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November 8, 2017

I’d never suggest that anyone should ‘smoke a pack’, which just seems like the worst idea in the world. But I do understand that it’s how some people cope with stress and misery. Bristol production and singer songwriter duo Mauwe offer up future bass and dulcet pop bliss on their single, Smoked A Pack, which I do suggest you partake in, stat. Its sharp shuddering soundscape and boy-girl harmonies capture the turmoil and emotions involved in dealing with feelings you’ve developed for someone else, someone you don’t want to have feelings for. But as always, we can’t really control the desires of the heart, nor can we control our attraction to Mauwe’s dusky quivering, synth throbbing song, which takes on an exultant urgency as it progresses. Smoked A Pack brings together the gracefully melodious vocals of Oh Wonder, the electronically charged soundscape of ECHOS, and the twilight sentimentality of XYLØ. Mauwe says of their song:  “In the past, we’ve both been more likely to smoke when stressed, and that’s what the concept represents for us. However, smoking is bad for you kids, don’t do it!!” Re-visit Mauwe’s debut single That’s All, here.

August 30, 2017

I’ve been eagerly awaiting my chance to share this debut from a new Bristol duo named Mauwe since I was privy to an early preview a week or so prior. Today, Mauwe makes their inaugural appearance with a gorgeous electronic pop song named That’s All. Its lovely harmonies and gently swelling, lushly simmering production evoke Oh Wonder, but paired with a bubbly effervescence that borders on

XYLØ like dusky future pop. That’s All is a bittersweet gem…. so soothingly blissful, yet replete with misty melancholy and dewy nostalgia.  We’ll certainly be looking forward to more music from Mauwe.