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May 22, 2018

I was super excited about this song even before I heard it. It’s so good to see a talented budding artist like Madge show up on such a behemoth collaboration. The LA based Salt Lake City newcomer blew our minds when she made her debut earlier this year on Fight Or Flight Club and we’re infinitely glad she’s been receiving a whole lot of well deserved attention since. And now, here she is, lending some feisty, spunky vocals to Kaskade, Brohug, and Mr. Tape’s aptly named Fun, a funky bass house groover. Throw your hands in the air and dance your heart out to the infectious punching banger. It’s steamy fierce, an inferno of a swag jam that reminds me of both NVDES and SOFI TUKKER, but with a bouncier step and a whole lot of zestful, gutsy spirit. Grab the track, here.

April 13, 2018

Madge’s Fight Or Flight Club is one of our favorite debuts of the year. We just can’t get enough of the Los Angeles based newcomer’s piquant and sprightly electro-pop on the song, and we’re glad many more people have picked up on the track since our feature last month, garnering it some impressive spots on viral Spotify playlists. Madge is back this week with her second single, and it’s as eccentric a hyperactive noise pop and electro pop single as her first. Bombastic Red James is like Grimes’ art pop mixed with Superorganism’s squishy pop, then coated with School Of Seven Bells’ lissome luster and shimmer. The song’s self-directed music video is also a capricious and outlandish treat. Re-visit our Fight Or Flight Club feature, here.

February 15, 2018

New Los Angeles based Salt Lake City artist Madge has made an indelible impression on us with her very first single. In fact, we’ve fallen head over heels for Fight Or Flight Club, which could very well be one of our favorite finds of the year so far. Madge lists very little details about herself on her socials. She does, however, quip “might be a witch” on Soundcloud. We concur, because she’s cast a bewitching spell on us with her left field creativity on Fight Or Flight Club, an ethereal yet feisty coagulation of willowy electro and piquant pop that at once reminds us of a wide range of artists we love, including Pixx, M.I.A, School Of Seven Bells, and Kristin Kontrol, among others. There’s even a touch of Massive Attack’s trip hop to be found on the track, too! Fight Or Flight Club is restless and agitated, yet sweetly fluid and tartly stinging. We really can’t wait to hear more from this compelling new sonic sorceress.