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August 27, 2017

Never was really a big fan of ‘Mask Off’, maybe I’m still not, but Lamia’s rendition of the song is stunning. The instrumentals on the track could literally have me meditating to “Percocet. Molly, percocet.  

May 4, 2017

Vancouver based producer tofû, aside from possibly loving soy based products even more than I do, has proven himself an electronic maestro in the past months with his phenomenal remixes and flips. The latest such jam he’s blessed upon our ears is a cinematic remix of 21 year old wunderkind Emmit Fenn’s Yuna collaboration, Modern Flame. It’s impossible not to love this future bass flickering, intense surging re-work, the perfect treatment to go with Yuna and Emmit Fenn’s enthralling vocals. For more of his recent brilliant remix feats, stream his edit of Katelyn Tarver’s You Don’t Know and his Future Mask Off flip below.