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October 10, 2017

It’s been awhile since we last heard from Django Django, one of our favorite British art rock and psych rock bands. In fact, it’s been two years since their sophomore album Born Under Saturn blew critics and fans away. So, it’s with much great pleasure that I encountered news of a third album plus a fresh new single named Tic Tac Toe. If you’re as familiar with the band as we are, you’ll instantly fall in love with them all over again once they drench us with their delirious brand of spiraling electronica and rock, which comes by way of a fittingly frenetic visualizer. Tic Tac Toe’s kaleidoscopic rock carries some surfy undertones, too. We have some time to wait till Django Django’s new album Marble Skies arrives on January 28th, but I’m sure they’ll be previewing more treats from the record in the meantime. We’ll be waiting. Pre-order Marble Skies, here.

September 28, 2017

Brighton indie rockers White Room recently signed to legendary Liverpool label Deltasonic Records, and they’re certainly hitting the ground at breakneck speed after closing the deal. Tomorrow Always Knew is one of two tracks they dropped last month that caught my attention immediately with its 60s psychedelia and sleek vibrant, vociferous spinning riffs. It came accompanied by a heady companion named The Blue which you can stream below, a very Jagwar Ma or Temples meets Pink Floyd like dazzler (it basically name drops Pink Floyd, after all). Before I could share the duo of tunes with you today, White Room also shared yet another new track named Cable-Built Dreamland, which just dropped 9 hours ago, so we’re going to tack on that splendidly propulsive, spacey chugging treat below, too. All these magnificent songs come from White Room’s new double EP, Eight, a collection of songs that “interlock conceptually, comprising similar themes such as forward thinking, hope, positivity and escape.”

August 29, 2017

New Sydney project Bus Vipers grabbed a firm hold of our ears a few moons ago when multi-instrumentalist Daniel Ahern dropped his debut on Future Classic, CSIRO Weeds, on which the intriguing artist melded crunchy curling psych rock and airy wafting garage pop. Bus Vipers has since dropped a couple more fine gems to solidify his artist to watch status, including this new single, Palace, a fuzzy sheared kaleidoscopic rocker. It follows closely on the heels of Bus Vipers’ new music video for prior busy burbling entrancer, Fluid, also a spectacularly engrossing psych jam. You can view the video below. These are songs that leave the Django Django, Temples, and Jagwar Ma fan in me rejoice endlessly. Palace and Fluid will be on Bus Vipers’ forthcoming Federal Highway EP, out September 8th. Pre-order from Future Classic both digitally and on 12″ vinyl, here.

July 29, 2017

Following on earlier this month’s The Lowdown comes new Warbly Jets single 4th Coming Bomb, and it’s just as sumptuous a psych rock jam from this fast rising band. 4th Coming Bomb is only Warbly Jets’ third single, but the band has already announced a sure to be excellent debut album. That self titled full length is due to drop on October 20th. 4th Coming Bomb leaves us looking forward to that day in excitement with its prismatic spiraling alt rock and kaleidoscopic dance rock, all inflected with a bit of ever irresistible Madchester vibes. Chunks of Oasis, Taming Impala, and Jagwar Ma seem to coalesce on Warbly Jets’ fine new tune. Exclusive pre-order packages for the band’s self titled debut can be found via PledgeMusic, here, or iTunes, here.

June 30, 2017

They way Spirit Award sounds, I can’t help but be taken aback by the fact that the band doesn’t hail from either England or Australia. This new three piece comes from Seattle instead, and they’re already gearing up for a debut full length named Neverending set to arrive on October 6th. Lead single Fields is a spacey sprawling, bass driving psychedelic rock opus that evokes Jagwar Ma, Tame Impala, and the legendary Madchester scene of yore. Spirit Award has been working on their record for the past two years, hence garnering the name Neverending. With a first taste like kaleidoscopic dazzling Fields, it just might deliver neverending elation, too. 

June 8, 2017

I really dig Warbly Jets’ psych rock on their debut single Alive, which we gleefully shared late last year as soon as we heard it. The grimy sweeping, spacey wobbling garage chugger has since been remixed by the SoCal band itself, and boy have they done an umber on Alive. Pulsing rhythms, buzzing synths, and a whole lot of dance rock energy permeates this exhilarating banger. We’re more “alive” than ever as we lose it to this Justice meets Jagwar Ma dizzying dazzler. Warbly Jets leaves me breathless with their surprise remix. They’ll be releasing a second official single soon, and they’ll also be heading out on tour soon. In fact, they’re playing Popscene in San Francisco on June 12th next week!

March 22, 2017

Little needs to be said when something as epic as a Soulwax remix of Jagwar Ma is gifted to us by some divine act of the music gods, but let’s revel in the magnificence of this phenomenal track anyway. The electro rock and acid house legends have given Jagwar Ma’s psychedelic thrumming Slipping a hypnotic trip of an edit for the Australian band’s new Every Now & Zen EP. Prepare for a brain liquefying experience as the remix pulses, jabs, and throbs with just the right amount of shiver inducing stringency and wired tightness. Jagwar Ma’s Every Now & Zen EP is available, here. A limited edition 12″ vinyl can be pre-ordered, here. Stream the remix via Soundcloud below.

March 11, 2017

Wooly Mammoths is a Belgium band who’s already been getting a lot of airplay back at home in Brussels. It’s no wonder, considering the kaleidoscopic splendor of their new single Water Slide. The psych pop band will be releasing their second EP later this year, and this smooth spiraling treat is the first single from that record. Its chromatic sheen and electro glaze immediately evokes some of our favorite psych bands, like Temples, Painted Palms, and Jagwar Ma, with a dash of Miami Horror’s more experimental incursions, like recent track Leila. Wooly Mammoths may very well be cropping up as new mammoths in the psychedelic pop scene. We’ll be on the look out for more details regarding their sophomore EP. 

December 15, 2016

Tim Sullivan’s chosen nom du plume name may be This Soft Machine (TSM), but there’s nothing soft about his new single Absence Of Rhythm. There’s also no lack of infectious cadence on the Munich based Australian producer’s explosion of spacey psychedelic, acidic searing indie dance. Absence Of Rhythm features buttery smooth crooning by The Land Below’s Erik Lindestad alongside its pulsating waves of euphoria. A touch of Madchester mixes with tons of DFA vibes on this whirling extravaganza.; The new official video for Absence Of Rhythm sports some colorful visuals to go along with the chromatic track. You can purchase the single from all major services, here.

December 2, 2016

It’s been a moment since we last visited with British quartet Keroscene, whose dark bristling alt rock certainly burns like scalding hot oil on their latest scintillating single, I Can’t Do A Thing. The song comes with a mesmerizing music video whose flurry of fluttering colors and patterns are a fine synergistic fit to the psychedelic flourishes found on kaleidoscopic I Can’t Do A Thing. Whirring synths add to I Can’t Do A Thing’s delicious headiness, resulting in a rather prismatic and entrancing treat not unlike earlier Jagwar Ma and plenteous other Madchester inspired rock bands I love. Keroscene is currently recording new material for next year. Re-visit some of their prior songs, here.