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February 10, 2018

Lucian has been a mainstay on our blog for many years. He steadily feeds us a supply of exceptionally produced tracks. So when a new song from the New Yorker comes our way again, it sort of feels like a case of “deja vu”. But that’s about where the strange familiarity stops, because Lucian’s music is diverse and variegated. He’s always linking up with a fine array of vocal talent on his songs, plus we can never predict what sort of affecting electronic opus he’ll bless us with. New song Deja Vu features saccharine vocals by fellow New Yorker Philosofie, and it’s quite the aerial darting, dreamy fluttering future bass and future pop confection. It brushes against us lightly, then skims back into the heavens, a celestial and jocular celebration of youthful love. Lucian promises more music to come, and we look forward to with much joy, particularly when cruising on the wings of this birdlike aria. Download Deja Vu, here.

December 6, 2017

The words “Love & Leave” seem devastating. Normally, they might even fill me with a certain sense of dread. ‘Love’ feels finite and ephemeral, in the face of ultimate desertion. But knowing Love & Leave comes from long time IHM championed East Coast producer Lucian and young rising Floridian producer Jupe gives me more than enough reason to dive wholeheartedly into the emotional turbulence of this expertly tempered torrent of bold whizzing, tense shuddering future bass and feverish burning future R&B. UK crooner Tim Moyo leaves us flushed and swooning with his velveteen vocals, while jazzy keys play tender tricks on our hearts. Love & Leave is a passionate fire on a cold winter night; it’ll keep your soul burning and your despairing hearts racing through the darkest moments of the evening. Download the track, here.

August 8, 2017

Prolific and illustrious NYC producer Lucian seems quite content pleasing people endlessly with his music, and he’s been feeding us a steady diet of magnificent future pop and chill trap arias for quite some time. Is he the most reliable producer in the scene? I’d say yes. So much so, that when he has any time to spare at all, not only does he NOT stop gifting us music, but he even offers up spectacular re-imaginings of his own songs. Lucian’s Sick Of Love, featuring British singer songwriter Beth Duck, has enchanted me plenty times over since its release close to half a year ago. Its a lithe and nimble, airy and playful future trap dalliance, but hark, what’s this? Lucian has dropped Sick Of Love “ReImagined”, and he’s turned it on its head with a darker and more austere future bass re-work. This more robust and volatile Sick Of Love bounces with resilient stamina. It’s a slick weighty alternate approach on its infectious melody and Beth Duck’s ravishing vocals. I’m left confused which version I love more. The original? Or ReImagined? Download the track, here. Re-visit the original, here.

July 5, 2017

Long time IHM supported production whiz Lucian has always razzle dazzled us with his creative genius and versatile dexterity, as well as his dedication to his craft. Over the years, he’s presented us with a long list of incredible tunes featuring a plethora of enthralling guest vocalists. Lucian continues his en point delivery with new original Need U, featuring smoky voiced Montreal chanteuse LIA on guest vocals. Need U’s future bass is nothing short of sexy smoldering. LIA’s sultry ravishing vocals on the track evoke Banks and VÉRITÉ. The effect is spectacular when ensconced in the fortified walls of Lucian’s bold sawing, cinematic surging production, which feels like a fine mixture of Flume, Bearson, and Whethan. You can also stream Need U via Spotify, here. They say that death and taxes are the only certain things in life. I think we need to add the reliability of Lucian’s splendid production wizardry to that list. 

April 21, 2017

A month ago, ever prolific and versatile New York producer Lucian dropped another one of his fine gems in the form of breathy enchanting, breezy snug future pop confection Close To You, which features Singapore’s Jasmine Sokko on misty dulcet vocals. Crazy Beats, an 18 year old DJ and producer from Mexico, snags our ears with his interpretation of Close To You. He takes advantage of the original’s dewy properties to create a dreamy weightless, wispy light future bass/melodic trap remix. The ethereal edit is a free download, here.

March 23, 2017

NYC producer Lucian has worked with plenty of magnetic vocalists on his bounteous tunes in the past, and his latest electronic confection features none other than Singaporean chanteuse Jasmine Sokko, the very same artist who gave us spicy sumptuous single 1057 earlier this year. Her breathy coy voice, much reminiscent of Phoebe Ryan here, is the perfect accompaniment to Lucian’s chosen sonic path on Close To You. The prolific producer gives us a phosphorescent glowing, breezy snug future pop sound on his new enchanting tune. If The Chainsmokers evolved and mutated by taking on some Whethan genes and some Louis The Child DNA, they might sound something like this buoyant springing number. Download Lucian’s latest magnifique charmer for free, here.

February 22, 2017

Perhaps someday, a long, long time from now, I’ll be sick of love, but I kind of doubt it. I’m such a romantic at heart. I also doubt I’ll ever be sick of Lucian, the NYC producer who’s most recent original is a superb enthraller that fuses electro pop with future bass. Sick Of Love, which features British singer songwriter Beth Duck, is the subject of a scintillating new remix by a 16 year old whiz kid from Austria who goes by the name of RIzE. Rise he shall if he continues to present us with tracks like this larger than life re-imagining of Lucian’s tune. RIzE’s lively future trap re-make packs a feisty kick and an aerated wallop in its bold extensive soundscape. Download the remix for free, here.

February 13, 2017

We’ve shared pretty much every Lucian tune that ever surfaces since we had the honor of premiering his earliest remixes over two years ago, and for good reason, too. The NYC based producer has never failed us when it comes to his enthralling future bass and electro pop concoctions. This fruitful trend continues with Sick Of Love which features British singer songwriter Beth Duck on vocals. Sick Of Love is a bubbly balm, a sprightly popping Terror Jr meets Cashmere Cat emulsion. I have a feeling our love affair with Lucian is going to last for eternity at this rate. 

January 26, 2017

Los Angeles based music producer Bradley Allan, whose credits include working with superstars like Nicki Minaj, Mya, Shontelle, and more, turns in a stunning remix of one of my favorite Lucian tunes. He gives the New York producer’s luscious captivator Calm Waters, which features British singer songwriter Beth Duck, a royal trap treatment. You won’t find any still torpid “water” on this regal surging, cinematic spiking spectacular. The remix is profuse with colossal waves that pivot and crash, swivel and break, all the while lifting and dropping us in breathtaking fashion.

December 13, 2016

We’ve known for a very long time now that we can always count on Lucian to drop that future bass fire. After all, we’ve been huge supporters of the gifted producer from New York from the very start of his prolific sonic journey, and that adventure is obviously going to continue taking him to magical chart topping apexes. We, the fans, get to tag along for the ride, awestruck by fantastical soundscapes and epic vistas. Lucian proceeds to captivate us all over again with a beautifully ethereal, crystalline melodic tune named Sober Heart, even enlisting Finnish electropop artist Olivera to deliver glacial enchanting, airy sublime vocals on his quivering sonata. Sober Heart is lithe and elegant yet full of such heart affecting emotion. Download the chill trap and future bass dazzler for free, here.