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November 9, 2017

NYC producer Seven AM and long time IHM supported singer songwriter M. Maggie have already proven to be a dynamic team in the past due to their single Vaporize. The pair reunite on Nothing Matters. For a few sublime minutes, all that matters is this future bass and future pop tune. Nothing Matters’ dark beats and spacious cadence are moody yet nimble, powerful yet lissome. Its sharp metallic jabs feel like future house, but Nothing Matters would be a slow burner in that arena. Seven AM and M. Maggie are utterly riveting on their new song together, which is available for purchase, here.

August 16, 2017

Sam is an artist and producer from Los Angeles. That’s pretty much all that we know about Sam Smyers, since that’s what it says on his Soundcloud profile. It’s as if he’s appeared out of thin air with his first original, a frisky, feisty dance track named Motion which features singer songwriter M. Maggie on guest vocals. Sam Smyers’ chill tropical house and M. Maggie’s ever magnetic voice come together like a Sia and Thomas Jack collaboration. It’s balmy euphoric, sweetly hooking, and warmly comforting. Motion is a free download, here.

December 19, 2016

MOOSIQ MOSAIC : 12.16.2016 – 12.18.2016 

Featured music – December 16-18, 2016

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December 18, 2016

Enthralling songstress M. Maggie has graced the pages of IHM countless times over the course of the past two plus years, both as a solo artist and as the magnetic guest vocalist on songs and remixes involving fellow IHM favorites like Lucian and Black Coast. She makes a fierce return with a grandly surging electronic pop song named MY LoVE whose sweeping hooks and lavish production by Switzerland’s KENDE are flat out consuming. M. Maggie plans on releasing a new EP entitled Lost In Color early next year, and MY LoVE leaves our hearts fluttering in anticipation for the release. 

October 19, 2016

Not only does this next breathtaking beauty feature exquisite vocals turned in by New York’s M. Maggie, but it’s a truly spectacular emotional ride crafted by Parisian producer Khamsin. Space builds eloquently, casting a grand symphonic spell with its orchestral flourishes and M. Maggie’s magnetic voice before peaking with exhilarating future bass drops. Despite its expansive and vast reach, Space feels intimate at its core, particularly during its slow simmering, tender brooding moments. Space is a free download, here.

February 17, 2016

New York’s Lucian has been racking up those hypem charting hits this past year, collaborating with many of my favorite new artists and producers on fresh new originals and dropping rousing remixes of remarkable indie tunes. Despite my penchant for so many of his tracks, there’s no doubt that his future bass remix of Black Coast’s M.Maggie featuring Trndsttr is still a personal favorite. The fiery remix is full of sass and spunk, its bold energy and fluid texture arresting and intensive. A full year later, we get to revisit Lucian’s remix and watch its brand new action packed music video, directed by Nayip Ramos. The music video is drenched in playful intrigue and abounds with stylistic fight sequences, much reminding me of Tarantino’s Kill Bill series, which seems the perfect companion to Lucian’s sprightly, impelling remix, available now on iTunes.

January 22, 2016

Sydney’s MUTO whisks me away with the producer’s enchanting new song This Girl, featuring vocals by one of IHM’s favorite emerging vocalists in 2015, New Yorker M.Maggie. This Girl is a boldly jabbing future trap and electronic pop song. Its fine texture and dark beauty are regally spellbinding. M.Maggie wins my heart all over again with her exquisitely smoky voice. This Girl is a combination of Purity Ring exotic electropop and Flume meets Odesza chill trap opiate, a haunting concoction indeed. 

November 15, 2015

Seven AM, a producer from New York City, has turned in a blissful deep house interpretation of fellow New York artist M.Maggie’s single Vaporize. It’s a lusciously hooking mid tempo remix, crisp and laid back, the perfect soundtrack for a chill afternoon when you want to escape into a glistening world permeated by M.Maggie’s enchanting voice and intoxicating beats. Visit the dark, seductive original on M.Maggie’s Soundcloud.

July 22, 2015

I know you’re all swooning over M. Maggie’s recent solo music like I am, but let’s not forget that the emerging New York starlet first graced our ears late last year with some compelling guest vocals on several songs from Black Coast. Let’s revisit their very first collaboration, a slowly marching gem named TRNDSTTR, via their new music video. To refresh your memory, Black Coast is a solo project helmed by Stan Rapaport, who was once a member of synthpop band Prinze George. Stan and M.Maggie fully bewitched me with TRNDSTTR from the get go, which they crafted together entirely over phone, text, and email before ever meeting in real life. There’s an effervescence to the slow burning electronic pop song and a stifling moodiness that initially reminded me of BROODS and Purity Ring, but more soulful, more alluringly sensual. The official music video for TRNDSTTR stars model Ava Smith. Its meditative black and white gravity matches the song well. TRNDSTTR is available on iTunes.

July 9, 2015

I’ve been enraptured and addicted to this smoldering, smoky, but bouncy electro pop and R&B song ever since I was treated to an early preview. Budding New York starlet M. Maggie teams up with ever busy New York producer Lucian on Did it for U, a song that oozes passion and stews murkily. I love how Lucian has been teaming up with so many of my favorite emerging female artists. You might recall that M. Maggie lent her vocals to Black Coast’s debut songs, but it’s so good to see that she’s also launching a compelling, spellbinding solo career. M. Maggie’s new single carries a message of patience in struggle, love through pain, and beauty in chaos. She’ll be releasing an EP, Vienna Genesis, come this winter.