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May 18, 2018

It’s taking us awhile to catch up on all the amazing music we’ve been wanting to share lately, so now we have not one, but two gorgeous new tunes from UK chanteuse Raphaella to share. Let’s start with exquisitely aching ballad Imagine, the singer songwriter and producer’s first release of the year and the title track from her upcoming EP. Raphaella turns in stunning, captivating vocals on the emotive aria, whose nimbly winding yet powerfully stirring production and instrumentals are nothing short of exceptionally elaborate. We’ve all imagined how life might be if our relationships had evolved differently. Now we have Raphaella to comfort us when we’re feeling heartbroken. Lovesick, which you can stream below, is the latest single from the blooming siren. This one’s a resilient and consuming electro-pop track, with dark tribal beats. It erupts with unbridled, smoldering passion. Imagine is available from iTunes, here, while Lovesick is available, here.

May 18, 2018

Lovesick might feel raw and stripped at first, but you’ll soon find it to be richly potent and robust. It’s the latest gorgeous single from UK singer songwriter and producer Laurel, whose husky and deep crooning on the song reminds us of Florence Welch, but smokier, as if charbroiled in some deliciously fragrant oak. Lovesick’s peppery indie rock and baroque alt pop is earnest and honest. The gripping ballad more than convinces us we need to pre-order Laurel’s debut album DOGVIOLET when it arrives on August 24th via Counter Records. Stream/download Lovesick, here.

January 5, 2018

Last year, Mura Masa released one of the year’s best electronic albums, and a quintessential track off the release is no doubt Lovesick, which Parisian duo SACRE has re-vamped on a brilliant cover. They inundate the original electronic track with plenty of their sparkly glitz and funky flourishes on an absolutely stunning re-work. It’s a frisky yet sleek, opalescent and French house infused rendering that kind of feels like a seamless encounter with Mura Masa, SBTRKT, C2C, and Justice, all at once. Lest you forgot how good SACRE’s originals are, make sure to re-visit them on Soundcloud, here.