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November 2, 2017

I imagine Meadowlark’s svelte and lissome, supple and ethereal pop lends itself well to beautiful remixes, but UK producer nimino certainly outdid himself with this gorgeous edit. Meadowlark’s Sunlight gets a dynamic and organic rendering in the chill electronica and soothing future beats arena. Though this ‘sunlight’ seems dim and shadowy, it’s also exceptionally enchanting and sweetly tranquil, like an elixir or sonic balm for our long stressful day. nimino’s intricate texture and additional instrumentals give this mellow jam a sophistication whose detail slowly unfurls more with every new listen. The remix closes out Meadowlark’s Sunlight EP, out on iTunes, here.

June 29, 2017

MOOSIQ MOSAIC : 06.24.2017 – 06.28.2017

Featured Music (excluding tracks not available on Soundcloud) – June 24-28, 2017

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June 23, 2017

Meadowlark never falls short when it comes to beautifully moving, svelt billowing pop. Body Lose is no different. It’s a chill glimmering, drafty gusting ballad lifted from the Bristol duo’s forthcoming debut album Postcards that falls between Anna of the North’s ethereal electro pop and Oh Wonder’s elegant alt pop. Kate McGill’s crystalline voice glides gracefully across the surface ot the softly iridescent song. Meadowlark’s debut album arrives via All Points on June 30th. Pre-order, here. Those in the UK can catch Meadowlark on their album tour this fall, details here.

May 11, 2017

Irish producer EMBRZ enchants with a misty new original named Heartlines on which he partners up with Bristol electronic pop duo Meadowlark. This wistful heartrender is the first single from EMBRZ’s debut EP, Progress, and it’s a goosebump raising beauty of a crystalline lullaby that walks a fine line between synthpop and electronica. EMBRZ’s debut EP is due to arrive on July 7th. You can stream Heartlines from additional sources and purchase from major retailers, here.

April 10, 2017

MOOSIQ MOSAIC : 04.07.2017 – 04.09.2017

Featured music – April 7-9, 2017

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April 8, 2017

The name Meadowlark always evokes a heavenly picture in my mind. I see the most gorgeous of birds, singing ever so beautifully in the midst of a pristine meadow. The music which Meadowlark brings us lives up to that image and more, as we’ve known for well over two years. Today, the pair from Bristol moves and haunts us once again with a pastoral heartbreaker named Postcards. The dewy bittersweet song is an ode to an ex lover. I’m reminded of those moments when you find your mind straying to old worn out memories. Suddenly, a twinge of melancholy and regret makes its way back into the heart. Postcards is the title track from Meadowlark’s long awaited debut album, due out June 30th. Pre-order Meadowlark’s debut album, here.

September 19, 2016

MOOSIQ MOSAIC : 09.16.2016

Featured music – September 16th, 2016

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September 17, 2016

I don’t believe we have meadowlarks here in the Bay Area, correct me if I’m wrong. As such, I find myself imagining a beautiful blackbird that sings like an angel when I think of meadowlarks. British duo Meadowlark has time and time proven themselves worthy of my rampant imagination with their atmospheric electronic pop. New song Headlights is as ethereally beautiful as I remember them to be, a sweetly despairing song that questions decisions, regrets and love from a past relationship. As Meadowlark says, “hindsight is a wonderful thing.” Fortunately for us, the duo’s music is instantly and distinctly enthralling, no need to wait for hindsight. Headlights is available from various outlets, here.

April 15, 2016

British duo Meadowlark captivated us with a supple stream of fluid heat on Paraffin just over two weeks ago. Fellow Brits TENDER give their signature touch to Paraffin by transforming it into a darkly brooding, boldly throbbing tune with their emotionally charged remix. The inebriating edit is gripping, a seething, tremoring ocean of restlessness. The original is the title track from Meadowlark’s new EP, which you can pre-order from various outlets, here.

March 29, 2016

I somehow managed to miss sharing Meadowlark’s latest moving masterpiece until now, but without further ado, take a deep breath and dive into the deep emotive chasms of Paraffin. There’s a supple soft fluidity to the song that indeed evokes the texture of paraffin wax, but the English duo delivers darts of heat on the opulent electropop song, igniting that very wax in a sea of shimmering flames. This inferno burns elegantly and beautifully. Paraffin is the exceptional title track from Meadowlark’s forthcoming EP, out April 22nd via Believe Recordings. Pre-order from various outlets, here.