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April 13, 2018


interviewed by Nick

LA-based electropop artist Lostboycrow, who is currently out on his nationwide Spin The Globe tour with Prelow and DYSN, was kind enough to take some time out to chat with us about his music. We are, after all, huge fans of the musician and are immensely proud to have premiered some of his music in the past. 

Lostboycrow recently completed his Traveler trilogy by releasing the final EP in the series – Traveler: The Third Legend. OC Weekly has dubbed Lostboycrow a “poetic voice of the youth." 

Listen to the full EP above.


You became Lostboycrow when you moved to LA. Did the alias stem from a sense of feeling loss in the madness of LA? 

Lostboycrow: I think subconsciously it did. I wrapped myself in new people and names that seemed like they had always been a part of me. It was a comforting sense of disorientation. Similar to feel at home on the road.


You’ve basically released Trilogy with all your Traveler EPs. Maybe it’s my own bias but all the song titles feel like they can be book titles.  Was your intention to release Traveler in 3 parts? 

Lostboycrow: There had been a few songs recorded prior to the discussion of the three part album, but ever since traveler the album was conceptualized, it was always three. 


How powerful are titles for you? I cant help but connect Lost-Boy-Crow all with the word Traveler. 


Titles are probably the most powerful to me. I often think of my titles first and work backwards because they can inspire an entire song. Entire worlds of imagination. Which is why I believe them to be so inviting – for me as a writer but even more so for all of us listeners.


If you could create the soundtrack to any movie what would it be?


I think I just want to remake the Newsies – but honestly there are many stories that have yet to be told on screen and I’d love to be a part of them. We shall see what happens.


You’ve toured with various artists. Are you the type of person who needs solitude while touring or do you prefer being surrounded by others? 


It’s a bit of both. I think I need my quiet moments and routines to maintain sanity and health. But the road feels like such a home because I am surrounded by the ones I call family. Wouldn’t trade that.


What are some typical routines for you as you tour? Do you explore the city or is it monotonous as driving into the city, soundcheck, eat, perform, then onto the next one? 


It can be very routine. Perhaps monotonous to some but again, there are so many variables on the road and life in general that I’m very ok with that. It makes it easier once you’re in the swing of things. However I’m a traveler and I love to see people and places and touch the earth everywhere we go. The rest All kind of depends on the routing.


Since this is the final segment of the trilogy, and you’ll be ‘traveling’ to tour it, how do you feel about the journey of this Traveler arc in your career? Is there a cathartic release like with ‘Sigh for Me’? Do you feel like a Phoenix has rises from these beautiful ashes?  


It’s a beautiful arc. I feel like it’s really the first installment of Lostboycrow and everything has been leading up to this album. Everything after this album will be palpably different and exist intentionally on many different planets. It’s an interesting crux.


It may be too forward thinking but What kind of artistic path or evolution do you see yourself taking on next? 


I’m two albums ahead. I can’t wait to finish up what I’ve started and share the stories that are dying to get out.


The tour ends on 4.20 in Santa Ana. Do you have plans on celebrating the tour by enjoying the sights and sounds of Coachella?


No plans for Coachella. Not really a big festival guy and I always love to travel on my own terms after a tour as well (: I’m going to finish up the next album and get lost with people I love.

Find out more about Lostboycrow’s Spin The Globe tour, here. He’ll be back in the Bay on April 17th, when he headlines Cornerstone in Berkeley. Tickets are available, here. Follow Lostboycrow and his music on via website, Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, or Spotify.

March 7, 2018

I know it’s been a moment since we’ve visited with dashing Los Angeles based singer songwriter Lostboycrow, but it’s high time we delve into the melting crooner’s new EP, Traveler: The Third Legend, out now. The release completes his Traveler trilogy, and it’s a potent five track collection of deeply stirring gems. To be honest, we’ve had a very hard time selecting a track to highlight from the EP, but let’s turn our attention to Cindy At The Window, the third track off the release and a molten brooder of an alt/electro R&B meets progressive soul song. The production on the track is on point, scintillating and scalding, while Lostboycrow’s voice and its velvety velour inundates us with the pangs and anguish of lovelorn heartache. You can stream Traveler: The Third Legend in full on Soundcloud, here.

August 8, 2017

It’s seems rather fitting that we’re having such a foggy and glum morning here in San Francisco despite the summer season. That lugubrious sky seems to go hand in hand with the heartbroken beauty of Missing London. “It’s dark inside this dungeon,” croons our favorite buttery voiced Los Angeles based singer songwriter Lostboycrow. Sure, getting locked up in a dingy dungeon sounds horrid. What’s exceptional is how even that scenario feels velvety plush and dulcet melting when ardently articulated by this prolific talent, who’s in the midst of unveiling gems off his next EP. Missing London is a tender heart wrencher, on which Lostboycrow and producer Dylan William expertly meld R&B pop with indietronica. I’ve never even been to London, and I’m somehow left feeling like I have poignant memories rooted in that old English capital. I miss London, though I’ve never seen London, thanks to Lostboycrow. Does that even make sense? It seems to make sense in my heart. Keep up with LBC’s always affecting releases on Soundcloud, here, as we await his new EP.

July 4, 2017

He may be named Lostboycrow, but its our own hearts that we lose every time the multifaceted artist unleashed new music upon us. The Los Angeles based, creamy voiced Casanova has embarked on his Second Legend of “Traveler” journey with Spin The Globe, our first taste of his next EP. A finespun emulsion of tender melting electro pop and downy stirring R&B leaves us quivering in its wispy fluttering, gently flickering wake. Lostboycrow spins our very hearts on his finger tips, and for a moment, we feel like the very center of that globe. Re-visit to LBC’s previous songs and his ‘Traveler: The First Legend’ EP on Soundcloud, here.

May 9, 2017

MOOSIQ MOSAIC : 05.04.2017 – 05.07.2017

Featured selections – May 4-7, 2017

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May 6, 2017

If the “devil’s in the backseat” and I’m just a molten mess in a passenger seat at the mercy of Lostboycrow’s velveteen pop, then who’s driving? Oh, wait, I get it. Lostboycrow is boss of this vehicle, in full command of all our fluttering hearts as he croons in that creamy voice to his hot-like-coals new ballad Devil’s In The Backseat. The California by way of Oregon singer songwriter effuses us with bittersweet feels and sentimental quivers on this next release from a 3 part album entitled Traveler. Devil’s In The Backseat’s electro limber, R&B slinking pop leaves this long time LBC fan sighing in aching bliss. The thirst for that debut album is strong. 

April 16, 2017

Who else, but dashing Lostboycrow could make a gloomy drizzling Sunday morning oh so sweetly melting and dewy sublime? A warm sprinkling of summery pop and buttery R&B gives our day some much needed sparkle and glow. Real Name’s candy coated luster is like honey and gold. The Los Angeles based singer songwriter is the ever gallant suitor with his dreamy cooing and the airy charm of Real Name, whose effervescent soundscape was produced by Southern California’s MARØ. Re-visit LBC’s prior molten treats on Soundcloud, here.

February 11, 2017

Lostboycrow’s Verona is a song I’ve been fidgeting on pins and needles to share for close to a couple weeks now after a fortuitous early preview. The dashing Los Angeles based singer songwriter has been melting our hearts for two years now, and each time we think we’re prepared for his sweet luscious, lustrous rippling synth and R&B pop, we’re wrong. LBC comes at us more creamy igneous and gooey incendiary than ever on Verona. The song brims with burning desire and drips with golden romance, a full on assault to the heart that neither dallies or loiters. Verona is vivacious and lively despite its aching yearning. We find ourselves head over heels for Lostboycrow all over again.

December 6, 2016

Having been long time supporters of both flor and Lostboycrow, I’ve always known that the two projects are great pals. Not only do they both originally hail from Oregon, but flor even produced some of Lostboycrow’s swooning songs of yore. In the back of my mind, and from the bottom of my heart, I’ve always been hoping for a flor and Lostboycrow collaboration. The rising indie stars, who are currently touring the West Coast together, have generously obliged. Behold the dulcet melting beauty of “still standing still”, a gorgeous sweeping combination of flor’s sleek synthpop and LBC’s creamy R&B inflected pop. For tour dates and tickets, visit the Feels Like Home tour site, here.

October 25, 2016

MOOSIQ MOSAIC : 10.21.2016 – 10.23.2016

Featured music – October 21-23, 2016

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