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October 18, 2017

19 year old Missouri singer songwriter Chappell Roan has quickly become one of my favorite emerging voices in the past week. Though we initially missed out on debut single Good Hurt, our encounter with her acoustic video for Bad For You has left us with an insatiable appetite for her exceptional voice and alluring magnetism. So when we saw a new acoustic video out yesterday for her song Meantime, we were nothing short of ecstatic. With the husky smokiness of  LÉON, the operatic range and elegance of London Grammar’s Hannah Reid, and the jazzy sophistication of Rae Morris, Chappell Roan fully transfixes us once again with a stunning performance in the video. Meantime is a soaring ballad and a heart wrenching aria. These songs are off of Chappell Roan’s excellent debut EP on Atlantic, School Nights, which can be streamed and downloaded, here. Re-visit her acoustic video for Bad For You below as well as her debut music video, Good Hurt.

OFFICIAL VID: Givers – Meantime

August 31, 2011


This official video came out a few days ago, off their debut album In Light. Givers is an indie pop band from Louisiana.

They’re definitely on the rise! Been hearing them mentioned a good amount. Up, Up, Up was the first single off the album, I don’t recall sharing it yet, so here it is: