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May 11, 2018

Every time a new Maths Time Joy track surfaces, I know we’re in for quite the spectacular sonic experience. The Grammy-nominated UK producer & songwriter always links up with superb vocalists on his singles. Misunderstood is no different. Los Angeles neo-soul songstress Asal Hazel joins the producer on the track, intertwining her chiffon voice with his buttery crooning. Their vocals dance seductively over Maths Time Joy’s gooey ravishing bed of dreamy synths and slow burning funk guitar. Misunderstood is the latest track to be released off Maths Time Joy’s Sunset Motel EP. Stream prior releases on Soundcloud, here.

November 28, 2017

UK producer Maths Time Joy and buttery crooner JMR, fresh off his cameo on Jai Wolf’s Gravity, are a match made in heaven on Only You. They douse us with a velveteen, pillowy effusion of future soul and electronica on the sublime track, whose sonic lushness, slow burning crescendo, and silky hum are like James Blake meets Matt Woods or James Vincent McMorrow. Only You is the politically charged lead single from Math Times Joy’s next EP, Sunset Motel, due out early next year. 

August 4, 2017

Astronomyy’s Falling Autumn was the first time we ever heard of a Brooklyn chanteuse named Alayna. She lent her finespun vocals to the song, and that delicate and supple voice left us shivering in tender bliss. Fast forward nearly half a year, and this striking new artist has made her official debut with a silky melting single named High On You. Its gently caressing soul and elegantly fluttering R&B truly leaves us high, as if floating on a soft swaying breeze. A touch of future bass surges ever gingerly on the song, almost like What So Not and George Maple, or Flume and Kai, gone super fleecy and light, dreamy and ethereal. It’s no wonder the song’s soundscape is so breathtakingly beautiful. On production duty is ever brilliant Maths Time Joy. But it’s obvious who the star of the show is… Alayna’s immaculate vocals. High On You is out now via 20XX. Purchase from iTunes, here.

April 21, 2017

I tend to believe that we’re in for a phenomenal listen when UK producer Maths Time Joy is involved in a new song. The British producer partners up with Melbourne newcomer Charlz for a sensual simmering, soulful swooning pop jam named About Last Night, and it can’t be more elegant and graceful a beauty. Charlz, an obvious chanteuse to watch, delivers vocal splendor on the song. Her voice is deep, full, and plush, the perfect companion to Maths Time Joy’s satin smooth, rich cascading production.  About Last Night is out now via Suicide Sheep’s label Seeking Blue Records. 

February 9, 2017

We know from past experience how truly sublime it can be when Norwegian based Los Angeles R&B soul artist Flores unites with UK producer Maths Time Joy to deliver sweet music to our ears. The frequent collaborators join forces once again on misty aching Undercover, the final electro R&B track from Flores’ highly anticipated debut EP, Afterglow. Just as we grow accustomed to floating and hovering in the twinkling fog that bathes the silky song in its first minute, we’re suddenly dropped over a cathartic precipice. This head dive into whirring intensity takes my breath away. All the while, Flores’ honeyed heartfelt cooing and a saccharine melody deliver warm comfort through it all. Undercover will be out this Friday via True Colours. 

March 17, 2016

Lush vocals by London’s Malika on this Snakehips / Maths Time Joy produced track ‘Put It On Me’. It’s Malika’s debut single which comes from a yet to be released EP called “All You Never Knew”. She’s heavily influenced by 90′s R&B and trying to create that in this modern soundscape.

December 9, 2015

The last time Norwegian based, Los Angeles born artist Flores teamed up with London’s Maths Time Joy, I found myself in music heaven. Half a year ago, Maths Time Joy unleashed a dusky beauty named After Hours. Now, the two join forces once more as Flores releases an equally dusky and sensually draped slow burner named Afterglow, produced by Maths Time Joy. Afterglow, Flores’ debut single, is a moist and steamy R&B ballad steeped in darkly haunting electronica strikingly embossed with futuristic qualities. Despite its meticulous pace and cushioned softness, Afterglow manages to build to heart compressing intensity. Flores’ voice grows ever despairing as the song swells to a level of taut, urgent despair that leaves me feeling like the very air around me is about to burst into flames.

May 22, 2015

Its time for some dark and sensual electronic R&B, and who else but London’s Maths Time Joy can deliver the goods in the most haunting, mellow way? New hazy treat After Hours is an ornately glowing song most definitely fitting of the dusky time of day the title implies, with its wobbly, woozy production and murky atmosphere. After Hours is topped off with spectacularly sultry guest crooning by Flores. After Hours will be out May 25th on True Colours.

November 30, 2014

Hot dang, I’ve been quickly, gleefully entrapped by this debut song, Losing You, from a new London based quartet named Dead Ceremony. It’s a dark, melodious synthpop song permeated with very sultry and yearnful electronic soul. Atmospheric synths and an entrancing, trip hoppy beat pair with such honeyed crooning. It’s a combo sure to reel in fans of SOHN, James Blake, and Lo-Fang. The song’s been tagged “Maths Time Joy”, I’m guessing the talented British musician produced the track. Watch Dead Ceremony’s self directed video for the stunning tune below.