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March 7, 2018

My own skin tingles under the supple and pliant touch of LUME’s new song Skin. The young Brighton artist and producer muses over a common dream of an idyllic state where time doesn’t exist on the softly pulsing, intimately curling alt pop track. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could get to know somebody a bit better despite our busy lives? Or even spend more time with those we think we know already know or love? After all, we’re always changing and growing with each passing day.  Ethereal guitars accompany LUME’s limber and dulcet voice on Skin, the title track lifted from her forthcoming EP. The song’s gentle push and pull also explores the dichotomy of avoiding consequences as well as being bound by them, and the track’s chorus and verses alternate between fantasy and reality scenarios. You can also stream Skin and LUME’s previous tracks on Spotify, here.

January 9, 2018

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January 9, 2018

LUME, the spellbinding newcomer from the UK who mesmerized us with her dark pulsing, synth whirring debut Magnets just a few months prior, is back with yet another bewitching noire-pop single. It’s called Tip Of Your Thumb, and it’s a moody tingling, ominous winding sophomore track that solidifies LUME’s status as a pop artist to watch. On it, she highlights themes of getting sucked into other people’s issues and drama, as related to internet trolls and gossiping. Fierce brooding Tip Of Your Thumb, which LUME wrote and produced in her bedroom studio, is a scintillating taste and the title track from her forthcoming debut EP.  “I wanted the song to feel like it was playful, whilst relaying a deeper message,” explains LUME, who built the song around bluesy chain-gang verses. She continues, “it’s about the culture of typing our thoughts and fighting social media wars with smart phones, where our thumb takes over to replace our voice.” LUME’s four track debut EP will be arriving in March. You can re-visit debut single Magnets below, or stream her music via Spotify, here.

October 12, 2017

New UK chanteuse LUME makes an illuminating entrance on debut single Magnets, a dark pulsing, synth whirring electro & alt pop ballad that burns and broods spectacularly. “Magnets is about being constantly drawn to somebody no matter how much time and distance you put in between you both,” explains LUME, “It began with this idea that you could almost be ‘watermarked’ by a person, kind of branded to each other, whether you wanted to be or not.” We find ourselves drawn to LUME like she’s a magnet. Her hypnotic vocals and the torrid simmering song fuse the dusky bewitchment of Lorde with the sultry allure of VÉRITÉ. You can also stream Magnets via Spotify, here.