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RE:GENERATION streaming on Hulu

March 23, 2012

Remember that little documentary produced by The Grammys pooling a ton of talent from all genres together to make music magic? You can now watch RE:GENERATION for free. It’s an hour and 22 minutes long, so make sure you have the time to sit down and enjoy it. Again, here’s the info on what this is all about:

RE:GENERATION is a feature length documentary that explores the history of music through the eyes of five modern DJ/Producers. The extremely talented DJs embark on a musical odyssey to create a cutting edge electronic track inspired by one of five traditional musical genres: Jazz, R&B, Country, Classical and Rock.

In addition to Skrillex working with The Doors, the project, which is actually co-produced by the Grammys, brought in DJ Premier to produce a classical track with Nas and the Berklee School of Music Orchestra; Pretty Lights, who produced a country song with Leann Rimes and Ralph Stanley; the Crystal Method, who traveled to Detroit to record an R&B track with Martha Reeves; and Mark Ronson, who collaborated with Erykah Badu, members of the Dap Kings and Trombone Shorty for a jazz tune in New Orleans.


Follow DJ Premier, Mark Ronson, Skrillex, Pretty Lights and The Crystal Method as they remix, recreate and re-imagine five traditional styles of music. From the classical perfection of the Berklee Symphony Orchestra to the bayou jams of New Orleans jazz, our five distinctive DJs collaborate with some of today’s biggest musicians to discover how our musical past is influencing the future.

Without further ado, here’s RE:GENERATION Music Project (2012):

UPDATE: Ugh, I apologize for the autoplay and just spent a large period of time trying to figure out how to disable it. I HATE autoplay. I’ve used all the codes I know of for disabling autoplay and hulu continues to autoplay it. I’ll try to figure it out some more and if it still doesn’t work, I may take this off and see if I can find a non-Hulu version, which I doubt.

UPDATE 2: Yep, can’t turn off the autoplay for some reason, so I took the embed off. Just go here to watch. I really don’t want it auto playing crap when you load the page, it’s such a pain. =) 

RE:GENERATION Vid: The Crystal Method – I’m Not Leaving

December 17, 2011

Here’s one of the first videos to come from RE:GENERATION, which I’ve mentioned before and posted a trailer. 

Presented by Hyundai Veloster, RE:GENERATION is a documentary film that follows DJ Premier, Pretty Lights, The Crystal Method, Mark Ronson, and Skrillex as they remix, recreate and re-imagine five traditional styles of music. Learn more at and

I’m Not Leaving is an R&B funk and electronic track that The Crystal Method did in conjunction with the legendary Martha Reeves and the Funk Brothers. I’m totally looking forward to the other collaborations and songs that will come from this documentary. A ton of artists are involved, and they plan to push the boundaries of genre blurring.