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October 6, 2016

I know we’ve gone over the brilliance of Elohim plenty of times here on I Heart Moosiq whilst in the midst of sharing the Los Angeles singer songwriter and producer’s oft murky surreal and nimble bewitching brand of electronic pop. But seriously, how much cleverness and imagination must she have to offer up a Mariachi version of her latest single, Hallucinating? Elohim’s range of vision and dexterous versatility is exceptional! This brass and percussion florid Mariachi version of Hallucinating is whimsically charming, too. Elohim’s dreamlike, cartoonish approach on Hallucinating leaves me picturing Dali like melting landscapes with Picasso faced forms darting about. This trip of a Hallucinating revision tickles my fancy to no end. Elohim is currently on a North American tour supporting Eden. She’ll also be embarking on tour with Louis The Child in November. Stream the original version of Hallucinating, here, and check out Elohim’s superb debut EP, here.

OFFICIAL VID: Nico Vega – Easier

December 15, 2012

Los Angeles alt rock band Nico Vega dropped a great new single recently titled Easier.  It’s the second single from their coming sophomore album We Are The Art. It’s a bright, energetic, magnetic track. 

“It’s socially conscious music about human struggle and rising up,” singer Aja Vokman explains. “It’s written from the underdog’s point of view, which we can really relate to. We’ve always gotten along with people who have had a lot of struggle.”

Here’s the mariachi video for the single… Nico Vega will be supporting Imagine Dragons on tour in America come the new year.