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April 3, 2018

Transcendental and atmospheric can’t even begin to describe the stunning beauty of IDLE, an ethereal billowing, pellucid burbling electronic track off a new EP from SoCal three piece mAsis. IDLE’s electronica and pop is chiffon yet moody, and its prowling beats and future bass styled production flickers are sensually hypnotic. It’s one of five flawlessly immersive must-listen tunes from the new EP Always You, which can be streamed via Soundcloud, here. mAsis achieves an exquisite balance between organic and synthetic on the dusky electronic release. Drawing us deep into every song are mAsis’ silky soft, plush enchanting vocals. It comes as no surprise that mAsis’ members have worked with the likes of Rhye, Banks, and Mr Little Jeans. They say of their new EP: “‘Always You’ is a journey towards atonement, of revisiting our past so we can embrace our ever-changing future.”

October 3, 2017

Having choices can be a convenience, but it can also come with far too many responsibilities and be a burden, ridden with guilt and regret. That seems to be what mAsis is addressing on the Southern California three pieces’ latest electronic offering, Choices/Burdens. As listeners, we find all burdens lifted from our shoulders as we make the obvious choice to dive into the trio’s hypnotic winding brand of sensual R&B pop and introspective electronica. It’s a beautiful and shadowy piece with a soft pulse and a feathery caress. Choices/Burdens is the second single from mAsis’ forthcoming Always You EP, due out in early 2018. 

January 12, 2017

Corporeal and sensual Flesh is the carnal haunting new track from oft IHM praised California three piece, mAsis. This amorphous winding number melts steamy R&B pop with opulent textured downtempo electronica. If Wet and Alpines collaborated then burrowed into more experimental production, it might sound like this dusky ethereal, taut rhythmic offering. Flesh is a luxuriant indulgence, a heady spectacular from a trio that time and time again prove themselves rising purveyors of sonic euphoria.

December 15, 2016

California based trio mAsis has seduced us plenty times over with their weightless grooving, sensual caressing music in the past, but never have I been haunted as I have by the band for the past week. I was afforded an early preview of new song Skin, and it’s left my own skin tingling for days on end. I shiver along with its percolating beats and scalding hisses. This downtempo groover fuses electronica with silky R&B pop reminiscent of Alpines and Haelos, but more fleecy soft and misty dim. 

November 21, 2016

Hailing from Glendale, California, mAsis delights with ‘Knees’. The trio story behind the song is "Knees tell a lot about the lives someone’s led. Unlike our hearts which are hidden, our knees tell a visible story. Knees ache from stress, they bruise from work, and they need the help of others when the weight of the world gets to be too much.“ Members of the mAsis have worked with Banks, Rhye, and Mr. Little Jeans, and ‘Knees’ oozes with a syrupy flavor reminiscent of Zhu. 

February 3, 2016

I’m much convinced I’m living the good life when I get to listen to new music like this one. Glendale, California based trio mAsis, whose members have previously worked with the likes of Rhye, Banks, and Mr Little Jeans, have me entranced, floating on a sea of euphoria filled with smooth, glossy waves. Good Life is an ambient electronic masterpiece, a soothing and fragile yet somberly riveting song. It’s no wonder that mAsis’s members have worked with Rhye and BANKS. Its haunting duskiness are reminiscent of that electro R&B goddess, and its sensual atmosphere evoke Rhye, alongside a London Grammar gracefulness.