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May 11, 2018

We were swift addicts to Louis Baker’s creamy crooning and plush R&B soul when the New Zealand artist released his song Addict last year. And now we’re also obsessed with the songwriter’s latest single, a vintage soul groover named Black Crow which comes accompanied by a dapper music video featuring an adorable kid suavely adulting with pure confidence. Raw yet smooth, warm and sooty Black Crow is a molten melter. The song was written and produced in Sydney in six hours. The song, deceptively simple yet deeply organic, is about exorcising your demons, leaving the past behind, and gaining wisdom through experience. It’s velvety veneer is like Leon Bridges, while its sleek step and swanky guitars carry The Black Keys’

bluesy soulfulness. Speaking about the inspiration behind Black Crow, Louis Baker says: “The idea of bathing one’s hands in indigo came about through an old Japanese proverb I read. I was fascinated with its idea that a piece of fabric gets a deeper and richer colour tone if you repeatedly dye it. The proverb has a number of different meanings, but to me it is a metaphor about life, experience and growing wise with age.” Download/stream Black Crow, here.

May 20, 2017

“I’m an addict, baby,” croons Louis Baker on his new single. I confess, I’m an addict, too. I’m an addict to his creamy rich voice, and this song’s electro tinged R&B soul. The artist from New Zealand collaborated with songwriter and producer Sacha Skarbek, Josh Fountain (of LEISURE), and new artist Em-Haley (of Thiea) on Addict. The song’s sparse soundscape and soft thudding beat serve to accentuate Louis Baker’s marvelous voice even more. The cozy embrace of a tune can be streamed via alternate sources and downloaded, here.