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September 20, 2017

If we still lived in the 80′s and everything was on cassette tapes or VHS tapes, you’d want to “hit rewind” and take in the infectious and nostalgic indie pop from this song over and over again, even if you have to go the old school route and use a pencil or pen to do so. Those of you who are too young to know what I’m talking about, don’t worry about it, just soak in the cruising vibes and summery charm of Axel Mansoor’s new collaboration with producer Louis Vivet. Hit Rewind is a spry dashing pop song and an endearing love letter to the pair’s shared home of Los Angeles. A woozy pensive bridge adds to the song’s dynamic allure, giving us a dreamy wafting departure from its usual brisk and youthful dance pop zest. Hit Rewind is a free download, here.

September 8, 2016

MOOSIQ MOSAIC : 09.06.2016

Featured music – September 6th, 2016

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September 7, 2016

The last time we were introduced to a collaboration between Louis Vivet and Los Angeles siren Mister Blonde, the production duo and vocalist team took us for an epic cinematic ride on Slow Burn. This stellar partnership resurfaces with yet another treasure of an electronic gem named Last Call, whose tender emotive pop and finespun progressive house pull mercilessly on our heartstrings. Last Call’s gorgeous soundscape and Mister Blonde’s crystalline voice will spur some eager dancing as much as they’ll leave you sighing in bittersweet ecstasy. The song is out now via the Disco Fries’ Lifitoff Recordings imprint. Purchase/stream from various outlets, here.

August 18, 2016

MOOSIQ MOSAIC : 08.16.2016

Featured music – August 16th, 2016

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August 17, 2016

From the very beginning of Louis Vivet’s Slow Burn, we know we’re in for something epic.  A key turns in the ignition of a car and an engine kicks in. Suddenly, a dramatic pulsing of dark synths puncture the air, like a slow crescendo of adrenaline. Our hearts start to pump in sync with Slow Burn, and anticipation builds exponentially. It’s sweet release as featured vocalist, Los Angeles siren Mister Blonde, pierces that heavy atmosphere with her majestic soaring, brilliant towering voice. Production duo Louis Vivet delivers a phenomenal track that pairs retro synthcore with the wide expanse and sweeping energy of progressive house. Louis Vivet wanted to release something special in anticipation of their first show on Gareth Emery’s 100 Reasons To Live Tour, so they’ve released this splendorous track which they’ve been playing in their sets for about a year now. Slow Burn is available from various outlets, here.

November 5, 2015

I’m still reeling from how incredible Louis Vivet’s turn on Miike Snow’s Sylvia (featuring Jordan Humphrey) was earlier this year. On top of that, the electronic duo turned in some fantastic work on Evalyn’s The Hills x Nightcall mashup cover, rocketing them to the top tier of my production acts of the year list. Right when I didn’t think they could climb any higher, Louis Vivet drops new original Best Thing, featuring beautiful vocals by oft collaborator Gavrielle. Best Thing is a soothing melodic house entrancer. Sugary and fluffy, it takes me on a gliding trip through a softly morphing, sublimely dreamy world of bittersweet wonderment. Best Thing is available as a free download for a limited time, here. And in case you forgot how spectacular Sylvia is, let’s revisit below.

August 23, 2015

Last month, electronic duo Louis Vivet blew my mind and had me enraptured with a spectacular re-imagining of Miike Snow’s Sylvia. Their indie dance pop cover of the tune features slick vocals by Jordan Humphrey. It’s something I’m still incredibly in love with today. Now, we get to listen to an epic remix of the tune by their friend, Chicago based producer Mielo. Mielo’s atmospheric Sylvia is steeped in the fine texture of shimmering future bass. Majestic and dramatic, Mielo’s melodic bass edit is deeply gripping and expansive. Download the remix for free, here.

July 24, 2015

Production duo Louis Vivet turns in a sweet rendition of Miike Snow’s Sylvia that features slick vocals by newcomer Jordan Humphrey, and it’s going to blow your mind. They take Sylvia into uncharted territories with their sweet and sleek indie dance pop cover. Sylvia has never been more catchy. The new approach also has a dramatic intensity that reminds me of Kavinsky but smoothed out and honeyed.

The cover comes with an 8 page graphic novel that Louis Vivet crafted for the track, available to view, here. The two acts have managed to illuminate Miike Snow’s musical narrative that much more with this bittersweet yet exhilarating cover and their comic book. Download Sylvia for free, here.

March 24, 2015

I’m still incredibly taken by Louis Vivet’s re-make of my beloved 90′s classic Save Tonight, by Eagle Eye Cherry. It’s such a nice surprise when someone takes such an oldie but goodie from your past and transforms it into a delightfully updated synthpop jam. It’s even nicer when they do it well. Louis Vivet’s Save Tonight, which features Gavrielle & Nick Goldston, has already received some superb remix treatments over the past months. Chicago’s Win & Woo swoop onto that scene with a wonderfully airy and blissed out house remix with weightless tropical flavors and a deeply dreamy ambiance.

March 12, 2015

I still remember the moment I encountered one production act named Louis Vivet quite recently. Their cover of 90′s hit Save Tonight (by Eagle Eye Cherry) captured my heart immediately. Since then, the Los Angeles based act has been quickly rising in the electronic scene. Debut original single Downbeat, which features siren like vocals by Gavrielle, is a rippling, engaging offering, fusing a plethora of elements from progressive, French electro, and chill melodic house. It’s a killer tune that adds to the duo’s potency.They say that DIllon Francis was their inspiration for the tune, but I feel that Downbeat carries a darker depth. The track is available for free, here.