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April 20, 2018

We’ve been watching the Asian hip hop landscape change and grow lately, and one of our favorite hip hop and trap groups to come out of this movement is Higher Brothers. The collective of rappers have even been supported by 88Rising and gone on tour internationally with the likes of Rich Brian and Joji. No doubt one of the group’s most catchy songs is Made In China, and that punchy track has now gotten the DJ Snake treatment on an incendiary bass-turnt remix. Go on and get those trap hands up as we lose it to the hard hitting trap and bass banger. 

January 28, 2018

If you follow new music closely like we do here at IHM, then you probably know that there’s a ground breaking hip hop and trap movement in China right now that’s been so monumental that even authorities have been cracking down on it, banning tattoos and hip hop culture from television. One of our favorites at the forefront of this movement is Higher Brothers, and it is truly our belief that some of the best new hip hop is coming out of Asia right now. The group of gifted emcees, who’ve often collaborated with other rising stars from the Asian and Asian-American scene in the past, are absolutely riveting when they’re delivering their hard punching trap rap. Even though I’m thoroughly fluent in Mandarin, you can imagine how hard it is to catch every word in a rapid-fire lyrical flow when it’s delivered with the scathing bite and electrifying barbs of a project that takes after the likes of Migos and other American trap artists. I can’t wait to catch Higher Brothers when I hit Austin for SXSW in March, and I’m loving the High Brothers remixes that are starting to surface. Raise those trap hands and get ready to get down to this fresh remix of Higher Brothers’ wildly infectious Made In China by trap and bass maestro Y2K. It’s wonderfully filthy and gritty, jarring and needling. I’m sure Higher Brothers really appreciates this wicked take on their track, it’s right up their alley. Y2K’s mind jogging remix is a free download, here.