a beautiful antithesis to Forever’s expansive, cosmic scope. We feel naked and comforted, defenseless and consoled, all at once, thanks to the nimble embrace of this gorgeous song. You can listen to Forever forever with us, support the single and stream/download, here.

February 13, 2018

This one’s been making the rounds for nearly a week to much praise and love, so I’m guessing a lot of you have been enjoying the track already. Nonetheless, this genius remix of Post Malone’s I Fall Apart (and yes, there have been an endless stream of new I Fall Apart remixes these past couple of weeks) is a must share. Brilliant Dallas producer Medasin has put together an organic whirring future trap edit of the track permeated with beautiful nature sounds. We don’t normally associate Post Malone with the great outdoors, but this visionary remix makes us question everything we know. As someone we loves connecting with nature, I find myself inspired to take a late night walk under an immense night sky. There, I can feel the sheer size of the universe and remember how small my worries are. In a way, Medasin’s Fall Apart puts us back together. Catch the producer on his IRENE tour this month, details, here.

July 27, 2017

It’s impossible not to notice the elevated level of respect and adoration that has exploded this year for Medasin. The producer from Dallas just released a new remix, and the praise and adulation for the brilliant edit is inescapable, splashed all across my social feeds. We gladly join the ranks of those ardent admirers as we delve into Medasin’s jaw dropping remix of DJ Khaled’s Wild Thoughts, featuring Rihanna and Bryson Tiller. It’s no secret that DJ Khaled’s music can be polarizing among some music circles, but there’s no way you’re not going to find this Medasin re-work captivating and masterful. He’s turned the track on its head with an opalescent future bass and extra-chill chill trap transformation. DJ Khaled’s music isn’t exactly what you’d call “beautiful” (nor was that what he was going for anyway), but that’s exactly what Wild Thoughts has become under the guidance of Medasin’s adept hands. His remix can also be streamed on Spotify, here.

May 22, 2017

I’ve gushed aplenty over my love for Portugal. the Man’s psychedelic funk joyride Feel It Still, and I’ve given Lido’s remix of the track endless adulation as well. Today, we target our praise ats a new edit of the magnificent song by Dallas producer Medasin. His remix is nothing short of brilliant, too. Feel It Still goes twilight chill and dreamy surreal on this sublimely mellow future beats rendering. Medasin’s Feel It Still is more like “feel it forever”, and it’s out now on iTunes, here.

March 26, 2017

Dutch producer Martin Garrix’s stringy sweeping Scared To Be Lonely, his collaborative track with London pop sensation Dua Lipa, is one of this year’s biggest crossover electronic anthems. I was just watching its video again the other day when I noticed the clip had racked up close to a hundred million views! For a twilight beauty of a Scared To Be Lonely remix, we turn to Texas’ medasin. The producer’s swanky luxuriant edit is breathtakingly beautiful. In fact it could very well be the most gorgeous future bass remix of the year yet. Lavish nostalgia and opulent feels abound on this enriching listen. You can also stream medasin’s remix via Soundcloud below.

July 29, 2016

MOOSIQ MOSAIC : 07.26.2016

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July 27, 2016

Dallas producer medasin will leave you lost in woozy daydream with his new fleecy luxurious song, a downtempo lullaby that features gooey falsettos by Los Angeles’ JOBA. Daydream ripples through my core, its misty languor leaving every molecule of my body relaxed in ecstasy. Softly oscillating future bass combines with mellow hip hop and jazzy electronica on this lush pliant treat, out now on iTunes.