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August 3, 2017

There’s no way I was going to pass up on sharing the gorgeously shot new music video Lorde dropped today for her song Perfect Places, the latest single from her acclaimed and chart topping new album Melodrama. It’s a scenic film, shot by director Grant Singer, and it features striking imagery and stylish attire. It epitomizes the song’s title. Perfect Places is a glorious beauty of a synth inflected pop song. Its twitchy electronica recalls the dark electropop Lorde offered up on Pure Heroine, but bathed in a freshly glowing radiance that illuminates much of Melodrama. Lorde is currently hitting up the biggest festivals around the world as she prepares to head out on her Melodrama World Tour. Find out more about the tour, here. Melodrama is available, here.

June 12, 2017

Could it be? Are we really only four days away from the release of Lorde’s new album Melodrama? The New Zealand pop star’s sophomore record will surely be one of the biggest pop releases of the year. Green Light is already one of the most massive singles of 2017, and everything else we’ve heard off of her collaborative album with writer/producer Jack Antonoff (Bleachers, fun.) have been amazing. As we count down the days, Ella has unveiled another song off Melodrama. Sober recalls her darker days with its hypnotic beats and a bewitching ambiance, except there’s a whole lot of regal horns on the track and a growing dance urgency as the song progresses that lifts us out of the shadows by its last exuberant notes. Pre-order Melodrama if you haven’t done so yet, here. Find out about Lorde’s Melodrama World Tour, here.

June 1, 2017

We’re but two weeks away from the release of Lorde’s sophomore album Melodrama, from which lead single Green Light has already made one of the biggest impacts of the year. No doubt Melodrama is going to be a chart slayer and one of the top albums of our summer. The New Zealand songbird has long shed her dark pop princess garb with the high spirited pop we’ve heard so far this year. We’re met with more sweeping grandeur and uptempo radiance as she gives us new album track Perfect Places, the official second single from Melodrama. The track is another signature collaboration between Lorde and Jack Antonoff, who seems to be working with just about everyone in the circuit these days. Pre-order Melodrama before its release on June 16th, here.

June 1, 2017

A steady current of Green Light remixes has been surfacing this month, many of which have been thrilling experiences and vigorous treats. The latest can’t miss edit comes by way of New Zealand projects Montell2099 and SACHI, who’ve gone a dark cinematic trap route with their take on the Lorde hit. The explosive yet effervescent flip features sharp jabbing chords and murky haunting chops. Montell2099 and SACHI’s remix is one of the most creative we’ve encountered to date. Other than Lorde’s original vocals, this Green Light is newly built from the ground up. “I’m waiting for it, that green light, I want it” feels even more emphatic when paired with this tense atmospheric soundscape. 

May 29, 2017

I know we’ve already shared some magnificent remixes of Lorde’s triumphant hit single Green Light these past weeks, but never would I have guessed the next can’t miss edit would come by way of electro funk wizards Chromeo! Get ready to bust out your best disco dance moves as we launch into this French house intoned, airy brisk transformation. Chromeo’s “green light” is a neon green, and it reflects brilliantly off of a revolving mirror ball hanging high above our heads. Not only am I now reminded how much I miss Chromeo’s swaggering grooves, but my excitement for Lorde’s new album Melodrama burns even more intense. Melodrama arrives soon on June 16th.

May 15, 2017

In the past weeks, we’ve shared a handful of fabulous Green Light remixes, including most recently, a purely euphoric and immensely brilliant remix by Moving Castle’s Hotel Garuda. Party Pupils offers up our latest favorite edit of Lorde’s exultant hit single, and we can’t stop listening to and dancing to their sleek future funk remix. The decadence and the glitzy glam luxuriance of their frisky surging, glitchy stuttering re-work is a fine fit to the triumphant and glorious essence that emanates from Green Light. Party Pupil’s excellent remix is a free download, here.

May 7, 2017

Candle Weather and Manila Killa, our favorite Moving Castle match up who’s now more than well known across the world as beloved duo Hotel Garuda, are huge fans of New Zealand’s pop princess Lorde, just like us. They’ve even been selected to for a high caliber remix of Lorde’s massive new hit Green Light, one of our favorite pop spectaculars this year. Hotel Garuda infuses Green Light with crisp rubbery beats and plump dreamy synths to afford us a fresh new dance approach on the triumphant ballad. If you thought you couldn’t resist dancing to the original, wait till you’re leaping sky high and swimming in euphoria to this brisk throbbing, airy jouncing rush of elation. 

April 11, 2017

Lorde’s Green Light is high up on my list of favorite singles this year. Aside from being wildly infectious, the song is more than capable of totally whisking us off our feet. Green Light picks us up and tosses us in the a uncontrollably triumphant riptide. We let go with Lorde, we go for it, and we never want to stop. It’s as cathartic a journey as Lorde has ever given us (with the assist of Jack Antonoff), and a delicious contrast to her dark pop offerings of yore. One would think such a song would lend itself well to clever remixing, but we’ve yet to encounter a prime tuning of Green Light, until now. German DJ and production duo VITIZE offer up a club ready dance remix that highlights the vitality of Lorde’s original. What truly stands out about their progressive house remix is how much they’ve changed things up despite staying true to the essence of the original. There are people out there who confuse remixes with “improving on the original” (same people tend to make the same mistake with covers) when a good remix is really a new adventure based on the original, with different smells and tastes to be enjoyed. VITIZE’s Green Light opens the floodgates to ecstasy with its stratospheric synths and powerfully lurching beats. It’s a stadium or arena sized dance anthem that sees the duo rebuilding the track from ground up. Download VITIZE’s remix, here

April 4, 2017

It’s no secret that Jack Antonoff (Bleachers, fun.) and Lorde are pals. The two have worked together in the past. In fact, the brilliant new music arising from Lorde’s highly anticipated sophomore album involve Jack Antonoff, too. So it really shouldn’t be a surprise that Bleachers has just unleashed a grand soaring anthem that features Lorde on co-writing duty. You can even hear her vocals late in the latter portion of Don’t Take My Money. BLEACHERS douses us with 80′s inspired synthpop on the gloriously exultant single, most likely a first taste from Bleachers’ sophomore album due out later this year. What with Lorde’s Green Light and now Bleacher’s Don’t Take My Money, I can’t help but wonder if Jack Antonoff is on a mission to lift us to the highest of highs with his triumphant sweeping music this year. Don’t Take My Money is out now on iTunes.

March 10, 2017

Just a week ago, the world seemed to be in a conjoined state of suspense as we waited for new music from Lorde. Then, came Green Light, a song that ended up polarizing for people who wanted more of Pure Heroine’s dark pop rather than an upbeat and exultant Lorde. I, for one, found Green Light to be a triumphant return. Being a fan of an artist or band’s music, for me, means keeping my mind open and holding on to a sense of curiosity and glee as they break new ground and try new things. Lorde continues to buck that “dark pop princess” image with a second taste from forthcoming sophomore album Melodrama. I listened to Liability before I allowed myself to read anything about it, and it immediately struck me as faintly familiar. I eventually concluded that its quaint piano pop reminded me of Jack Antonof (Bleachers, fun.). I’ve always adored Joni Mitchell, and Liability makes me  think of her, too. As it turns out, Liability really is a co-production project with Jack Antonoff. The tender verbose ballad is the most stripped down we’ve ever heard Lorde, which gives it a very unpretentious and down to earth feel. Melodrama will be out on June 16th, and it’s sure to be one of the year’s biggest pop albums. Pre-order, here.