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January 16, 2018

Lizzy Plapinger, the Neon Gold Records co-founder who we’ve been so enamored with since the debut of her project MS MR with Max Hershenow so many years ago, has been hard at work dropping amazing songs as soloist LPX this past year. It’s all culminated in a terrific debut EP named Bolt In The Blue, whose six tracks include previously featured singles like Slide, Tremble, and Tightrope. The EP also introduces us to three sensational new tunes, including title track Bolt In The Blue, a sultry searing, stormy heaving political anthem. LPX co-wrote the alt/electro track with Zac Carper of Fidlar, and the track features him on guitar. The lyric video for Bolt In The Blue was illustrated by Robert Beatty, known for his work with Tame Impala. Alongside Bolt In The Blue comes two other can’t miss new tracks, including Red Queen and Fog and the Fear, both of which can be streamed via Soundcloud below. The full EP can be streamed and downloaded, here.

November 13, 2017

There’s always been a fierce edge and alluring confidence to Lizzy Plapinger, whether in her countless immense releases as one half of MS MR with Max Hershenow, or lately as charismatic solo project LPX. The Neon Gold Records co-founder returns with a raspy seductive, vehement rousing turn on powerful new alt single Slide and welcome news of a debut EP. Bolt In The Blue is scheduled to arrive on January 12th. Slide is a gripping taste off the sure to be scintillating release. Vociferous pounding beats and emphatic guitars make this dark smoldering, restless storming single a Yeah Yeah Yeahs meets Le Tigre eruption of riveting emotion and wild passion. LPX will be headlining Neon Gold’s Holiday Pop Shop in New York on December 5th, more information and tickets are available, here.

October 6, 2017

We were thrilled when one of our favorite Australian producers, What So Not, dropped a song last month that featured LPX, the long IHM supported talent who’s also the co-founder of Neon Gold Records and one half of duo MS MR. Better’s swervy synths, fierce vocals, and jolting trap chops were the perfect combination of the two’s sounds. Another Australian project, a duo who go by the name of ORIENTAL CRAVINGS, has given Better a grittier, harder re-work rife with grimy drops and scintillating jabs. Put up your trap hands and party into the weekend with this thriller. Download the remix, here.

September 14, 2017

I’m still rather gutted that due to unfortunate circumstances, I had to miss LPX twice in the Bay these past several weeks. Lizzy Plapinger, also well known and loved for her role in MS MR and the esteemed co-founder of Neon Gold Records, made her solo SF debut at Popscene the very weekend I was out of town. Then, she opened for HAIM at the Fox and I couldn’t make it out to Oakland that evening either. I can only hope third time’s the charm if LPX travels back to the Bay. In the meantime, I’ve taken immense solace in her surprise cameo as guest vocalist on Better, the latest from Sydney trap and bass virtuoso What So Not. “Better” I do feel as this bold electrifying, spiky bristling anthem sweeps me straight off my feet. Swervy synths, craggy rhythms, and majestic vocals tell a tale of determination and will. You can grab this triumphant sonic eruption from retailers, here.

April 17, 2017

MOOSIQ MOSAIC : 04.14.2017 – 04.16.2017 

Featured music – April 14-16, 2017

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April 15, 2017

We more than tremble, we quiver and shake in ecstasy to the dark buzzing synths and fiery spunk thundering from LPX’s new single Tremble. It’s an expectedly massive second single from Lizzy Plapinger’s solo project. We’ve long been familiar with how fiercely magnetic Lizzy can be from our many years adoring MS MR and that pair’s ravishing electro R&B/pop. The co-founder of Neon Gold Records has followed up on earlier this year’s debut single Tightrope with another spectacular force of nature. Tremble is a dauntless effusion of sharp sawing electropop, clamorous ringing grunge pop, and synthwavey rock (I even hear a hint of Future Islands in that final detail). Tremble grips us with its raw poignancy and incensed passion. Purchase the glorious single from iTunes, here.

February 1, 2017

MOOSIQ MOSAIC : 01.30.2017

Feature Selections – January 30th, 2017

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January 31, 2017

I don’t know how Lizzy Plapinger finds time to do all that she does in between MS MR and all the incredible music she’s given us through Neon Gold Records, a boutique label she co-founded that happens to be responsible for a long list of musicians and bands I adore, but she’s somehow managed to launch a solo project, too. She exhibits her fierce gritty, fiery intense side as LPX with very first single, Tightrope. Pop punk meets noise pop on the rambunctious flaring, raspy smoldering gem which feels very much like a cross between MS MR and Sleigh Bells. Tightrope is out now on on iTunes, and Lizzy has already promised a debut LPX LP. We’ll be watching out for more news with zeal.