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April 11, 2018

April always tends to be a very fine month for live music, partly due to all the acts traveling through California due to Coachella, partly due to the fact that, well, it’s spring! Everyone’s touring! April 25th has been circled a million times on my calendar. Not only do I get to see NoMBe swoon the crowd again with his trailblazing electro-soul at Popscene, but Australian indie electro trio Mansionair will be headlining the sold out San Francisco show, too! The casual music listener probably knows Mansionair for their spectacular collaboration with Odesza and WYNNE, Line Of Sight, but us music heads all know how amazing Mansionair’s music has been over the past few years. Songs like Easier and Speak Easy have melted us time and time again, and now they’ve revealed a new alt electro jam named Violet City. There’s a slinky vibe to the beat scuttling, electro-bass propulsive pop/electro hybrid that evokes the likes of SAFIA, Glass Animals, Wild Beasts, or even Alt-J, but Violet City is undeniably a Mansionair masterpiece with its sleek falsettos and its cinematic, expansive production. Add in a whole lot of whimsical eastern string flair and we have another compelling Mansionair winner. Mansionair hits the road this week with Mikky Ekko and NoMBe for Sirius XM Alt Nation’s Advanced Placement US Tour. Keep up with details on Mansionair’s website, here.

October 27, 2017

Because we’ve become such great fans of Mansionair and their infinitely melting music these past three years, a new track from the Australian trio is a very big deal to us. My heart surely skipped a beat when I caught wind of Astronaut (Something About Your Love) earlier today, Mansionair’s first new single since they lent their fleecy vocals to Odesza’s Line Of Sight alongside WYNNE. Astronaut (Something About Your Love), out today via Glassnote, was self-produced by the multi-talented band. It’s a smooth soothing, chill grooving, and entrancingly atmospheric indie electronica song that leaves me feeling like that eponymous astronaut, floating and spinning in zero gravity to Mansionair’s interchangeably meditative drawling and euphoric throbbing tune. Stream/download the single via major outlets, here.

April 25, 2017

I feel like the whole world has been waiting with their stomachs knotted and their breaths held for new ODESZA, particularly after the beloved Seattle duo teased us about it for days on end. The pair, whom IHM can proudly say we were supporting and calling a next big thing from way early on (let me feel good for a moment, will you?), returns in magnificent form on Line Of Sight, which even features Sydney’s Mansionair and WYNNE as guests. Line Of Sight is out now on Counter Records, and what a regal future beats spectacular it is. It’s not quite the airy ethereal ODESZA of yore, but rather a sonorous thundering emotional hailstorm of an anthem. Grab the long awaited ODESZA treat, here

February 11, 2017

We know from past experience that Jersey trio A R I Z O N A’s moving anthems lend themselves very well to emotionally charged remix treatments. Yet, we still weren’t prepared for the sheer melting force of this edit. Sydney’s Mansionair destroys me with their remix of new single Ocean’s Away. They literally scoop my heart right out of my chest with this beautifully aching chill atmospheric re-work. This may very well be the most touching remix I’ve ever encountered. Excuse me, I need to cry rivers of tears in the corner while losing myself fully to this gem. Sigh. You can purchase or stream Mansionair’s remix via all major services, here.

January 16, 2017

Sydney trio Mansionair dropped one of their best songs yet late last year in the form of genre bending Easier, an ambient atmospheric aria with unexpected future flickering plumes of electronic magnificence. That pensive beauty is the subjected to some Electric Mantis wizardry as the Alaska native gives Easier a breathtaking makeover, the producer’s contribution to a new five track remix package for the song due out January 27th. Electric Mantis’ Easier flickers and stutters, trickles and drips, building its way to a shiver inducing future bass, melodic bass, and chill trap drop that near leaves me numb afterwards from sensory overload. Hit after hit of endorphin washes over me with every warble and chop. 

November 11, 2016

Mansionair has unleashed a music video accompaniment for their latest single today, and the Sydney trio offers up some digital artistry on the captivating clip. Easier’s video, directed by Matthew Thorne, bridges the gap between raw and human and the digital and effected by “utilizing 3D mapping technology to explore the language that occurs in the space between what is earthly and common, and what is created and artificial.” It’s a perfect match for the song, considering Easier’s spacious electronic shimmers and how deeply they contrast with Mansionair’s poignant moving vocals. Easier sees Mansionair taking a future bass like approach that reminds me of production work by the producers like Flume and What So Not. It’s grand and eloquent, a stunner of an addition to their fine repertoire, one that I hope will culminate in a debut album soon. Easier can be purchased from various outlets, here.

February 17, 2016

Mansionair’s Speak Easy is a song that has dug its heels into my heart, excavating its own special place to delve in for all eternity. It’s my favorite, melting song from the Sydney trio, and its beauty is highlighted in all its glory on an ethereal remix by Montreal’s Robotaki. The producer transforms Speak Easy into a downtempo electronic gem, its expansive atmosphere awash in gossamer future bass imbued dreaminess. Robotaki’s remix of Speak Easy is a limited free download, here.

December 22, 2015

I’m still rather sad that I missed Mansionair at Popscene a couple months ago, because the one time I’ve seen this band from Sydney, they blew me away with how great they sounded during a early, far too short set at SXSW back in March. Here’s to hoping I get to see them live and proper in 2016, because, least you forget, they gave us that incredibly stirring song named Speak Easy earlier this year, and they’ve also followed it up with with another heavily emotive yet weightlessly drifting brooder named Pick Me Up, which is the title track from Mansionair’s sophomore EP. Pick Me Up is a fine, meticulous blend of electronic, alt, and pop. It’s tension is palpable yet not suffocating, feathery yet substantial. Revisit the beauty that is Speak Easy with me below, and head over to iTunes to snag Mansionair’s Pick Me Up EP.

October 17, 2015

Real excited to see Australia’s Mansionair tonight. Actually excited to see the whole Australian line up at Popscene SF tonight. This is the first time I’ve seen the video for Mansionair’s cover of Future Islands ‘Seasons (Waiting On You). It’s a beautifully delicate song and the use of Scarlett Johansson’s part as Charlotte, from the movie Lost In Translation, mirrors the vulnerability of the vocals. 

September 11, 2015

It’s been nearly a year since Sydney trio Mansionair released their brilliant debut EP, Hold Me Down. It’s been a long wait, but they’re finally back with a new one! Between then and now, I also had the immense pleasure of catching Mansionair at SXSW back in March, and they blew me away with their set. Today sees the trio melting us endlessly with a tender gem named Speak Easy. It’s a gorgeously serene alt pop song showcasing a gently synthy side of Mansionair. Breathtaking Speak Easy comes from Mansionair’s next EP, Pick Me Up, out October 2nd via Glassnote Records. The band will also be opening up for CHVRCHES this fall in the US.