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April 30, 2018

Ever since Salad Days in 2014, slacker rock purveyor Mac DeMarco has become a dignitary of sorts in the indie rock scene, with countless devout fans all across the world. Sydney’s Mickey Kojak must be a big fan, too. After all, he’s given Mac DeMarco’s Chamber Of Reflection a ravishing cover re-work, and the resulting languorously synthwavy and spacey soulful rendition is absolutely stunning, if not wonderfully, dreamily nostalgic. It’s a thorough transformation, and a thorough intoxicator. 

July 26, 2017

I’m always overjoyed when Charli XCX releases new music, and I never know quite what to expect, having followed her career since her early electropop days. New song Boys is a sugary bop, and it comes with music video filled with endless celebrity and musician cameos. From Chromeo to Charlie Puth, Flume to G Eazy, Mac DeMarco to Brendan Urie, Kaytranada to Portugal. the Man, this one has them all. It’s loads of fun just to try and pick out everyone while bopping your head to the infectious pop song. Charli XCX directed the video herself, too. Boys is a fizzy light treat compared to the British artist’s prior release, her punchy mixtape Number 1 Angel. Grab the single, here.

May 17, 2017

18 year old Amandla Stenberg is well known for her accomplishments as an actress. Most would recognize her immediately as Rue from The Hunger Games series. What I was unaware of is the fact that this young talent is also incredibly skilled when it comes to music, too. In fact, she’s offered up one of the most brilliant covers of the year. She completely flips Mac DeMarco’s Let My Baby Stay on its head with an R&B soul approach. The Salad Days track is bathed in thick curling smoke on this cabaret ready, jazzy late night rendition. Even the video for her cover is stylish and chic. Amandla Stenberg’s version of Let My Baby Say will be on the soundtrack for forthcoming film ‘Everything, Everything’, her next big acting endeavor. Links for streaming/purchasing can be found, here.

November 27, 2014

There seems to be a growing list of brilliant synthy covers on the daily lately, and today’s superb selection is a cover of slacker rockers Mac DeMarco’s My Kind Of Woman by Australia’s Mammals. His signature vocals swirl languidly over the dreamy electronic pop production on the slinky cover. It’s thoroughly mesmerizing and seductive and a very different spin on the song.