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June 4, 2017

NYC indie pop artist Alice Kristiansen sets off all our starlet alarms with a willowy enchanting pop single named Lost My Mind. Its svelte beauty is redolent of Billy Eilish’s lithe, graceful pop as well as the dusky elegance of Mononoke (who’s now one fourth of RITUALS). Lost My Mind is currently featured on Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist. It arrives by way of a music video which Alice directed shot by shot herself. In the video, her finespun indie pop is set to cinematic shots that perfectly correlate with the song’s lyrics and themes. Alice’s soft, delicate voice and the song’s atmospheric trickling soundscape combine for a heartfelt and honest effect on the dark and contemplative, grand and beautiful song. Alice Kristiansen was previously known for her YouTube covers, having built a fan base of over 452,000 subscribers. She’s set to conquer the world with her original music if she continues to present us with such cinematic stirring pop. Download Lost My Mind from iTunes, here.

July 25, 2015

Los Angeles’ Little Wolves in on a roll with their music this summer. From fantastic originals produced by RAC to remixes like this one, they’re providing us a steady stream of captivating and arresting music. Their latest gift for us is a remix of their darkly upbeat electropop song Lost My Mind by Lovelife’s Jaxon Frank. Capitalizing on that darkness, Jaxon Frank takes Lost My Mind in a more simmering and moody direction with a pensively glitchy and meditatively choppy indie electronic makeover. Edgy beats and sparse atmosphere gives Little Wolves’ vocals an extra haunting effect. 

July 1, 2015

Just a couple weeks ago, I shared with you a song from a Los Angeles based duo named Little Wolves. Home is produced by dance pop extraordinaire RAC, and it was quite the lush electro pop summer anthem. Now, Little Wolves returns with the accompanying single released together digitally with Home today on Red Bull Sound Select. Lost My Mind is also produced by RAC, but this one’s a moodier, darker treat. It’s still quite the springy electronic pop song, but its far more mournful, much less summery, and a lot more psychedelic. Lost My Mind is a gloriously ornate and dynamic gem, and I’m hard pressed deciding whether Home or Lost My Mind is my favorite off Little Wolves’ two track release.